An Interview with Mehmet Polat

An Interview with Mehmet Polat

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What is the most common reason for hair loss? What is the difference between man hair loss and woman hair loss in terms of reasons?

If there is no other chronical problem, the only reason which causes hair loss among men is testosterone. For women, there can be a couple of reasons like hormonal imbalances, menopause, giving birth, etc.

How a person decides to have hair transplant surgery?

People start to look for a solution once their hair starts to get thinner and weaker. They use supportive products such as biotin and ceratin tablets as they are not the permanent solutions, they decide to have surgery at the end. We recommend patients to get the surgery at their young ages because the donor area has more density when patients are young.

What is the pre-operative instructions?

Firstly, they should stop taking blood-thinning tablets as aspirin and stop consuming alcohol 1 week prior to the operation since they have a bad influence on the blood clotting. Secondly, we also definitely suggest patients to stop smoking at least 2 days before the procedure. Thirdly, they should stop using hair products like oils and tablets 1 week prior to the surgery.

Lastly, if the patient has a chronical disease, they can continue using the related medication after consulting us.

What is the most common question you get from patients?

Pain: They are usually afraid of needles and pain.  With our new needle-free anaesthesia technique, we have overcome this problem.

Swelling: It is normal to have swelling two days following the procedure, we decrease it with anti-swelling tablets.

Can you provide a little more information about needle-free anaesthesia?

The traditional local anaesthesia involves injecting the anaesthetic medicine directly into the scalp, whereas the new technique injects it by a pomping high-pressure stream of fluid, which penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream. That prevents the pain that the needle cause.

How to decide the design of the new hairline?

We decide the hairline together with the patients. We make recommendations and show possible hairlines to the patients’ thanks to our device that enables us to make measurements according to the patient’s head shape.

There are many techniques for hair transplant. Can you explain how to choose the most suitable one?

FUT is the old method, we don’t recommend our patients o choose it because it leaves a scar in the donor area. Moreover, with this method, we can implant 1000-1500 grafts in one session. FUE is a modern technique that is completed through a range of small cuts made into the scalp that are typically only 0.6mm to 1mm wide to prevent scarring. FUE is done with Sapphire Blades, in this way we minimize the risk of leaving a scar. Another technique is DHI. It is done with the help of Choi Implanter Pen. The grafts are transplanted one by one with that pen. We chose the most suitable method after our customized assessments with the patients.

Is the patient has to shave his/her hair before the procedure? We receive this question, especially from our female patients.

For all procedures, it is a must to shave the donor area where we extract the grafts. However, we don’t shave the transplanted area if the patient wants to have DHI or a procedure to increase the density.

What is the procedure after your first meeting with the patient?

At first, we do the blood tests. If the patient is medically suitable for the procedure, we are taking him/her to the consultation. Once we have decided about the patient’s treatment plan and hairline, we proceed to the shaving. Next step is starting to the procedure with local anesthesia. Then I and my medical team extract grafts from the donor area and we take a 20-minute break before starting to implantation. During this time, the patients may have their lunch. Finally, when all procedure ends, we do last checks and then the patient will be ready to return to the hotel.

We explain the post-operative instructions one by one and also the usage of given medications.

Following the day of the procedure, we meet the patient for the check-up appointment. We check the patient’s surgical areas and change their white dressings after their first wash. After that, the patient will be ready to fly back their home.

How Long The Procedure Lasts?

It takes 6 to 8 hours, it depends on the case.

How Many People is Medical Team?

It is 4 people including me.

Is The Procedure Same for Women and Men?

Personal needs may vary but gender is not a determinant to choose procedure technique.

What Are the Complication Rate of Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation procedure does not have any complication if the patient’s medical history is ok to proceed with.

If the procedure has operated by the experienced medical team and the patient follows the post-operative instructions carefully, it is very unlikely to have a complication. But it is good to keep in mind that every surgical procedure has a minor risk for a complication.

How long does it take to recover? What are the main post-operative instructions?

We give painkillers, anti-swelling, and antibiotics. The patient should use them regularly. Following the washing instructions for ten days is also critical.

The patients will experience shock loss after the procedure, that is very normal and part of the procedure. The hair may fall but the roots are still on the scalp, new hair will going to arise from those roots in two months.

Once the fifth month is completed, the patient will be able to brush his/her hair and on the sixth month, she/he can give the hair any shape.

The patient will see the final result at the end of the year.

Can you tell us one unknown fact that most surprises the patients?

Some patients think they will have spiky hair. But they won’t. 🙂

Is it possible to stop hair loss in nonsurgical methods?

They can slow the hair loss process by using chemical tablets but the final solution is to have a hair transplant. PRP also can be considered.

Is PRP applicable after the hair transplant?

Absolutely. It is advised to have 4-6 sessions.

What are the features of a suitable candidate for hair transplant?

Any person who is older than 18 and experiencing hair loss is a candidate if their donor area is strong enough.

How to choose the right clinic?

The patient can check the medical team and the references for the clinic. The experience of the surgeons is also important.


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