The Journey Of A Hair Transplant Patient

The Journey Of A Hair Transplant Patient

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As part of your experience here at Longevita, we ensure that your journey from the initial call to the final check-in 12 months post-procedure is seamless, smooth and most importantly, comfortable. Our location in Turkey allows us to put our clients at the forefront, building extensive travel and treatment packages around them to ensure that their entire trip is as efficient and stress-free as possible. If you’re looking to book a hair transplant at any of our clinics in Turkey, your itinerary will be as follows:

Your Consultation

When you first fill in the form on our website or get in touch via a call, our call centre team will set to work in finding you the best time for a consultation. They will ask you to provide images of your hair in order for your assigned consultant to determine the best course of action for your particular case.

The consultation is designed to provide you with the opportunity to speak to your dedicated Patient Consultant. You can get a better idea of whether you’ll be a viable candidate for a transplant, more information about the procedure itself and a tailored treatment plan and a no-obligation quote if everything is in order. The consultation is completely free for our patients and you can attend in the knowledge that you are able to agree or decline the procedure.

If you do opt to undergo the procedure, you will be required to sign the relevant paperwork and pay a deposit of 10% of the overall treatment cost. This will secure your surgery and enable us to begin planning your travel.

Choose Your Travel

After agreeing to the procedure, you will be assigned a dedicated travel coordinator who will set to work in putting together the best travel package on your behalf. This cost of this package – with the exception of flights – is included in your overall treatment cost, however, we will still determine the best flights and prices for you to choose from and pay for as you see fit.

They will compile your itinerary on your behalf, beginning with finding the best combinations of dates, prices and times for your flight. They will then check these options against our clinics and hotels to determine the best overall plan of action, before allowing you to choose which works best for your personal situation. This ensures that you won’t need to go back and forth organising the travel yourself, taking the stress out of organising your procedure.

Pack Up And Jet Off

Once you’ve chosen your itinerary and secured the booking, all that’s left to do is start packing, ready to travel. You’re advised to stay in Turkey for about a week after your procedure, so you’ll need to pack accordingly. Keep an eye on the weather to determine what you need to bring, but typically, Istanbul sees average temperatures of around 24°c in summer, and 6-12°C over winter.

When you land at your designated airport in Istanbul, you will be welcomed by one of our greeters. They are situated within the airport to make them easy to find and will guide you towards your dedicated private airport transfer vehicle. They will offer to carry your luggage to allow you to recover from travel and remain with you until you are comfortable in the car.

Our private airport transfer vehicles can seat 6-8 people and are fully air-conditioned with free WiFi and plenty of water to ensure that you can travel in comfort to your hotel.

Your Hotel

From the airport, your driver will take you to your hotel. As part of your treatment package, we will book you into a four or five-star hotel within Istanbul, depending on which clinic you’ll be visiting and your initial itinerary agreement. In Istanbul, we currently host our guests in either Western Istanbul at the Holiday Inn Şişli or Ramada Encore Bayrampasa, or in Eastern Istanbul at the Wyndham Grand Kalamis, DoubleTree by Hilton Moda, or Hotel Suadiye.

Your First Appointment

From the hotel, your private transfer will go on to transport you to the hospital or clinic for your treatment. You will be met at the hospital by a patient host, who will act as your central point of call for each appointment, throughout your stay in the hospital, and then on an ongoing basis throughout your 12-month aftercare period. The host can also act as a translator as you meet with your surgeon to clarify any unclear points.

Throughout the first meeting with your surgeon, they will examine you to determine if you’re healthy enough for the procedure, and you will be able to discuss your expectations in more detail to ensure that both you and your surgeon understand what you’ll see post-procedure. This will also be the opportunity to ask questions; after this appointment, you will be taken for the procedure. At this procedure, you’ll also need to sign any consent forms and pay the remainder of your surgery cost.

The Procedure

The hair transplant process will differ depending on the technique chosen for your case, but in each treatment option, you will be given a local anaesthetic to reduce or eradicate any discomfort or pain throughout the procedure. Typically, FUE and FUT procedures can take up to eight hours depending on the size of the transplant area.

Despite the minimally-invasive nature of the procedure, you are advised to rest for the night following the surgery. You may stay in the hospital overnight to allow medical staff and your host to keep an eye on the transplants overnight. You will be provided with a meal and emergency staff will be on hand at the hospital overnight. While it is extremely unlikely that there will be any problems, we take every caution to ensure our patients get the best results. You will be discharged the following day.

The Follow Up

As a hair transplant patient, you will only be required to attend two appointments following the procedure – the initial discharge appointment at the clinic or hospital, and then a check-up appointment in the following days. It is at this point that the surgeon will check over the grafts, make sure that everything is in order and run you through the aftercare instructions, including washing your scalp, any further medication you may need, including lotions and shampoos to keep the implanted hairs in the best condition.

Explore Turkey

While the check-up appointment often takes place a day or two after the procedure, you’re advised to remain in Turkey for up to seven days in order to stay close by in the case of any concerns. However, you don’t have to stay in the hotel – you can head out and explore the local area. You can explore a unique blend of Asian and European life in Istanbul, sampling local delicacies like a Menemen – a Turkish omelette – or find your favourite kind of Börek.

As your time in Turkey comes to an end, our private airport transfer service will still be on hand to bring you back to the airport in time for your flight. You’ll be treated to the same comfortable journey as when you arrived, usually with the same driver.

The 12-Month Aftercare Plan

In the 12 months following the procedure, we remain on hand to ensure that the results of your transplant remain optimal as they settle and begin to grow. We can provide advice if there appear to be any issues.

If you’d like any more information about the patient journey or the hair transplant procedure, our team are on hand and happy to help. Contact us on 020 3409 1947, today. Whatsapp