Am I Able to Combine Eyelash Transplant with Hair Transplant in Turkey

Am I Able to Combine Eyelash Transplant with Hair Transplant in Turkey

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Almost everyone who wants to get a hair transplant these days is visiting Turkey. Today, Turkey gas gained a very well deserved place as one of the best places to get surgery. Whether it’s a hair transplant surgery, eyelash transplant or any other surgery, you can count on Turkey. Turkey is currently known all over the world as one country with some of the most qualified and experienced surgeons. In addition, the country has internationally accredited, state of the art medical facilities. In this way, Turkey ensures that all her patients get top-quality medical services.

Apart from offering top quality medical services, Turkey also makes a very beautiful holiday destination. Lots of people who visit the country on medical tourism also take the opportunity to have a vacation. The country easily boasts of a lot of places to visit and a lot of things to do.

A lot of women also visit to get a forehead reduction. Also, lots of women are getting hairline correction among other beauty procedures. 

Many are also needing to undergo hair transplant surgeries as more women lose hair. There are many reasons a woman could be losing her hair. These reasons range from genetics to hairstyle and even a woman’s experiences.

Causes of hair loss in women

Female hair loss is caused by a number of factors and here are some of them:


A lot of women who are experiencing hair loss have this experience due to genetics. You’re at risk of losing if members of your family have experienced it. You may experience hair loss if your parents or siblings have experienced it.

Iron deficiency

A deficiency in iron is increasingly causing hair loss among women. This is especially in women who are underweight. Anaemia typically hinders the passage of oxygen through the body. As a result of this, hair growth is stunted. This also makes it difficult for the hair to repair itself leading to hair loss.


The kinds of hairstyles a woman makes can also lead to the loss of hair. Hairstyles that place pressure on the edges of the hair and pull it tightly back can cause hair loss. This is because of the pressure the hair has to endure. However, hair loss which hairstyles cause is usually temporary. This kind of hair loss normally fixes itself once those hairstyles are stopped.

A traumatic experience

Hair loss can also occur as a result of a traumatic experience. A woman could begin losing her hair if she has a terrible experience. An experience like the loss of a loved one can be a cause. However, this kind of hair loss is also temporary. It usually fixes itself as time passes and the trauma begins to die away. 

Insufficient vitamin B12

Lack of sufficient vitamin B12 can also lead to hair loss. Vitamin B12 helps the production of red blood cells. Consequently, a lack of it will lead to hair loss.


This is actually one of the biggest causes of hair loss. Hair straighteners, hairdryers, curlers as well as dyes and bleaches can cause hair loss. This is because they damage the hair follicles and begin to cause hair loss. Once the hair follicles stop growing, you’re going to start experiencing hair loss. As a result, you will need a hair transplant.

In addition to getting a hair transplant, lots of women also want to get eyelash transplants. These women want to get fuller, more prominent eyelashes. People experiencing hair loss may also experience the loss of their eyelashes. However, we can help you fix that.

Eyelash transplant procedure

Eyelash Transplant is a minimally invasive procedure. It involves extracting healthy hair follicles from the donor area. This is usually the back of the head. The surgeon will then transplant this extracted hair to the eyelids. By doing this, the patient can have longer eyelashes through a healthy and natural process.

This hair transplant procedure does not involve any scarring since there will be no sutures in the donor area. This is the FUE procedure which involves individual transplantation of hair follicles.

How the procedure works

The surgeon will trim a small section of the hair at the back of your head to a 1mm length. Next, the doctor applies a local anaesthetic to keep off discomforts.

Next, the surgeon will use a precision tool to extract the hair follicles one by one from the donor area. This action will make a circular incision to isolate the hair follicles from the scalp. Using a high powered microscope, the surgeon will dissect the extracted follicles to prepare grafts. Next, he will smear a local anaesthetic on the skin of your eyelid to prepare it for transportation. After that, he will make small incisions into the skin on your eyelids to plant the hair follicles. Finally, he carefully transplants the grafts into the incisions. Here, he makes sure to follow the position of existing hair so as to achieve a natural look.

Apart from adding beauty to our faces, eyelashes help to keep away debris, dust and any other concerns. If you’re experiencing a loss of your eyelashes, Longevita has a solution. Plus, you can get a hair transplant procedure alongside an eyelash transplant in Turkey. Again, Longevita offers discounts to all patients undergoing two operations at the same time. So, if you’re getting a hair transplant surgery alongside an eyelash transplant procedure, we have a discount package for you.

Other benefits of combining eyelash transplant with hair transplant in Turkey

Getting a combination of the hair transplant surgery and the eyelash transplant procedure comes with a number of benefits.

These benefits include:


Getting two surgical procedures at once will help to save you a lot of time. This is especially if you’re a very busy person. You do not have to travel to Turkey on two different occasions just to get these two procedures done. You can save yourself a whole lot of time by doing both procedures at once. 


Getting two transplant procedures at once surely helps you to save a lot of money. Apart from the fact that we offer discounts for doing a combined procedure, you also have less to pay for. For starters, getting the two procedures at once means you have to travel only once. This also means lesser travel costs. It also means you would have to worry about accommodation only once. This will ensure that you spend money on that just once. If you’re getting both procedures on two different occasions, you would have to pay for travel and accommodation twice. This means spending more money. 

Quicker results

Every surgical procedure requires you to take a period of time to heal and get results. Getting your hair transplant surgery and your eyelash transplant surgery differently means two separate healing periods. This also means that you would have to wait longer to see results. On the other hand, when you get both procedures at once, you use the same healing period for both. This means that you will see quicker results and at once.

You get to travel only once

And this saves you the trouble of being on the road twice. This will work for you especially if you’re not a huge fan of journeys. If you’re getting both procedures at separate times, you will have to get on the road more than once. On the other hand, choosing to get both procedures on the same trip means lesser journeys. You would have to be on a journey only once for this reason.

You get to take time off work only once

Now, you don’t have to take permission from work to travel, twice. Doing both surgeries at once will ensure that you don’t have to be away from work on two different occasions. This is beneficial to you if you work at a strict organization that wouldn’t be willing to spare much time.

Here at Longevita, we’re offering the above treatments at discounted prices especially if you’re combining both surgeries. It is also important to reach out and speak with our travel coordinators before getting on the trip to Turkey. This will help us make adequate preparations for you even before you get to Turkey. It will also help us to ensure that you’re well catered to. It is also good that you decide which surgeries you would like to undergo before coming to Turkey. This makes it easy for us to book you, in good time, for the surgery you want.

Longevita is the UK’s first choice for medical travel to Turkey. If you’re looking to get a hair transplant surgery or an eyelash transplant surgery, Turkey should be your first choice. Also, here at Longevita, we make sure to give you only the best quality of services and exceed your expectations. Book your free call with us now. Whatsapp