Say Goodbye to Wigs and Hair Systems

Say Goodbye to Wigs and Hair Systems

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Hair loss has afflicted human existence for centuries. Time and again, the search for a cure causes many to make outrageous claims. Animal excreta, hair, teeth, spices, vegetables, and whatnot have been prescribed by “experts” of their times. However, the scientific revolution led to the dismissal of many false assertions. In our era, hair transplant has emerged as a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss. More specifically, with the rise of medical tourism, many people are opting for hair transplant in Turkey. There’s a reason behind such a trend. Hair transplant cost in Turkey is quite affordable. This makes getting surgery an option available for almost everyone.

Many other solutions are offered for hair loss. Many times, companies are simply trying to capitalize on the problems of other people. Non-FDA regulated supplements are promoted everywhere on social media platforms. According to them, almost any biological trouble can be solved through their consumption. Other than that, many over-the-counter drugs are available that can help deal with hair loss. 

What Counts as Hair Loss?

Normally, we shed around 50-100 strands of hair each day. Excessive hair fall is troublesome. You’ll start noticing a gradual or sudden thinning of your hair over time. Globally, around half of the men suffer from androgenetic alopecia, pattern baldness, which makes their situation inevitable. Not always, hair transplant is the only way out. Conditions such as alopecia areata and traction alopecia can be resolved on their own or through some hairstyle changes. Coconut, almond, castor, lavender and olive oils are all used quite commonly for hair growth.

Many times all these solutions are not enough. Hair transplant in Turkey has come to the rescue of many people before. But still, many use wigs as an alternative. These, however, come with more harm than benefits. Many people experience hair loss in their lifetime. It can have devastating psychological and physical effects on the life of a person. In such a situation, it is better to look for a permanent answer to the problem of hair loss. Low hair transplant costs in Turkey have made things much easier now.

Why Choose Hair Wigs? 

Wearing hair wigs was once considered a taboo. In our times, it has become more mainstream. For people looking for a quick, fun change in the colour and style of their hair, wigs are certainly the way to go. Many celebrities have popularised their use. Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry and many others have hopped on the trend. Or maybe they’ve created it. They’re usually advertised as being helpful to people suffering from pattern baldness. Patients going through radiotherapy and chemotherapy also use hair wigs.

Our hair is a symbol of beauty. Regardless of gender, hair loss can be stressful. However, women usually prefer to use wigs and extensions after experiencing hair loss. It could be because women are not expected to pull off a bald head. There are greater expectations and pressures to fit in a standard mould of beauty. Hair wigs can help with that. It could also be that many women don’t feel like dying their hair again and again, as it could be damaging. Here too, putting on a wig, any hair system or extension seems like the best idea.

It’s not just women, but men too wear wigs. Male pattern baldness has made many men look towards wigs as a solution to their problem. And as a lot of men suffer from the condition, their usage is quite common among them. But is it truly the right choice? Not really, and here’s why:

  • Overall Expense of Wigs is more than Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 

Buying hair wigs is not just a one-time venture. Many people are deterred from getting hair transplant surgery in Turkey simply because they believe wigs to be cheaper. But you need to consider the fact that hair transplant is permanent, unlike temporary hair wigs. Maintenance cost is quite high for wigs. You need to have at least two at one time and take care of each. Their quality deteriorates over time, which means that you’ll have to keep buying new ones.

Some wigs use natural hair. They can cost you thousands and thousands of pounds. Hair transplant, instead, will use your natural hair as donors for the balding areas.  

  • Your Natural Hair Might Not Like Them

Putting a wig on your head means that you’re closing all doors of light and air to it. This is a reason why many wig-wearers experience scalp infections. It can further harm your natural hair. Other than that, many wigs use tapes or glues for adjustment. Again, this can lead to your hair being ripped off from the scalp.

If the wig is too tight for your head, you will most certainly have headaches. Many people also experience traction alopecia as a result of wearing wigs. They can feel itchy, uncomfortable, and make you sweat profusely in hot weather. This further creates a harmful environment for your natural hair to grow.

  • Wigs are Only Temporary 

Sometimes buying a single wig can cost you up to £2500. When you add in the costs of buying new ones and maintenance, they far outweigh hair transplant cost in Turkey. And the fact remains that hair wigs are temporary. They can destroy your natural hair along the way. This can make anyone feel even more hopeless about their situation.

In contrast, FUE hair transplant Turkey will cost you on average £1000-1500. And you will only incur this expense once. After that, you’ll have a permanent set of natural-looking hair. This is way more satisfying. You’ll be able to style your natural hair in any way you want without any of the disadvantages associated with wigs. You won’t have to buy medicines again and again for some new scalp infections caused by the wigs. All in all, a hair transplant in Turkey offers a much better option.

Why Hair Transplant in Turkey? 

In countries such as the UK and US, hair transplant costs can be way out of your budget. It can be twice as expensive as compared to the hair transplant cost in Turkey. The government of the country has been taking rapid measures at improving its standards of health services. With its aims of joining the European Union, Turkey is upgrading, in fact, establishing a whole new system of healthcare. Many programs have been launched that involve the construction of state-of-the-art hospitals. These will be run by some of the best doctors in their fields.

Longevita is the UK’s first choice for medical travel to Turkey, especially for hair transplant. We’ve ensured our customers promising results by aiding them in every step of the way. From the initial consultation session to a year after the surgery has been performed, we keep a check on our patients. Those who are not satisfied with their results, we even offer a free remedial surgery. It’s because, for us, the concerns and desires of our patients come first.

With malpractice insurances, surgeons at Longevita are more than trustworthy. We only work with those who are known for their excellence in their work. For some, it may be daunting to get a hair transplant in Turkey. But we will assist you in every way in a foreign country. Your patient relations specialist will be right by your side the whole time if you need anything. The package that you’ll purchase will include facilities such as 4 or 5-star hotels in Istanbul along with private transfer services. Through this one-time hair transplant surgery in Turkey, you’ll be able to enjoy your natural hair even more and feel happier.

Concluding Remarks 

Hair transplant in Turkey has gained quite some traction over the years. It is because the country’s economy and system of exchange rate makes the price attractive to a lot of people around the globe. Using wigs will do you more harm than good in every possible way. You’ll just end up damaging your natural hair even more than before while spending huge sums of money.

Bad smelling hair, dandruff, bacterial infestations and a lot of other diseases are what you might suffer through as a result of wearing wigs. Although wig caps and many other things have been introduced to make the experience a bit better, it’s probably not worth it. These hair systems are temporary. When you remove them at the end of the day, the anxiety and stress of hair loss remain in place.

If you do choose to have a hair transplant in Turkey, rest assured, we will be with you in every step of your journey. We provide pre-op instructions, checkups, and consultations to post-op care, twelve months after the surgery has been done. Therefore, you can be completely at ease. We always give our potential patients a customised treatment plan. So, there’s no reason for you to pay for temporary and uncomfortable solutions anymore. This is all thanks to the affordable hair transplant cost in Turkey. You can request a callback for our prices. Whatsapp