Reminder! Important Things To Remember on The Day Of Your Hair Transplant

Reminder! Important Things To Remember on The Day Of Your Hair Transplant

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Perhaps it has taken years of thinking about it, gradual hair loss, or you have decided to transform your uneven hair growth with a beard transplant; whatever your reason for opting for a hair transplant turkey, it is important to remember these six, pre-operation do’s and don’ts for a successful and comfortable procedure.

All hair transplant procedures are extremely safe. Technological advancements have made all surgical and non-surgical procedures safer and quicker than ever before. However, hair transplant is still a surgical and medical procedure which means it is critical that all patients follow the instructions provided by the clinic.

As with all treatment plans, pre operative instructions will often vary depending on the individual circumstance. Thus, at Longevita your pre operative instructions provided by the surgeons and the world-class team of hair transplant experts will also be tailored to each individual patient to ensure the very best care is provided. Following the instructions provided to you by your clinic for the day of the procedure allows patients to maximise the potential for a successful procedure with minimal irritation or after-care concerns.

This guide will provide an overview of important things to remember on the day of your hair transplant that will be applicable in all cases. It is critical that you remember to follow the instructions provided by your hair transplant surgeon and the clinic, as these can be adjusted for individual circumstance.

  1. Avoid Alcohol Before Your Hair Transplant

It is imperative to avoid consuming alcohol 24 hours prior to your hair transplant surgery. Alcohol naturally thins the blood which can lead to complications. Alcohol consumption prior to a hair transplant can stop the blood from clotting as it should and can induce excessive bleeding. Depending on severity, this can impact the success of the entire procedure, particularly for FUT Hair Transplant procedures.

Additionally, alcohol consumption prior to surgeries can impact the body’s natural ability to scar. For hair transplant, this can lead to larger scars on the scalp or donor areas.

Patients will be reminded not to consume alcohol when they are welcomed by the team to their hair transplant Turkey.


  1. No Smoking!

Similar to the effect of alcohol, smoking and nicotine can also impact patient’s bleeding, but smoking is linked to blood clots. Additionally, smokers are also at a higher risk of a slower recovery. Longevita instruct patients to avoid smoking 24 hours prior to their surgery as it can impact the length of the healing process.

Recent studies highlight the affect smoking and alcohol can have in both the pre and post-operative stages. They impair a patient’s ability to heal as they should. It is best to avoid both alcohol and cigarettes wherever possible, but it is especially important to follow the pre-operative prohibition.


  1. Inform the Surgeon of Medical Conditions

It is imperative that the hair transplant team are made aware of all medical conditions as early in the process as possible. It can affect a patient’s suitability and the success-rate of a hair transplant procedure.

It is recommended that the medical team is reminded again when a patient arrives for their hair transplant Turkey. This can minimise any potential risks and ensure adjustments are made wherever necessary.


  1. Stop Taking Certain Medications

It is imperative you stop taking the following medication or supplements:

  • Aspirin
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin E

Although some of these over-the-counter medications are used as a natural remedy for combatting hair loss, it is imperative that all patients stop taking them prior to their hair transplant surgery. All mentioned medication can cause the blood to thin or impact the body’s natural ability to clot. Bleeding will impact the success of the surgery and complicate the aftercare process.


  1. Remember to Eat As Advised

Pre operative instructions for eating will depend on the type of aesthetic being administered.

Patients who are having local anaesthesia will be required to eat a meal before their procedure.

Patients who are having needle-free sedation will have to eat prior to arriving at the hospital. Recommended mealtimes will be provided depending on the type of procedure and individual patient case.


  1. Think About Your Post-Surgery Outfit

Clothing is an important consideration for after your surgery. For hair transplants on the scalp, it is important to avoid any items have a tight neck and that will disrupt or come into contact with the transplant area. This will be painful and has the potential to dislodge transplanted follicles.

Clothing with wide-necks and a minimal collar will reduce the risk of the transplant or donor area being harmed. Zip-up or items with buttons are recommended for maximised patient comfort.


Customised Pre-Operative Hair Transplant Instructions

Longevita are committed to each and every patient. We are different because we support our patients at every step of the way and do not wait until the aftercare stage to provide instructions on how best to care for your hair transplant. At pre-surgery consultations, we will educate you on what to take for your hair transplant in Turkey and how to prepare.

When you arrive in-country for your procedure, Longevita will arrange another pre-surgery consultation. You can discuss your hair transplant turkey with the surgeon and map out a new hair line. In addition, we provide all our patients with a courtesy call to welcome and remind them of the important do’s and don’ts of their hair transplant.

For more information or to find out which hair transplant would suit you best, contact Longevita or book an initial consultation today. Whatsapp