FUE Hair Transplants Vs. FUT Hair Transplants

FUE Hair Transplants Vs. FUT Hair Transplants

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Here at Longevita, the surgeons on hand are able to make use of a number of different hair transplant techniques, with the most commonly utilised being Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). However, there is an older technique – follicular unit transplantation (FUT) – that is also still in use today in cases where FUE is unlikely to be effective. While your consultant and your dedicated surgeon will be able to determine which hair transplant method will suit you on a case-by-case basis, understanding the differences between FUE and FUT transplants can help you better prepare for the procedure in advance.

FUE Hair Transplants, Explained

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves the harvesting of individual hair follicles from donor areas across your scalp and in some cases, other areas of your body. The follicle is extracted from the skin, and a small incision is made to re-insert the follicle at another area of the scalp where the hair may be thinning or balding. While this does cause less density in the donor area, it isn’t usually noticeable, as the pattern of removal is typically random.

This modern take on more traditional hair transplant procedures has offered a solution that allows for minimal pain thanks to the small incisions, the lack of stitches and faster healing times. Throughout the procedure, you will be administered with a local anaesthetic to ensure optimal comfort throughout the entire procedure.

There will be minimal, if any scarring, as follicles are removed one by one, rather than through a strip of skin as with a FUT method. There will be scabbing during the first few days, but your aftercare plan will dictate how best to ensure that these are cared for, without damaging the follicles that are settling themselves into your scalp post-procedure. Despite this, you can often return to your everyday life within a day and can expect to see healing within three to seven days.

Direct Hair Implantation, Explained

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is a form of FUE that offers more precise implantation and can work particularly well with some hair types for more natural and in some cases, more effective results. Sometimes referred to as micro-FUE, DHI utilises a tool called the Choi Implanter Pen to extract individual hairs one by one from the chosen donor area.

The Choi Implanter Pen punches a 1mm diameter to extract hairs individually. Using the same motion, these can then be implanted into the scalp following the same pattern and growth style as the rest of the hair. With less time outside of the scalp and better control over the depth at which the follicle is placed, the transplant has a better chance of survival, offering more natural looking results.

FUT Hair Transplants, Explained

While FUE and DHI are commonly used at Longevita, FUT is another method that can be opted for in cases where FUE may not be feasible or effective. FUT involves the removal of a strip of tissue from the back of the head, where donor hair follicles will then be harvested, before being transplanted back into the scalp. The incision is then stitched by our skilled physicians to minimise scarring and ensure that the hair surrounding the donor area remains healthy.

FUT can often mean higher levels of discomfort due to the larger incision and definite scarring at the donor site but is typically hailed to produce better results for those with advanced hair loss. In order to truly utilise all of the follicles that they can, this method of hair transplant can provide better, more noticeable results in cases where FUE or DHI may not be enough.


Am I Eligible For FUE And FUT Transplants?

There are very few if any cases in which an FUE and FUT transplant may not be feasible, though there are some things to consider prior to booking your surgery, the first being that you will need to have some hair. As we utilise donor hair from around your scalp, it’s important to consider how much hair you have remaining and whether this is a viable amount to be used throughout a transplant.

Our accredited surgeons are well versed in all types of hair transplants and will better decide which method is best dependant on your requirements and whether you are a feasible candidate at all. They will take into consideration your hair loss journey, the results you wish to see and what level of treatment it would take in order to reach these, before discussing this with you in more detail.

You will have an initial meeting with a consultant, who will use photos of your scalp provided during your initial call with our call centre to build a personalised treatment plan. For this reason, you will always have a realistic answer as to what you can expect to see from your treatment before you place your deposit or make any final decisions.

FUE and FUT transplants offer alternative ways to ensure each viable candidate can gain the results they desire. For more information on how Longevita can provide lasting results at our accredited clinics in Turkey, simply request a callback or directly call us on 020 3409 1947.

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