Planning Your Trip: What You Need To Travel To Turkey For Hair Transplant

Planning Your Trip: What You Need To Travel To Turkey For Hair Transplant

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In recent years, Turkey has enjoyed such an influx of medical tourism that the economic boost has actually made it easier to travel for a procedure than ever before. The infrastructure has improved, too. This means that the amenities and facilities available to patients in Turkey are more accessible than ever before. Perhaps more crucially, it’s also more convenient and quicker to travel to Turkey for a hair transplant than ever.

Many people may worry about travelling whilst in recovery from their procedure, but hair transplant is a very non-invasive procedure. This means, as long as the aftercare recommendations are adhered to, there should be no risk with travelling home. If patients are still concerned, it is simple and quite inexpensive to extend a stay in Turkey throughout the immediate recovery period.

Patients going abroad for medical tourism, but specifically travelling for hair transplant in Turkey, should follow these tips for a smooth and successful journey:


Many countries, including Turkey, will require travellers to obtain a visa to visit the country. Those travelling to Turkey for medical tourism from the UK will need to get a visa. It’s a simple application process that can be filled out online. A Turkish visa also costs approximately £15.

The application will also ensure you have all the correct documentation for travel. It is vital that those who are dual nationals register the passport they intend to use. If the passport shown does not match the visa, the visa and holder will be rejected. A visa is also not a substitute for a passport.

The e-visa can be downloaded or printed out after it is approved.

Patients travelling from other European countries might not require a visa. Patients should check on the Turkish government website well in advance of travelling.


Booking Your Flight

Flights are not included in the hair transplant Turkey packages. Our medical and support team ensure that all our patients are relaxed and taken care of, so Longevita does provide luxury, return airport transfers for all patients arriving for hair transplant in Turkey.

There are plenty of resources to help those travelling for medical tourism to book their flights. Skyscanner and Google Flights help patients filter through appropriate times and airlines. These tools will also help to keep the cost of hair transplant in Turkey affordable and accessible to the everyman. Longevita patients also benefit from a dedicated travel coordinator, included in the package cost. This service means that patients can also get assistance with booking flights and any travel arrangements required.


Hotels and Airport Transfers

Longevita hair transplant packages include accommodation. We carefully choose all accommodations to ensure patients are kept comfortable and relaxed during the immediate recovery period. All Longevita accommodations must meet a benchmark standard, and patients can rest assured they will be staying in suitable surroundings.

Longevita offers all patients comprehensive care, before and after hair transplant in Turkey. This means we provide a follow-up appointment the day after the transplant, in which the surgeon will check over the implantations and review the healing progress. Therefore, it is best that all patients stay nearby for convenience and comfort.

As above, we do also provide airport transfers for our patient’s convenience. Patients who have chosen to extend their stay in Turkey should note that it is important to carry Turkish Lira when getting taxis. Alternatively, uber does operate in key areas in Turkey and will certainly be available for airport journeys in Istanbul.



At Longevita, we provide those travelling for hair transplant in Turkey with an itinerary email. This will be sent to the patient from their dedicated travel coordinator. It is imperative all patients read this to ensure all details are correct.

The email will also provide general medical tourism information, tips and a checklist of things to remember. We know how important it is to keep patients comfortable and relaxed wherever possible, our itinerary emails help patients stay organised and ensures their journey goes as smoothly as possible.

We also provide helpful tips to assist patients when they are trying to schedule their time in Turkey. As sunlight and harmful UV rays are not conducive for hair after transplant, particularly after FUT hair transplants, we recommend checking the weather. This will also help you pack the luggage and weather-appropriate clothing that also avoids irritating the transplanted area.

For more information on planning to travel for hair transplant in Turkey get in touch with Longevita. Our packages provide comprehensive care and make medical tourism as easy as possible, whatever your procedure. Whatsapp