Your Hair Transplant Consultation Questions Answered

Your Hair Transplant Consultation Questions Answered

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Committing to a hair transplant can be a big decision. For many patients, it takes months and even years of consideration and exhaustively exploring alternative methods that have not worked. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your hair or the rate of your hair loss, it is best to act sooner rather than later. You are more likely to be suitable for a high-quality, full-coverage transplant before hair loss becomes too advanced. The best way to make an informed decision is to attend a hair transplant consultation. A real hair transplant surgeon or equivalent doctor will be able to answer all your hair transplant questions.

Hair transplant is an extremely personal journey. At a consultation, prospective patients will be able to discuss any existing medical conditions that may be relevant. Hair transplant is an incredibly personalised journey and must be tailored to you. Things to consider include;

  • Health
  • The stage or progression of your hair loss
  • Hair type
  • Shaven/unshaven hair transplant
  • The quality of your hair (donor area)

Reputable clinics will also discuss a patient’s motivations and expectations for their hair transplant. Just-for-profit clinics will not attempt to learn why a prospective patient is interested in hair transplant and will rush them to the operating theatre. These facilities will promise fantastic results, guaranteed regardless of the stage of hair loss.

There will be an examination at your consultation to evaluate how suitable you are for the various hair transplant treatment plans. This is also how the graft number is estimated. Longevita will realistically discuss what can be achieved with just one procedure and will be able to make suggestions and recommendations for how many procedures will be required. Patients will also be provided with a quote.

To help prospective patients make a decision, the consultant will supply before and after images.

Where Do Hair Transplant Consultations Take Place?

A hair transplant consultation Turkey can take place in the UK. Longevita have in-country facilities in Central London. Face to face consultations help ease patients’ concerns and provide them with the opportunity to ask all their hair transplant consultation questions.

Is This The Same For Hair Transplant Consultation Turkey?

Longevita’s hair transplants take place in our world-class facilities in Turkey, but for patients’ ease and comfort, we provide consultations in London.

A second pre-operation consultation takes place at our facility in Turkey. Surgery follow-up appointments will also be at our facilities in Turkey the day after your procedure. It is vital for the whole process that these check-up appointments are attended.

Is It Possible To Have A Consultation Over The Phone?

If you are unable to make a consultation at the location in central London, Longevita provide over-the-phone consultations. Rest assured, potential patients will receive the same care and consideration as a face-to-face consultation. Prior to the call, patients are required to send photographs of the back, front, sides and top of their head.  This will enable the consultant to evaluate the suitability of the hair for transplant and identify the treatment plan that can deliver the best results.

Over the phone consultations will also provide quotes and information about grafts. In turn, Longevita will send a prospective patient a catalogue of hair transplant surgeons. This will detail their qualifications, experience and before and after photographs of their surgeries and achievements.

Patients will need to arrange this consultation with Longevita, first. Contact the UK office, today!

Will Consultations Be With The Hair Transplant Surgeon?

An initial face to face appointment in London will be with a consultant. Patients will meet the surgeon once they arrive for their hair transplant consultation in Turkey.

Our in-country consultants are all highly qualified and experienced. In the initial hair transplant consultation, you can ask any questions you might have. The whole team at Longevita are committed to providing the highest standard in client care, and this starts with our hair transplant consultations. We endeavour to put you at ease and help you understand the whole process.

All patients should be completely comfortable with the procedure and aware of the potential results before their surgery date. Longevita provide another hair transplant consultation in Turkey, prior to surgery.

What’s The Difference Between The First and Second Consultation?

The initial consultation in the UK or over the phone is used to identify any client queries. Consultants will be able to ease any concerns and answer all hair transplant consultation questions. At this stage, a patient is not committed to the surgery.

Once a patient has arrived in Turkey for their surgery, they will have another consultation session with their hair transplant surgeon. All the details will be explained again to the patient. At this stage, the surgeon and patient will discuss and draw the new hairline shape. The hair will also be re-examined. Patients are also informed of the post-operative procedures but will still be asked to attend another appointment after their surgery.

To discuss any of your hair transplant questions, contact us for a consultation. We are available on 0844 5198 948 or at [email protected]. Whatsapp