Hair Mesotherapy: Is It Effective?

hair mesotherapy

Every other day you’ll hear a new buzzword being thrown around in the cosmetic industry. Hair mesotherapy is one. Although this treatment has been in use since the 1950s, its different cosmetic uses have been explored only recently. And even though there’s a dearth of scientific evidence on the efficacy and safety of mesotherapy, many people are already getting this treatment for alopecia.

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Scalp Scrub For Hair Growth: Should You Use It?

scalp scrub

There was once a time when soap was all one needed for washing their body, hands, and even hair. Soon enough, shampoo, conditioner, mask, and scalp scrub for hair growth flooded the bathroom shelves. It’s true that the scalp skin doesn’t get as much attention as the skin on your face (you probably have twice as many skincare products than haircare ones). However, times are changing. We’re becoming more and more aware of all the suffering that our scalp experiences on a daily basis.

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How To Stop Hair Loss From Birth Control

how to stop hair loss from birth control

Approximately 151 million women around the globe take a birth control pill. Guardian reports, in the UK, 9 out of 10 women (3.1 million) use this form of birth control. The pill itself needs no introduction. It’s in the name, after all. It does have some side effects, though, one of which is hair loss. And since it can be quite stressful, many women want to know how to stop hair loss from birth control.

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Mega Session Hair Transplant: Is It Better?

mega session hair transplant

Mega session is a word that gets thrown around quite a lot in the world of hair restoration surgery. You’ll hear a lot of “mega session hair transplant surgery” or “FUT/FUE mega sessions.” Some hair transplant clinics characterize a session as “mega” by the number of hair grafts and others by the number of days it takes.

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Green Tea For Hair: Can It Cure Thinning?

green tea for hair

Green tea is thought of as the miracle cure for everything. People around the world have been drinking it for centuries because of its supposed health benefits. And although green tea for hair sounds a bit out there, it may actually be good.

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Discreet Hair Transplant: Is It Possible?

discreet hair transplant

When a person watches their hairline recede and lose their crowning glory, life almost comes to a standstill. They feel anxious and embarrassed. What would other people say if they saw the bald, thinning patches?

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Onion Juice For Hair: Does It Work?

onion juice for hair

If you get past the pungent smell and taste of onions, they may actually do you good. This nutrient-dense vegetable is packed with vitamins (C, B6, and B9) and minerals (potassium).

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Laser Hair Growth: Is It Effective?

laser hair growth

Laser caps, combs, helmets, and bands; all kinds of products are flooding the hair loss market. They are almost reminiscent of the time of the industrial revolution when thermocaps and glass combs were marketed for treating hair loss.

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Is Hair Transplant Worth It?

is hair transplant worth it

Before getting cosmetic surgery, many people wonder if they’re making the right decision. The same’s the case with hair transplants. You may have exceedingly high expectations from it. It is supposed to be life-transforming, but will it deliver on its promises? Will it truly change things for you? In short, is hair transplant worth it?

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