Why Longevita Do NOT Transplant Body Hair

Why Longevita Do NOT Transplant Body Hair

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In this blog post, we are going to outline for you why we do not at Longevita recommend that you ever have hair transplanted to your head using hair from your body. If this is ever offered to you as an option then we would suggest that you look elsewhere, raise the points in the blog as points of concern to the surgery or to the doctor in question. Hair transplants with body hair have a very low success rate and aren’t among the things we practice here at Longevita! Please read on to learn why this is not something that we do, condone or recommend.

Body Hair Is Much Hard To Harvest

Before we even get into the success and safety implications of a hair transplant with body hair, the long and short of it is that body hair is much harder to harvest than hair that is growing naturally on your head. This is owing to a number of factors but the most important of these is that the hairs that grow from the body do so at a particular angle beneath the skin. This angle makes traditional extraction techniques (particularly FUE techniques) very difficult as these tools do not account for hairs that grow in this way. When the extraction is attempted, it will almost always fail which will, therefore, render the follicle itself completely useless.

In addition to this, the actual hair itself is far thinner than those that grow on the head, the roots are smaller and overall, success rates of transplantation are much, much lower.

Body Hair Will Not Look Natural

As you can imagine, if you do somehow manage to successfully transplant hair from somewhere on the body to the head (and if this hair grows successfully) then it will not look like head hair! If this hair is transplanted from the chest, or the leg for example, then this hair will grow into to look like chest or leg hair i.e. far more curly and less coarse, thinner and softer. If it was transplanted from the leg, then it will also behave like leg hair i.e. it will grow slower and won’t grow as long as head hair naturally does. So as discussed before, even if these transplants do somehow take, they will look odd and disjointed especially if you do still have some hair left on your head! This means that no matter what, a hair transplant with body hair simply will not look natural.

The whole purpose of the hair transplant procedure is to restore confidence and to restore an individual’s natural look, inclusive of hairline and hair density. A hair transplant with body hair, therefore, goes against the very purpose of the procedure instead creating an odd appearance with hair that does not match, looks disjointed and will in all likelihood reduce the confidence of an individual even further.

The Donor Areas Are Insufficient

The donor areas, in almost all cases of body hair to head transplants, are insufficient and do not contain anywhere near enough grafts to cover the target area. This would mean that either more (and therefore excessive) grafts are required, or in fact, the result would look completely wrong and strange. As an example, to cover the head you would need in the region of around 3500 grafts. The chest area consists of roughly 1000 potential graft areas, which is of course not even nearly enough.

The Body Hair Is Not Worth The Investment

Overall, body hair is simply not worth the investment, because of all the reasons as listed above but also because of one final and rather huge reason. The body hair that is chosen to be transplanted is lacking a vital resistance to the hormone that causes the hair loss that would have brought a client to us or to a hair transplant clinic in the first place! This means that you may go through the whole hair transplant process, have the hair grow in slowly, curly (essentially mirroring the donor site) just to have it all fall out all over again because the donor site hair is missing the resistance to the hormone that causes the hair loss. Not only will you have wasted a great deal of time, energy and effort but you will have also wasted a potentially large sum of money!

This is why we will never condone the use of a hair transplant with body hair. If you would like to talk to a member of our experienced, professional and friendly team about a hair transplant procedure using hair from your head (which is, of course, the proper, the safest and the best way of doing a hair transplant) then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact us page. If you would rather you can email us directly at [email protected]. For those who would rather speak to us directly please feel free to call us for free on 020 3409 1947 to get your free treatment plan and a treatment quote! We look forward to hearing from you.

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