Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

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Hair transplant is now in its golden age. Hair growth products which have serious side effects and in many cases fail to work have continued to disappoint men in their efforts to regrow their hair. Therefore in their quest for getting their hair back, balding men are increasingly considering hair transplant procedure. However, they do not want to experience the disappointment they had with hair growth products so they ask: Is hair transplant permanent?

Hair is transplanted from the back of the head, donor area, which is genetically resistant to hair loss. The genetic properties of hair on that area allow them to go on growing in their new location. Therefore, transplanted hair typically lasts for a lifetime. As people get older, transplanted hair may get thinner but they should not fall out. It is estimated that in good hands 95% of transplanted hair is permanent. However, if hair such as body hair which is not on the back of the head is used, they may eventually fall out because they are not genetically protected.

The fact that hair transplant is permanent does not mean that hair may be left as it is. One should take extra care of transplanted hair after hair transplant procedure. Because transplanted hair initially tends to be fragile. Hair transplant patient should use the spray, shampoo and medications as prescribed by the doctor. Failing to stick to pre-operative and post-operative instructions given by the doctor can negatively affect the result of the procedure. Those who seek hair transplant should make sure that their procedure is performed by an experienced and talented hair transplant specialist so that hair follicles during the procedure are maintained alive.

To sum, the question is hair transplant permanent has a simple answer: Yes! As long as an experienced hair transplant specialist is chosen, pre and post-operative instruction are followed and the transplanted hair is taken care of, hair transplant procedure proves permanent results. Whatsapp