No Shave November: Grow Your Facial Hair Perfectly

No Shave November: Grow Your Facial Hair Perfectly

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The point behind the concept of No-Shave November is creating awareness for cancer and raising funds to fight it. With No-Shave November, men (and women, too) go all through the month of November without shaving their beards and without grooming their faces. With the rates of cancer getting higher and more and more men dying of prostate cancer, thousands of men and women get all hairy this month as a way to drive awareness and support the fight against cancer.

It’s more than just growing beards to fight against cancer, having the perfect beard is important for a man. Apart from the aesthetic value of beards, beards also come with many benefits for a man, and here are some of them:

A beard can protect you from the sun’s damaging rays

A lot of skin exposure may cause wrinkles and leathery skin. This may also cause chronic skin damage resulting in saggy, wrinkled skin, and spots. If you have a beard, your facial hair can block up to 95% of the sun’s UV rays and even reduce your risk of getting skin cancer. Now, here’s definitely an excellent way to fight against the rates of cancer, which No-Shave November is all about, anyway.

A beard can help to prevent throat disease

Having hair on your face can help to keep airborne bacteria out of your mouth. This will help to keep your throat protected. Many cases of throat and lung diseases have been solved just by wearing a beard. This is reason enough to want to keep a beard.

A beard can lower the risk of getting a bacterial infection

Now you can say goodbye to the acne! Not shaving can reduce acne flare-ups which are common when shaving. On the other hand, this could increase the chances of getting acne, worsen existing acne, and even lead to acne-related skin infections. Beards provide an extra layer of protection from such infections, keeping you safe from many skin problems. Even though bacteria naturally live on the skin, shaving can result in openings that bring in the bacteria and, therefore, result in several infections and ingrown hairs. 

A beard helps to build confidence

We can all agree that a lot of people find beards very attractive. This typically means that men who have beards feel a greater sense of confidence in themselves. Men who have more confidence in themselves are likely to be more successful in the various aspects of their lives. A beard normally gives a man a sense of power and confidence that everyone around them can easily see. Choosing to grow your beard as a man can easily be seen as a way of setting higher standards for yourself. 

A beard will help to keep your skin moisturized

Normally, shaving opens up the pores in your skin. It can also lead to cuts that have the potential to dry out your skin as time passes. When your pores are exposed, your skin loses moisture, and during the winter and summer, your skin can begin to flake. Keeping your beard and letting it grow rather than grooming it, can help to prevent all of these situations and also keep your skin healthy and smooth.

A beard can help to preserve youth

We already get that keeping your beards on can block out the sun’s UV rays, which have a great potential to cause wrinkles. With preventing wrinkles and ageing lines, beards can help keep you looking younger and nicer. Also, facial hair keeps your skin protected from cancerous blemishes, and keeping your beards on means you can reduce the chances of acne and discolouration on your skin. The result of this is that your skin will stay healthy for longer. 

Beards come in a lot of different styles for a man to choose from. Every year, there are new styles of beards out with more men showing off their penchants for being stylish. 

But in the midst of all these, some men actually find it difficult to grow a beard. It’s normal because a lot of men have more potential to grow hair than other men. However, even if you do not have a lot of hair, growing your beards shouldn’t be so much of a challenge. If you would like to grow your beard perfectly in November, getting a beard transplant is ideal. Having patchy areas of beards is not enough. Instead of looking stylish, this ends up looking bad and maybe even dirty. Getting a beard transplant is your surest way to grow perfect beards in November. Whatsapp