What If You’re Not A Candidate For Hair Transplant?

What If You’re Not A Candidate For Hair Transplant?

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It is disheartening to have your surgery cancelled when you have emotionally prepared yourself for it. It can sometimes take years for people to come to the decision of having a hair transplant. Longevita finds this situation most unfortunate as all our staff looks forward to treating you. The constant reminder of hair loss can cause immense pain. For you to start looking for clinics and finding affordable packages is a huge undertaking and commitment. At all costs, we want to avoid a situation where we have to cancel your hair transplant surgery in Turkey. That’s because, for us, it’s important to promise our patients life-transformative experiences. There are some things that can make you not a candidate for a hair transplant. 

In many cases, you’ll come to know your suitability for a hair transplant in our consultation session. That’s why it’s important for you to disclose all the relevant information such as chronic illnesses in it. At other times, you might come across temporary inconveniences that have to do with the payment method. This guide is meant to make you aware of all the things that can possibly delay your hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

To avoid any possible cancellation, we want openness and cooperation from your end and we will take care of the rest and make sure that everything goes smoothly. We understand that you’re making a huge decision by choosing to get a hair transplant in a foreign country. It’s not easy to make up your mind to travel to another country for medical treatment. There are a lot of unknowns, and the uncertainties can be quite daunting. Here, you’ll find out the things that do not make you a candidate for hair transplant surgery either temporarily or permanently.

Do Not Send Us Edited Pictures 

We understand that these days everyone feels the pressure to only show the good side of themselves. Going on social media platforms, one witnesses nothing but perfection from celebrities and influencers. It is important for us that other people perceive us in a positive light. However, you don’t have to worry about anything like that here. Getting a clear idea of the problems that you’re having will ensure that we offer the best possible solution for it. If we’re not completely aware or are under a misperception, then it can delay your hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

We want you to send us unedited pictures so that we can clearly see the donor and recipient areas. Afterwards, we’ll provide you with a treatment plan. In the case of photoshopped images, it is quite likely that your treatment plan will change on your arrival. It might not matter what we’ve decided on in your initial consultation session. Your photos should be completely real and make sure to take them in good lighting. We want you to achieve your desired look. For that to happen, you have to be completely honest and open with us. It might turn out that you’re not a candidate for hair transplant in Turkey because it can put your safety at risk.

Taking Drugs, Consuming Alcohol, and Smoking  

Longevita makes sure to provide all the patients with pre-operative instructions. To ensure a successful surgery, you have to follow everything mentioned in it. Longevita has the right to cancel a hair transplant procedure in Turkey in the interest of patient safety. It can happen in cases where the patient is deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

You’ll have to make certain lifestyle changes before and after your hair transplant surgery. Through them, you’ll be able to make a speedy recovery. The outcome of your surgery largely depends on it. To make sure that no complication arises, please follow all our given instructions. 

It is well-known that alcohol acts as a blood thinner. This can prevent the formation of clots which is absolutely necessary in case of a surgery. It’ll prevent excessive bleeding. If you consume alcohol before the surgery, you’re running a risk of excess blood loss during the surgery, and it can prolong your recovery period. Moreover, you can also become more vulnerable to getting infected.

As far as drugs are concerned, they can interact quite dangerously with some medications in your system. That’s why you have to make sure to inform us about it. We’ll provide you with adequate guidelines so that you can have your hair transplant surgery in Turkey. You will be asked to temporarily stop smoking for some time before the surgery. It can constrict your blood vessels and decrease the supply of blood to the wound after surgery. This will negatively impact the healing process. Your grafts need proper blood supply for the growth of new hair. Therefore, you’ll have to quit smoking or chewing tobacco for some time for the recovery process to go on smoothly.

Inform Your Bank About Treatment’s Payment in Advance 

Your bank is likely to get suspicious if you make a large purchase out of the ordinary. It may flag it as a fraudulent transaction. So, if you’re paying by card on the day of the surgery, please get in touch with your bank and inform them of the upcoming payment in advance. This will avoid any unnecessary delays in the surgery. 

Your Payment Must be Completed

Before the procedure commences, your payment must be completed. If any issue arises concerning blocked transactions, it may result in the cancellation of your surgery. We might also retain the deposit for reserving the operating theatre and the medical team for your surgery. Therefore, please make sure that everything is clear with your bank and your payment documents.

Make Sure to Arrive at the Hospital on Time 

If you’re unable to come to the hospital on time, we may cancel the hair transplant in Turkey for the planned day. For the extra days that you’ll be staying in the hotel, outside of the package, you will have to make an additional payment for it. If a problem has arisen that is likely to cause delay, try to inform us before time so that we can adjust your surgery at another time. As we have other surgeries scheduled throughout the week, a delay in your arrival can cost you in the end. 

Correctly Fill the Patient’s Medical History Form 

Make sure that you correctly fill the patient’s medical history form given to you before arrival to Turkey. It’ll help the surgeon decide whether you’ll be a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery. There are certain illnesses, which if you’re suffering from, will make it difficult or impossible for us to perform the hair transplant. You’re likely not a candidate for hair transplant if you’re suffering from:


  • Cardiovascular Diseases


Patients who suffer from cardiovascular illnesses take medicines that can act as blood thinners. This is dangerous as it can cause excessive bleeding during the surgery. At any rate, a detailed consultation with the surgeon should be conducted, and extreme care should be taken during the hair transplant. It is important to note that those who constantly have high blood pressure and find difficulty controlling it should not undergo this procedure. 


  • Diabetes 


There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 sufferers have insufficient insulin in the body and need injections for maintenance of blood glucose. Those with Type 2 diabetes find themselves in a situation where their body is unable to make use of the insulin produced. If a diabetic patient has stopped responding to the given treatments and is facing problems in wound healing and blood clotting, then they cannot get hair transplant surgery. 

However, if the patient is responding to treatments and is in a stable state, then they can get a hair transplant. Still, here too, consultation before surgery, is very important. 


  • Hepatitis and HIV 


Patients who suffer from hepatitis cannot undergo hair transplant until they’re cured. Their blood should be clear of the pathogen. In the case of hepatitis C, the patient cannot ever undergo this procedure. This also goes for AIDS patients. As the patient’s immunity is quite weak, it will take a lot of time for the small wounds to heal, and they will be open to infections.


  • Thyroid Diseases


Thyroid disorders are themselves responsible for causing hair loss. Overproduction and underproduction of thyroid hormones can lead to thinning hair. Usually, hair loss in such cases can be reversed successfully. Hair transplant surgery can also be performed. However, consultation with the surgeon is important. If the hormonal issues persist, then you may continue to lose hair even after the surgery. In such a case, you’re not a candidate for hair transplant. 


In order to ensure a successful hair transplant in Turkey, you must be open and true to us. It’s the only way we can give you the look of your dreams. We need to clearly identify your concerns. This will lead to proper analysis. Cancellation is the one thing that we never want our patients to experience. We understand how important your hair transplant journey is.

We hope this guide helped you find out if you’re not a candidate for hair transplant. If you’re facing any issues, you can directly reach out to Longevita for medical advice. 

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