How to Find Reliable Hair Transplant Reviews

How to Find Reliable Hair Transplant Reviews

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Globally, the medical tourism industry is experiencing a boom. It is one of the fastest-growing sector in Turkey, estimated to bring $4bn annually. According to the Istanbul International Health Tourism Association, 75,000 medical tourists came to Turkey in 2007 compared to 700,000 in 2017. 

People from Germany, Russia, England, Ukraine, Middle East, Latin America, and across Europe, find Turkey to be their choice of destination for medical treatments. High-quality procedures and lower costs are an enticing package that this country offers. And after realizing the potential for the market, the government has further incentivized it to make the costs even cheaper. Healthcare is one of the important areas to be focused upon in the national tourism development plan. 

But that’s not it. Turkish Ministry of Health and the Independent Turkish Medical Associations are ensuring safe medical practices in the private and public sector through their outlined guidelines and standards. State-of-the-art medical infrastructure, internationally accredited facilities (JCI, JACHO & ISO), and expert professional doctors with numerous certifications have resulted in the provision of best quality treatments at affordable costs.

Where does the Problem Lie?   

Despite the above-stated measures, medical tourists have faced a large number of problems when seeking treatment. The issue lies in choosing a clinic abroad that delivers what it promises when it comes to hair transplantation or any other procedure. In order to reduce the costs even further, due to cut-throat competition, it is the patient who ends up suffering. Many people fall into the trap due to jaw-droppingly low costs. But they all come at the risk of compromise on safety standards.  

This awareness can be scary, but the Turkish government has been trying to take care of this problem. In 2018, a bill approved the development of International Health Services, which would regulate the working of the sector. Other than the steps taken by the government, there are ways in which you too can determine the legitimacy of an organization.

What can you do? 

Research. And lots of it. People do a lot of research and check the hair transplant reviews of a company to determine if it is going to be a safe investment. It is definitely helpful since the feedback and tips from another person who has experienced the same process can provide valuable insights to the potential patients. It might just be that they can help you get better prepared for what to expect during the treatment. 

However, the internet is not devoid of its vices. The cyberspace is also full of competition. Hair transplantation is a growing sector where companies may try to use different techniques for making themselves more prominent than the others. Some unlicensed bad clinics might use black-hat techniques to rank their pages higher and use fake reviews to harm their competitors. The purpose of this guide is to help the reader find out where reliable hair transplant reviews are, and which reviews are fake. This way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which place to choose. 

How to Find Reliable Hair Transplant Reviews 

By following these steps, you can be at ease to find the safest clinics for your desired procedure. 

Check Several Platforms 

Internet is a vast vat of resources. There’s almost nothing that you can’t find on there. So, when you are looking for reviews of a particular company, don’t just go to one platform. When examining a medical clinic, remember to explore not just one but as many credible review platforms as you can find. 

Social media platforms can be highly beneficial in your research. Go to the Instagram page for testimonials, look at the Google reviews, and find out their ratings on Facebook etc. Many websites themselves support reviews from their patients. At Longevita, you can find testimonial videos from our patients on our website. Of course, you can also find them on our Instagram page (@longevitahairtransplant), on our IGTV, Facebook page and Google.

We want to ensure that our patients are completely at ease when they come to us for treatments. Providing easy access to information through the use of various platforms also makes it effortless for people to find anything specific that they might be looking for. 


Ask the Company Representative for Hair Transplant Reviews 

Another important step that you should take is to contact the company itself. Although, it is quite suspicious and a rather bad sign if you’re unable to find any online presence of the institute. Anyway, in case you can’t, the next step naturally is to make a call or establish contact through any other means. 

You can tell the company representative that you are curious about the results and hair transplant reviews of the previous patients of the company. They ought to have records and some sort of testimonials with them. However, if they refuse, use different excuses or delaying tactics, and you aren’t shown any hair transplant reviews, then it is quite risky to go on with them. In order to avoid any such situation from prevailing, we take every possible step to show our patients that they can rely on us. 

At Longevita, we provide our patients with many before and after photos, along with testimonial videos and we even share contact information of our previous patients, only if they have given their consent. This way, we help our patients in any way that we can. 


For Negative Hair Transplant Reviews, Read the Company’s Answers

If you find that there is a bad review on the platform of a company, then don’t make hasty conclusions. In fact, you should read how and what the company has replied to it. There are two sides to every story. Sometimes a competitor may be trying to bring the company down through fake, spammy reviews. Or it might be that the patient has experienced problems that are irrelevant to the company such as missing flight or not being able to get a visa. 

Rarely, they may use the review system as a way to express their feelings negatively. Here is the important part. A responsible company always answers to the reviews because they realize their significance. Apologies are also made if a mistake has been made on their part. They further strive their best to provide a solution. 

We at Longevita, always aim to help our patients during their journey so that their experience can be seamless. We have various guides to ensure that and make sure to remind our patients about the things to consider. There is also a travel coordination department to ensure that our patients’ journey is as smooth as possible. We send several e-mails and even make calls to go through their itinerary details to check if everything’s on track. 

Look at the Reviewer’s Profile 

To find out whether a bad review is fake or not, you can always take a look at the profile of the person. For instance, a fake Facebook profile will probably have no friends, no photos or posts. Basically, the account activity in every other way is zero, which means that the account was solely made to malign the name of the company.

These accounts are the ones that belong to the competitors. So, you should keep a lookout for these. 

Evaluate Reviews for Consistency 

It is better that, especially for bad hair transplant reviews, you should evaluate them and see if they’re consistent. Usually, when someone is making up a fake botched operation story, there might be gaps in it. It could also belong to a patient who did not complete the recovery process and is simply anxious to see the results. In this case, check if he/she has completed their first year. Sometimes patients experience a phenomenon called shock loss and lose their hair temporarily.

Shock loss is nothing but loss of hair follicles due to trauma of surgery that the scalp goes through. The important part is that the transplanted roots remain in place, and your hair will grow strong and healthy in just a few months. It is very rare, and those who do go through it may construe it as a failure of their transplant. This leads to the expression of anger.

Similarly, since every patient is unique, so is their recovery process. Sometimes two friends may have gotten a hair transplant together. However, one’s hair grows faster than the other. This can lead the other one to think that his/her transplant has failed and hence the bad review. Therefore, it is wiser not to take reviews from patients who haven’t completed their 12-months recovery process into consideration.  

Check the Company’s Score on Platforms 

Find out the scores of the companies on trustworthy platforms such as Proven Expert. Our score there is almost 5 out of 5. 

Such websites allow the patients to get more certain and confident about their choice of clinic. But it also comes down to the credibility and quality of a good clinic. They will take all the possible measures to make their patients feel safe and stress-free. 

Concluding Remarks 

With Longevita, you can let go of any surgery worries. We will be with you every step of the way. Our clients have attested to our reliability and quality. 

We are registered in both the UK and Turkey. All of our surgeons have malpractice insurance, and the facilities in Istanbul that we work with are some of the best in the country. They are internationally accredited with modern technology in place to ensure safety and premium service. Contact us to book your surgery today. Whatsapp