What Is The Best Age For A Hair Transplant?

What Is The Best Age For A Hair Transplant?

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Hair loss can affect men and women of all ages, to varying degrees. It can affect the head, the eyebrows, the beard, the moustache or the chest; hair loss is a rampant problem that can affect everybody. Thankfully, hair transplants can now be completed both safely and quickly with an extremely high success rate. Technology has advanced quickly in recent years and hair transplants are now one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that money can buy.

A common question that we are asked is “what is the best age for a hair transplant?” To the relief of many of you reading this, there is no set answer for this question and indeed there are no guidelines or laws in place that impose a minimum age limit restriction on hair transplant procedures.

Hair Transplants For People Below The Age Of 21

As mentioned previously, there is not a set or medically recognised age that is best for a hair transplant. It is, however, recognised generally that a hair transplant should not necessarily be conducted on any individual under the age of 21 unless there are extreme or unique circumstances in place. The industry is reluctant to advocate hair transplants to younger individuals who are aged 21 or below. The reasons for this are as follows:

• If you undergo a hair transplant at a young age and go bald, then you can lose all of your potential donor sites which means that ultimately your hair loss will be permanent
• You can lose the rest of your hair whilst retaining the transplanted hair. This can lead to patchiness, isolated baldness or a combination of both i.e. hair on only the temples, or around the crown, which can, of course, look peculiar, creating more problems for the future
• At a such a young age, i.e. 21, your hairline and hair density can be subject to great change and hair loss products can help to slow down this process before a hair transplant is needed
• Furthermore, the younger a person is the harder their balding pattern is to predict, which is essential for the hair transplant to be a long-term success
• The younger a potential patient is, the more unrealistic their expectations tend to be in regard to a hair transplant and the results that can be achieved with such a procedure. What is sought or desired is often not what is possible with hair transplants
• If you are almost entirely bald by the time you are 18 then, unfortunately, it could just be hard-coded into your genetics. Some individuals are just unlucky this way but we do not by any means suggest giving up. We would recommend sincerely that you contact us in order to arrange your free consultation, we will be able to tell you exactly what your options are

So, What Exactly Is The Best Age For Hair Transplants?

Here at Longevita, we believe that the perfect age for a hair transplant is on individuals who are ages 25 and above. This is because:
• By age 25 it is much easier to calculate and measure the spread of the baldness. Additionally, the severity of the receding hairline as well as the progress of the hair loss itself is more predictable and therefore the procedures/techniques can be further tailored to the individual ensuring long-term success and satisfaction with the hair transplant
• It is likely that at aged 25 or above the donor sites will still be abundant and in a very good condition
• The older you are, the more research you have likely conducted into the procedures around hair loss, the reasons for hair loss and the feasible results. This means that your expectations will be more realistic and you will be more satisfied with your hair transplant

Book A Free Consultation

As we mentioned previously, no matter what age you are and no matter how severe or minor your hair loss is we would always recommend that you book a free consultation with us. By doing so, you will get an assessment from a highly trained medical professional. They will be able to outline for you exactly what your options are, whilst recommending the best course of action.

If you would like to talk to us about a hair transplant or if you are wondering whether you are eligible, request a callback. If you want to discuss this with us before booking free consultation then please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected]. If you would prefer you can call us on 020 3409 1947 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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