Hair Transplant Grafts: Do I Need 7000 Grafts?

Hair Transplant Grafts: Do I Need 7000 Grafts?

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Most patients who decide to embark on hair transplant surgery have already been through alternative remedies to slow down hair loss. Often, this leaves individuals frustrated and lacking confidence which can lead to impulsive decisions. Many who have already spent money on alternative hair-loss treatments are more sceptical to part with their money or are desperate to find a solution to their balding.

An FUE hair transplant graft is taken from a donor area, which is usually the back or sides of the head. The hair follicles are extracted using a punch incision to ensure they stay in-tact and are suitable for harvesting for re-implantation into the scalp. The process is similar for an FUT hair transplant, but the grafts are extracted from the strip, rather than directly taken from the scalp.

It is imperative for potential patients to do their research and understand the clinic they are signing up to have hair transplant surgery with, as unreputable and unreliable facilities are likely to over-claim on the number of grafts required in order to charge a higher price. Alternatively, some clinics will charge a price per graft for hair transplant procedure, rather than quoting for the whole procedure.

In these instances, patients are left unsatisfied with the completed procedure and the hair growth looks unnatural or patchy. This is because the expected hair transplant graft might have been quoted at 7000+, but much fewer are transplanted. Even if 7000+ grafts are transplanted, the “over-harvesting” may be bad for the donor area.
This post can be used as a guide to advise patients or those looking to understand the hair transplant process and how many grafts they require. It is important to research the process as much as possible before committing to your chosen hair transplant procedure to ensure the process is as successful as possible from high-quality clinics and reputable surgeons.

What Is A Hair Transplant Graft?

A hair transplant graft is the basis for any transplant surgery. Live and healthy hair tissues are taken from elsewhere on the scalp. A hair transplant graft must be extracted precisely and properly. This is the only way to reduce transection in which the follicle and strand of the hair become severed. In these instances, the hair graft will not grow, and the finished procedure will not look full or develop healthy hair.

A strong donor site will have enough hair follicles and dense hair, with several hairs coming from one follicle. Experienced surgeons will know how to extract follicles that have more than one hair. Typically, a follicle can have four stems (hair strands) growing. These are chosen for transplant because they achieve dense hair growth and the appearance of thick, healthy hair. This also minimises the effect on the donor area.

The Norwood Scale is used to determine the severity of hair loss. This is also a good indicator for how many grafts are required for each individual hair transplant. The more severe the hair loss, the more hair grafts a patient will require. Patients at the later stages of the Norwood scale are likely to have a sparse result because their donor area cannot support or fill the bald area. There are still solutions and ways to accelerate hair growth.

At Longevita, we discuss a patient’s desired outcome and manage expectations. If the donor area is not suitable or does not have enough follicles to supply the balding area, we might recommend alternative routes to tackle thinning hair or hair loss, including PRP injections.

The number of grafts required will depend on the hair density of the donor area and the size of the balding area. A hair transplant for 5000 grafts is quite standard and could take several sessions to complete. A hair transplant for 5000 grafts can cost anywhere from £1000 – £8000. This will usually depend on the reputation of the clinic.

How Are Graft Costs Calculated?

The cost of hair transplant surgery will vary. Some unreputable clinics are just for profit and will create a quote depending on the severity of hair loss. This means they will claim they can achieve results even for those that are at an accelerated stage on the Norwood scale. They will exaggerate the number of grafts required, claiming as many as 7000 grafts and then charge per graft or as a package. This is unrealistic and unfair as a patient may only require 1500 grafts.

Longevita do not charge a price per graft for hair transplant Turkey. We charge a very reasonable rate for high-quality transplants as we quote for the maximum number of grafts available and suitable for transplant. This prevents ‘over-harvesting’ of the donor area and ensures patient satisfaction.

In most cases, you will not need 7000 grafts to cover your balding area. At Longevita, we employ the latest techniques and world-class surgeons to deliver results to our patients. To find out how many grafts you really need and how much it is going to cost, get in touch with Longevita to book a consultation, today! Whatsapp