Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair Transplant Side Effects

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With the advancement of technology for the last couple of decades, hair transplant techniques have significantly improved. The most advanced hair transplant technique, follicular unit extraction (briefly known as FUE) has decreased the number and extent of side effects and ensured a procedure with minimal discomfort. Hair transplant is now considered a minor outpatient procedure and there are only a few, insignificant hair transplant side effects.

Hair transplant side effects include:

Swelling is expected after hair transplant procedure and it usually subsides within a few days. Keeping the head elevated while sleeping or lying on a bed is advised in order to reduce swelling. The medications prescribed by the doctor will also help decrease it.

Numbness after the procedure varies from patient to patient and it appears on donor area, which is the back of the head. Numbness is minimal and may persist for a few weeks, but it eventually disappears. A minor discomfort is reported by some patients who go ahead with the hair transplant.

Discomfort is usually experienced when the doctor injects anaesthetic on the head, but it is only minor and disappears quickly. A slight itchy sensation may be experienced by some patients but it is not reported to be a big deal and it goes away quickly. In case of itchy sensation during the first few days after the procedure, it is important not to touch the head in order to prevent graft loss.

In addition to these, a shock loss, though it is very rare, may be experienced by the patient but this is only a temporary situation and the hair grows back within 3-6 months. Bleeding may also occur in some cases, but it is not life threatening.

Hair transplant side effects mentioned above are only minor and temporary. It is essential to conduct research and choose an experienced hair transplant specialist in order for possible hair transplant side effects to disappear quickly. Whatsapp