What is the Best Treatment for Hair Loss?

What is the Best Treatment for Hair Loss?

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Hair loss is often the natural part of the ageing process and does not necessarily require treatment. However, many people look for a treatment because they are not happy with their appearance after hair loss, rightly so.

There are a few potential treatments although they don’t work for everyone. Below is a list of what are regarded as the best treatment for hair loss:

1. Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are utilised for a long time in order to prevent hair loss. Below are some home remedies for hair loss:

  • Massaging scalp area with an onion juice
  • Rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar
  • Massaging the scalp with coconut oil
  • Applying hibiscus with a mix of sesame oil on the scalp

Natural remedies may in some cases be useful to slow down the balding process, but they do not in most cases facilitate hair regrowth.

2. Nutrition

A poor diet may accelerate hair loss. That is why a balanced diet is essential to slow down the balding process. Protein is very crucial in order to strengthen hair and promote growth. People dealing with hair loss are advised to include eggs, fish and nuts in their diets because they are all essential sources of omega 3 fatty acid which is good for healthy hair. It is also important to prevent anaemia as it may result in hair loss; that is why iron supplements are recommended for those who are diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia. Good nutrition, of course, does not stand for a baldness cure, but it is essential not to lose your hair quickly.

3. Exercise

Exercise itself cannot definitely be the best treatment for hair loss, but it is helpful, mostly through indirect ways, to prevent hair loss. As most of you might have realized, there is a correlation between stress and hair loss. You may be shedding more hair in your stressful times. That is why, stress should be prevented. One of the best ways to fight against stress is through exercise. Going to the gym, jogging or at least walking for a few days a week will definitely help you to reduce stress. Exercise can be useful for androgenic hair loss by affecting androgen and estrogen levels.

4. Medications

Two medicines are usually preferred by men as baldness cures, Rogaine and Propecia. Propecia is taken as a tablet and it prevents testosterone hormone to be converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). By decreasing the amount of DHT, Propecia increases hair growth and diminishes hair loss. However, there are some side effects associated with propecia, the most common of them being the loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, although most people consider propecia as the best treatment for hair loss, many of them refrain from using it due to side effects.

Rogaine is also used to slow the balding process and stimulate hair growth. How rogaine works is uncertain. Some side effects of it include itchiness and dryness on the head.

Both rogaine and Propecia need to be used for several months before their effects can be seen. If they do not continue to be used, new hairs will be lost and the hair loss process will go on.

5. Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is regarded by many as the only permanent baldness cure and therefore as the best treatment for hair loss. Most men were not willing to go ahead with hair transplant due to social stigma attached to it but now that increasingly number of celebrities such as Wayne Rooney have undergone hair transplant, negative attitude towards it has changed significantly. Once a taboo subject, it has turned into an open debate among men who suffer from hair loss.

Gradual improvements in hair transplant techniques have resulted in cheaper hair transplant procedures which bring about natural results. FUE hair transplant leaves no linear scar on the donor area and decreases healing time significantly when compared to previous techniques. Contact us for a callback.

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