Are Hair Growth Gummies Just A Marketing Gimmick?

Are Hair Growth Gummies Just A Marketing Gimmick?

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Aren’t we all wondering that? And why is it that a lot of the marketing gimmicks somehow end up involving some celebrities? They give credence to the product, of course. Not so long ago, you might have seen many Instagram and influencers popping hair gummies in their selfies. And, as always, that triggered a domino effect. After all, hair growth gummies did take the internet by storm.

That’s what we’re here to concern ourselves with. The reason why hair vitamins became so popular was that they were innovative in their packaging of the product ingredients. That made them exciting to consume and click a selfie with! However, we want to know whether these hair growth vitamins actually work or do they sell because of their cutesy, vibrant packaging and delicious flavours. Hair gummies sound too good to be true. Above that, their only standout feature is that they are not consumed like regular pills. They are “hair gummies.”

So, more or less, you’re going to have fun eating them, if not anything else. What’s important is no matter how cool they look, they need to deliver on the promises they make on the packaging. Let’s find out the truth about hair gummies right here, right now!

What Are Hair Growth Gummies?

Remember those health supplements that came in the form of pills? Well, hair gummies are…gummy forms of those supplements. It certainly feels good eating a gummy that is actually healthy for once in a while. Companies marketing their hair gummies claim that it would make their skin, hair, and nails stronger, better, and shinier. But the problem is that hair gummies are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So, the companies can say whatever they like about their products.

Usually, these gummies contain folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, biotin and other minerals. They may also contain vitamin B-5, iodine, choline, inositol, and sugar.

Good Housekeeping outlines the full list of ingredients of popular hair gummies, which includes “glucose syrup, sugar, water, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavours, titanium dioxide, Blue 1, and carnauba wax.” You only have to take two gummies a day for them to work. These gummies are also gelatin-free, made from pectin. You can also find gluten-free varieties online. Vegan hair gummies are also available.

Much of the research done on the benefits of hair gummies is funded by the companies themselves, which means that they are not completely reliable. Most of the ingredients that are in hair gummies are present in the food that you eat daily. So, unless you’re deficient in the ingredients in the gummies, they won’t do much for you.

Do Hair Gummies Work?

While you can find a range of hair gummies on the market, some of them are on the more expensive side, costing as much as $30 a jar. No one can say for sure how good actually the product is, that’s because of the lack of independent, unbiased research on them.

According to, gummies’ main ingredient is biotin. The reason why biotin takes centre stage is that some studies suggest that biotin can improve the health of hair and nails. However, they were “not approved for quality.”

One study published in Cutis in 1993 showed that the intake of biotin supplements increased the nail thickness of the participants by 25%. It was a small study comprising 35 patients. 22 of the 35 participants showed an improvement in the thickness of nails. Another review suggests that there is no need for healthy people to take biotin. If biotin deficiency makes the hair all tangled and makes your nails brittle, biotin supplements can help.

Before buying any hair gummies, make sure that you go through the ingredients list. Suppose you have iron deficiency, and the gummy doesn’t contain iron; if you take it, it won’t stop your hair loss. Some popular gummies don’t contain iron and calcium. It means they won’t fulfil the nutritional requirements of those individuals who suffer from their deficiency.

Gummies are made for hair, skin, and nails, and since they contain vitamins and minerals, companies bank on these ingredients to make tall claims. You may have the “best hair growth,” “zero hair loss”, “improved hair health”, “no more thinning hair”, and “stronger hair”, and whatnot.

So, Why Do Some People Swear By Hair Growth Vitamins?

Hair vitamins were and still are quite the rage on the internet, and many people rave about their benefits. Some say that consuming them greatly improved their nails, and it increased the thickness and length of their hair. Many loved their small sizes and liked how cute those gummies were! However, there are two sides to the coin. Others say that taking hair growth vitamins for two months had left them with a breakout.

People who suffer from vitamin deficiency can experience hair loss, and it can impact their skin, nails, and hair follicles. If a nutritional deficiency is a reason why you’re experiencing hair loss, hair supplements can help improve your hair, skin, nails. Those are the people that can actually see any results from these hair vitamins. They may even notice that they have gotten healthy hair as a result of taking these gummies. That is why they support their consumption.

These hair supplements can contain folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin C, along with other vitamins. Sure, your skin and nails may improve somewhat if you’re not taking proper nutrition through your diet, to begin with. However, if you have nutritious meals that contain all the necessary ingredients for your healthy growth, you don’t have to rely on hair vitamins. Your diet will do enough to enhance your beauty.

What’s the Difference Between Pills & Hair Growth Gummies?

If you’re taking pills for healthy hair, then you need water to swallow them. However, hair growth gummies are jelly-like and chewy. The reason why many people like them are that they find them cute. Their packaging isn’t anything close to those medicine bottles that you get at a pharmacy.

They look fun and most definitely “Instagrammable.” So you’re going to nourish your hair follicles and improve hair health in style! The pastel colour of the gummies and their cute bear shapes certainly attracts a lot of people towards them.

Do Gummy Vitamins Have Any Side Effects?

They are mostly vitamins (vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, members of the B vitamin family, along with other ingredients). According to WebMD, multivitamin gummies can cause “constipation, diarrhoea, or upset stomach.” Usually transient, these side effects go away after some time. An allergic reaction is rare.

If you take too much of a certain vitamin, it can be dangerous for your body and result in vitamin or mineral toxicity. Therefore, don’t take them unless necessary. Many say that they aren’t really needed by people if they’re getting all the nutrients through their diet.

Can Hair Grow Back With The Help of Vitamin Gummies?

There’s no guarantee that these vitamins in the form of gummies will help you. Why you’re losing your hair is the first question that needs to be asked and answered. If it has nothing to do with vitamin deficiency, then taking these gummies won’t give you healthy hair.

Hair growth gummies can help you overcome the deficiency and grow your hair back if you are suffering from vitamin deficiency hair loss. If your hair loss results from something else, you should seek another treatment that will solve this problem.

Are There Any Alternatives To These Gummies?

Gummies work in the same way any supplement pill does. Biotin, iron and zinc tablets are alternatives to these. If you don’t want to use 2-3 different pills each time, you can also buy multivitamins that contain all of the required vitamins.

Many women usually feel the pressure to look beautiful. Many celebs and influencers have endorsed them on their social media. Usually, images have filters and edits on them to make them look flawless. It creates an ideal for other women, and they may think that it’s these gummies that are making them look picture perfect. So, why not hop on the bandwagon.

You can support the health of your hair with supplements and enhance your beauty, so to speak. However, at the end of the day, gummies are not necessary. The nutrients that are a part of your nutrition are more important.

Concluding Remarks

To answer the question we posed in the beginning, yes, hair gummies are a marketing gimmick. They can give healthier hair to those who need those ingredients to provide support to their hair, skin, and nails. However, hair supplement pills can also do the same job. They’re just not as much “fun” to eat.

You can be your healthier self by eating right. If the reason why you’re losing hair is genetic, no amount of gummies can help. Hair transplant can help and if you want to book your treatment, contact us right now! Whatsapp