Why Did My Friend Get a Discount While I Didn’t?

Why Did My Friend Get a Discount While I Didn’t?

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Sometimes, the situation occurs that a hair transplant is offered at a low rate from a medical institution and another one had to pay more for the hair transplant. The two patients might be friends or got to know each other just by chance. They might have gotten to know about the procedure cost or package price, and if one of the two had had a transplant that costs more than the other, issues may occur, as one person will inevitably feel like they were overcharged. 

Hair transplant costs vary based on several grounds like the performing surgeon, type of procedure, geographical location, etc. A more experienced surgeon will charge more. Another major factor that determines the overall cost of the hair transplant is the method or procedure. There are two widely used hair transplant procedures or techniques, namely FUE-Follicular Unit Extraction and DHI-Direct Hair Implantation. There is also FUT but we don’t use it anymore since it is an outdated technique that leaves a scar.

Treatment Technique

Since we are talking about the difference in the cost, one possible reason for the difference in the hair transplant cost is the treatment technique. If one patient is getting a DHI hair transplant and a friend is getting the FUE hair transplant, it is obvious that there will be a difference in the price of the treatment. This is because both the techniques are different and have different costs even though they are hair transplant procedures.

Although, there are some clinics that calculate the cost of the treatment based on the number of grafts transplanted. Longevita does not do so. Regardless of this, every patient is unique and their cases are different, thus requiring a different plan which could cause the price to vary accordingly. 

Geographical Locations

Another reason for the difference in the cost of the treatment could be different geographical locations. Many medical institutions have branches in different geographical locations and even different countries, this may mean a difference in expenses of all kinds. For example, Longevita provides the same hair transplant procedure in two different cities. We have two branches for a hair transplant in Turkey, one is in Istanbul and the other is in Izmir. There might also be a possibility that your friend got the treatment in Izmir, and you got the treatment in Istanbul.

Both the cities differ in terms of lifestyle and expenses and because of the price difference, you might think that you missed a discount. The reason for the difference in the cost of the treatment in terms of geographical location is, Istanbul is a more expensive city as compared to Izmir. You can think of Istanbul as London as the living standards in Istanbul are high.

Izmir can be thought of as Manchester where the expenses are not as high as Istanbul. Since Istanbul is an expensive city, the cost of the operating theatre, surgeons fee, accommodation, etc. cost more as compared to Izmir. Medical institutions offer these treatments in the form of packages which include the treatment, surgeons fee, accommodation and transfer services. Just because you are getting the treatment in a different city the prices can differ although the medical institution is the same.

Now people may wonder that getting treatment in Izmir is cheaper as compared to Istanbul, but here comes a catch. There are a lot of direct flights from different cities of the UK and other countries to Istanbul, but if you wish to fly to Izmir, you probably will have to go to Istanbul first. The reason for this is that there are sometimes no direct flights to Izmir. So, going to Istanbul and then to Izmir is going to cost you the same as getting the treatment from Istanbul. You eventually end up paying the more or less the same.

Time Of Year

The third reason there is a difference in the cost of the treatment is the time of the year you both got your hair transplants. It is possible that you bought your packages at different times of the year. The costs of the treatment might change because of the season, holidays and festivals. During times like Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, etc. many brands might offer discounts. Similarly, at Longevita we usually provide a discount to every patient that buys a package during these special holidays. So if you and your friend both buy the package during this time, chances are, you both get discounts and similar costs. 

Longevita always offers reasonable and affordable prices as compared to other medical institutions. For us, patient satisfaction and happiness come before everything. Contact us to learn more!

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