Should I Make My Own Travel Arrangements?

Should I Make My Own Travel Arrangements?

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Well, this is a common question that arises in the minds of many people who wish to get a hair transplant in foreign countries or away from their hometown. Arrangements for accommodation and travel is an unanswered query for those who feel that medical tourism is a mystery and generally do not have an idea about medical tourism. If a patient wishes to have a hair transplant in another country, he or she probably will likely need to organise a visa and then there are other concerns like, where to stay, how much will it cost, commuting, travelling, etc. Medical tourism companies design packages according to the patient’s requirements and comfort. These deals typically include the desired treatment, accommodation, transfers, and commuting. As a leading medical tourism company, we facilitate our patients’ treatments and everything concerning the treatment. This helps the patient and is beneficial to their overall experience as he or she will not have to worry and search around for the best options.  Longevita provides hair transplantation procedures and offers specially designed packages for those willing to come to Turkey for their surgery.


If the patient wishes to arrange for his or her own accommodation, he or she will need to do thorough, good research when choosing where to stay. In some cases, patients may have previously visited the area and have somewhere to stay in mind, maybe they have been to Turkey beforehand. This could be beneficial as patients can be sure they will be comfortable in familiar surroundings.  If you are unsure about your accommodation or have never stayed there before, there might be some complications while arranging the hotel since they do not know the whereabouts of the area. 

The first thing to do while looking for a hotel or accommodation is to check the location of the clinic and find a hotel that is in the vicinity. This will help in eliminating the expense they have to bear for intra-city commuting, ultimately saving money. If they want to make the most out of their trip and sightsee or go shopping, it will be better to look out for the transportation options available from their place of accommodation for commuting to and from to those locations. Another important thing is to check the reviews of the hotel you are planning to stay at. Reviews describe the quality and facilities of the hotel. In addition to this,  patients should not hesitate to ask their patient relations specialists about the hotels in the local area and their personal opinion, as they may have had patients stay there previously. At Longevita, the reliable and cooperative team is always at your assistance with anything that concerns your treatment and are ready to help.

The second and best option that a patient can go for is to go with the accommodation option that Longevita has offered.  It is probably a wiser choice as compared to making your own arrangements. The travel coordinator obviously knows the location of the clinic, so he or she will always choose the closest and best hotels. 

If you are planning on getting a hair transplant in Turkey, you can contact Longevita. You can also check our accommodation page to learn about hotel options. Longevita has tie-ups with hotels that are luxurious and also affordable. What’s more, you can walk to the clinic from the hotels that they have.


Apart from accommodation, Longevita also provides private transfer services which are a recommended option.

If the patients wish to arrange transfers on their own, they need to know about the airports, bus stations, cab service, etc. As many people will travel to the country by air transport, it is important to be aware of the airports. If you have planned to get a hair transplant with Longevita, you will be coming to Istanbul. There are two airports in the city of Istanbul, one airport is on the Anatolian side and the other one is on the European side. The reason for the two airports is because Istanbul is situated in a region that is shared by the two continents. The airport that lies on the European side is the new airport. The airport is at a distance of 50 km or 31 miles northwest of Sultan Ahmet. Sultan Ahmet is located at the heart of the historic city of Istanbul. The trip would last for less than an hour by a cab given that the traffic conditions are moderate. Other ways to commute are shuttles, buses, private transfer companies, and taxi options. The cost is different for every means of transport. 

If you plan on getting a hair transplant in Turkey, leave all the arrangements apart from the treatment to Longevita. We are sure to make the best arrangements for you. Whatsapp