Signs Of Balding

Signs Of Balding

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The ageing process happens to us all, but some signs of ageing are harder to accept than others. Below, we take a look at the signs of balding and how you can combat them.

As with many aspects of the ageing process, starting to lose your hair can cause a serious loss of confidence. This is because amongst many reasons, going bald is generally associated with getting older; although a lot of people experience early male pattern baldness in their mid to late twenties. It is also harder to hide than ageing around other areas on the body. The process of balding can vary greatly depending on the reasons behind hair loss; for example, there is a significant difference between permanent male pattern baldness and temporary hair loss due to a medical condition. For some, the first signs of hair loss can appear very quickly, whilst for others, the entire process can take years or even decades.

At Longevita, our experienced and understanding doctors provide a number of different, revolutionary methods and treatments that will help to combat permanent hair loss and help you to regain the full head of hair you once had. If you’re hoping to slow down or stop the hair loss process, the first step is identifying the signs of balding as quickly as possible.

What If Your Hairline Is Receding?

The first signs of hair loss are most likely changes to your hairline. This is typically so gradual that it is overlooked by the person experiencing the hair loss, and is often first noticed by close friends and family. As men start to show the first signs of a receding hairline, it is often the case that hair is starting to recede in the shape of the letter M. As the onset of a receding hairline can be very slow, it may be hard to identify for sure. If you suspect that your hairline is receding, take a few photographs of yourself and compare them to older ones. During the early stages of baldness, our doctors can help you with PRP injections. This protein treatment which derives from red blood cells will repair damaged hair follicles to stimulate new hair growth. PRP injections provide men with the opportunity to slow down and even combat the hair loss process at its early stages. This treatment can be provided in the UK and also alongside hair transplant surgery.

Thinning Hair From Areas Of Your Scalp

Almost as common as a receding hairline, one of the first signs of balding is thinning hair. This usually occurs quite gradually, but it may be that you have recently found the hair on a particular area of your scalp has started to thin. This type of hair loss is often referred to as diffuse thinning. Diffuse thinning will typically start at the crown of your head or will be apparent all over the scalp. As with changes to your hairline, the early onset of thinning hair can be treated with PRP injections to slow down the process and encourage new hair growth. If the process is more advanced and you want to replace a larger amount of hair, our surgeons use innovative methods to provide hair transplant results that will surpass your expectations.

Thin Hair When Parting

If you suspect that your hair is thinning, part your hair down the centre of your head and check its regularly. If your hair is becoming noticeably thinner over time, it is likely that you are experiencing early signs of balding.

Sometimes It Is Hereditary

Although it is now widely noted that male pattern baldness is determined by the X chromosome passed on from our mothers, men with fathers that experience hair loss are more likely to go bald as well.

You Have Large, Circular Bald Patches

Sometimes, signs of hair loss are noted by circular patches of baldness in very small areas on the head. This pattern is less common than thinning hair or a receding hairline but can be more distressing in many cases. Our surgeons are very experienced with handling all forms of hair loss and can recommend the best course of treatment for you at a consultation in the UK. Whether you’re hoping for a discreet solution such as an unshaven hair transplant or PRP injections to help slow down the hair loss; you will find a solution that will leave you feeling more confident.

If you’re interested in learning more about hair transplants with Longevita, visit our treatment pages or book a consultation with our caring, expert team. Whatsapp