What Is An Eyelash Transplant?

What Is An Eyelash Transplant?

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Before we delve into the details of eyelash transplants, it is important to understand the importance of the eyelash itself. As a vital part of facial symmetry, the eyelashes are used to emphasise the eyes, and can form a huge part of the first impressions that people formulate about others! They are something that people will always notice, whether they are long or short, eyelashes are an extremely important aspect of the face for both men and women.

If you are reading this and are looking for an eyelash transplant, chances are high that your lack of eyelashes/your unhappiness at your own eyelashes has felt like it has been damaging or at the very least troubling to you and to your self-esteem. If you have thin or few eyelashes then you may feel self-conscious or overly concerned about your appearance, whilst also lacking confidence that you should have.

An eyelash transplant therefore can restore this lost confidence, it can help with self-esteem and it can also help you feel better about the way that you look – improving how you see yourself in social situations as well as in a professional environment.

Why Would People Need An Eyelash Transplant?

There are many reasons why people would need an eyelash transplant, as follows:

  • You may have experienced a trauma to the face or to the eyes that may have resulted in the loss of some or all of your eyelashes on one or both of your eyes, itself caused by scarring. These can include such things as car accidents, burns, tattoos, or chemical incidents. These such things can result in the permanent loss of the eyelashes and would therefore facilitate the need for an eyelash transplant as the only means by which to recover the lost eyelashes.
  • Some treatments for specific medical conditions can cause the loss of the eyelashes. These treatments could include such things as localised operations to remove cancerous objects. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy could also be causes of permanent or semi-permanent loss of the eyelashes.
  • There is a specific medical condition that is called “Trichotillomania”. This condition involves an individual repeatedly and compulsively plucking all of their hairs (not just localised to the eyelashes and all bodily hairs can be involved) until no hairs remain.
  • Other conditions such as certain types of alopecia can cause body-wide hair loss which can also include the eyelashes. Some of these types are permanent and is therefore a popular reason as to why people need an eyelash transplant
  • You may have, over a long period of time, caused irreparable damage to your eyelashes by overusing makeup. You may have also caused this damage by over curling, removing them accidentally during your beauty routine or by over-using false eyelashes.

The Dangers Of Eyelash Transplant Alternatives

Before we get into the potential dangers of eyelash transplant alternatives, it is important that we start with cost. The cost of eyelash transplant alternatives such as expensive mascara, fake eyelashes such as stick-on eyelashes and other similar products are expensive and of course, non-permanent. This means that the costs of these alternatives can quickly stack up. With cost, you also need to factor in the fact that you have a seemingly infinite choice. What this means is that you may spend a lot of money on a treatment, a set of false lashes, an expensive mascara only to find that the results are simply not to your liking, or not in keeping with your style/not the look you wanted to achieve.

So what are the dangers of non-permanent eyelash alternatives? Essentially the main and most important danger is that false lashes and the associated products and treatments have the potential to damage and even destroy your natural lashes. Ironically, these treatments would be used by those who are dissatisfied with their lashes, and if these are overused then the lashes will get damaged further or grow thinner or less desirable ultimately leading the person in question to get themselves an eyelash transplant! Therefore, a person may be able to save themselves a great deal of money by skipping the years of damaging their lashes further by simply getting themselves an eyelash transplant in the first place.

Furthermore, these treatments and products may also damage the skin surrounding the eye, the eye itself or even the surrounding facial areas.

Having an Eyelash Transplant

This transformation always brings a great sense of satisfaction and joy to the person in question. It is worth saying also that you need not have damaged eyelashes to get yourself the eyelashes of your dreams. If you are currently unhappy with your lashes, then you should consider getting an eyelash transplant.

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