An Interview with Sevgi Uzun

An Interview with Sevgi Uzun

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What is the most common reason for hair loss? What is the difference between man hair loss and woman hair loss in terms of reasons?

The reason for men hair loss is andrological alopecia, commonly known as testosterone hormoneHair loss is very common among men,  approximately 50% of men experience this. For women, the reasons are quite different. Birth, menopause, bad diet, vitamin deficiency (especially B12), fungus infection may cause hair loss.

How does a person decide to have hair transplant surgery?

Most of my patients say that they had tried some supportive products like Minoxidil. Unfortunately, they don’t provide a long-term solution. The permanent solution is the hair transplant. Patients do a lot of researches and see that transplantation is the best choice.

When a person sees a successful result of a treated patient, they may get inspired and decide to get it done.

What are the pre-operative instructions?

They should stop smoking before and after the procedure. Supportive hair products as tablets and oils should have been abolished before the surgery. If they have a dermatological problem on their scalp, they must be seen by a dermatologist before the surgery. Such as acne, psoriasis, etc.

What is the most common question you get from patients?

They wonder whether it is permanent. Yes, it is.

They also ask whether the outcome becomes worse. It is quite impossible.

They also ask about shampoo recommendations, we give the recommended shampoo to them. I also recommend them to use multivitamins after the procedure for 3 months.

If hair transplant painful?

We provide sedation that helps them to relax, later if they became nervous, we provide extra relaxing tablets.

Once the patient is relaxed, we start applying local anesthesia. The patient may feel the touch of a needle since he/she will get numbed in 5 minutes.

No pain expected after the surgery since we do provide a painkiller to the patients just in case.

How to decide the design of the new hairline?

Some patients have unrealistic expectations for their hairlines like they want it to be lower than the possible hairline. It leads an unnatural look.

There are many techniques for hair transplant. Can you explain how to choose the most suitable one?

At my first 4-5 years, I was only performing FUT. It leaves permanent scars on the donor area and maximum 1700-1800 grafts are possible to the implant so we no longer recommend that technique.

I prefer to perform the FUE procedure as it is scarless and the newest one. With that technique, we are able to treat all type of hair as Afro, curly or straight.

In FUE, we can extract more than 4000 grafts in one session.

I do not recommend implanting more than 4000 grafts as they are alive in a short period of time and also I do not want to harm my patient’s donor area.

DHI is one of the popular methods these days for the ones who do not want yo shave their transplanted area but still, it does not allow us to implant more than 2000 grafts.

The most reasonable one is definitely FUE.

Is the patient has to shave his/her hair before the procedure?

I do not want my patients to shave their hair before I meet them.

Once we decided on the treatment plan, we will shave their hair together here.

I generally recommend my patients to shave their hair full as the surgical areas will be cleaner (it minimizes the risk of infection) and also the procedure will be easier to perform.

Could you please tell us the procedure from start to end?

On the day of the procedure, we do blood tests. If the patient is suitable for the procedure we are starting to consultation. Once we have decided on the treatment plan, we proceed with shaving.

The procedure starts with the extraction, the patient lays down at the least for 2-3 hours. The patient has 30 minutes break before implantation to have her/his lunch.

I am with my patients from start to end.

Following the day of the procedure, I invite our patients to have their check-up appointment. We check the patient’s surgical areas first, change their white dressing and explain post-operative instructions. Also, it is very important to use the medications to not get any infection.

How Long The Procedure Lasts?

The whole procedure takes 6-8 hours.

How Many People is the medical team?

We are 4 people including me.

Is The Procedure Same for Women and Men?

The procedure is the same if the women shave their hair. There is no difference in terms of technique. But if she doesn’t want to shave her hair, we follow a different technique. In some cases, we recommend patients to shave their hair, it depends on the patient’s current condition. If the baldness is wide, it is better to shave. If it is not and the procedure is only limited to making changes on the hairline, we do unshaven.

How long does it take to recover? What are the main post-operative instructions?

We provide some medications including antibiotics and painkillers. At the checkup appointment, we explain to them how to wash their hair in detail. We also provide them with lotions and shampoos. They should follow the washing routine that we explained to them for 15 days. Bu doing that, their head will be cleaned from scabs at the end of the 15th day. At this point, we can say that patients can continue their daily life but they should avoid sauna and swimming pools for a month. At the end of the first month, they may experience shock loss but it is something temporary. In 3 months, the new hair will start to grow. Once they complete 6 months, they usually see 70% of the result. The final result can be seen at the end of one year.

Is there an age restriction?

Actually, it is possible to make transplant to the patients that are older than 18. We can say that the range is 18 to 65. We even have some 18-years old patients that are lost most of their hair due to high-stress level.

What are the other transplantation procedures that you perform?

We also perform beard, eyelash, eyebrow transplants. For eyebrow transplant, it is important to be careful about the angle of the grafts. Another thing is, they should cut their transplanted lashes and eyebrows. Since they are extracted from the scalp, newly transplanted lashes and eyebrow hair will grow.

Is it possible to stop hair loss in nonsurgical methods?

Mezoteraphies can be done. PRP is an option. I personally believe that since they are not permanent solutions, hair transplant is the best. We see many great results.

What are the features of a suitable candidate for a hair transplant?

If a patient has diabetes, we require a permission letter from their local doctors.  We only perform hair transplants in Turkey on healthy people. If they have serious health issues, it is not right to make a hair transplant because the primary concern of the patient should be treating their current disease.

Another important thing is the donor area. It should be strong enough to provide the required grafts.

How to choose the right clinic?

The very first thing that the patient should look for is how many years of experience the medical team have. They also should check whether the operation will be taking place in a hospital or not. Hospitals provide necessary conditions and they are regularly checked by authorities.

They also may contact with the treated patients of an clinic.

Suggestions for future patients:

They should be relaxed and have realistic expectations.

I suggest they wear a top with a zipper or button on the day of the procedure also they may have a light breakfast.

They may take multivitamins to support their immune system so they may have more density.

Smoking harms your recovery so it is better to not.

Some hair products may cause hair loss so please wash them out before going to sleep.

Lastly, I suggest my patients brush their hair regularly as it helps to fasten blood circulation.

Is Hair Transplant Life Long?

Yes, it is permanent. The patients should have the procedure while their donor area is strong enough.

Is it applicable in the summertime?

Yes! It is better to get it done before going on vacation as is forbidden for the first month.


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