PCOS Hair Loss: Causes & 8 Effective Treatment Options

PCOS Hair Loss

There are many reasons why women experience hair loss. Some types of hair loss are temporary and sudden, while others are gradual and permanent. PCOS hair loss falls in the latter category. Many women suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome. Unfortunately, the exact cause of this disorder isn’t known. According to the NHS, it is not possible to cure PCOS, but its symptoms can be treated. It’s also possible for women to experience different symptoms of this disorder or just one. 

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What Is The Best Age For A Hair Transplant?

best age fora hair transplant

Hair loss can affect men and women of all ages, to varying degrees. It can affect the head, the eyebrows, the beard, the moustache or the chest; hair loss is a rampant problem that can affect everybody. Thankfully, hair transplants can now be completed both safely and quickly with an extremely high success rate. Technology has advanced quickly in recent years and hair transplants are now one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that money can buy.

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Are Hair Transplants Safe?

are hair transplants safe

If you are wanting a hair transplant procedure, have a treatment already booked with us or are wanting to research the topic further then this guide is for you. We are often asked by our patients “are hair transplants safe?” Thankfully, the answer to this question is simple: yes, hair transplant procedures are indeed safe.

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What if My Treatment Plan Changes on Surgery Day?

treatment plan

A treatment plan can be established at an initial consultation and will outline what is achievable with a hair transplant package. It will also give the patient an idea of what they will look like after their hair transplant, which is why when things don’t go quite to plan, patients start to worry. It is really quite common for the treatment plan to change slightly on the day of the surgery and this is no real cause for concern.

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An Interview with Yasemin Turgut

yasemin turgut

What is the most common reason for hair loss?  The most common reason is genetics. In addition to this, stress, hormonal imbalances,  thyroid gland diseases, vitamin & iron deficiency may …

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Top 4 Reasons Why Turkey Is The Best Country For Hair Transplant

best city for hair transplant

There are more than a few reasons why millions of people from around the world choose to fly to Turkey every year for their healthcare needs. It has been deemed the best country for hair transplant by many. In fact, so much so that people would want to have any other type of medical procedure performed in Turkey as well.

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12 Causes of Hair Loss In Men & Women 

causes of hair loss

Hair loss can be as psychologically upsetting as it is physically. It can affect the scalp and other areas of the body, leading to complete loss of hair in more severe cases. It’s important to understand the cause of your alopecia as early as possible to know the options that are available to you.

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