A Guide To Hair Types

A Guide To Hair Types

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There are several different hair types, and your hair type could impact the availability of any hair transplant solution, so it’s important to understand your hair type in order to consider all available options. Each hair consists of several layers of fibres which are made of a tough protein called keratin. These layers consist of the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla, and the keratin fibres in each layer are shaped a little differently. These layers contribute to the characteristics of the hair possessed by any individual.

The cuticle is the outer covering of each hair and has a single layer of molecules that help hair to repel water. Some people don’t have a medulla layer, but the cortex layer provides the strength and water intake mechanism for hair. The cortex also consists of melanin which determines hair colour and will decide how curly or straight your hair is.

Different Natural Hair Types

There are a number of systems that can be used to determine natural hair type, but the Andre Walker system is most commonly used. This system has four different hair categories and these are split into subcategories to provide more information.

Natural Hair Types Include

Straight Hair: Type 1

This sort of hair is reflective and the most resilient of all hair types. It is hard to damage but can also be difficult to curl due to the fact that the sebum within its texture can spread easily from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Individuals with straight hair will have rounded hair fibres.

Wavy Hair: Type 2

Wavy hair consists of oval-shaped hair fibres and this hair type features a texture and sheen which is in between curly and straight hair. It is also more likely to become frizzy. Mid and coarse hair types are difficult to style, but fine hair can be styled fairly easily

Curly Hair: Type 3

Curly hair has a sort of S- or Z-shape and can be fairly voluminous and prone to damage. It is very dependant on environmental and climate conditions and curl definition requires a good deal of attention. Curly hair types consist of oval-shaped hair fibres.

Kinky Hair: Type 4

Kinky hair has a tight, coiled curl layout and is often fragile and very dense. This hair type will shrink when wet and has fewer cuticle layers than the other hair types, which means it is very easily damaged.

All of these different hair types and textures can be drilled down further into various subcategories.

Different Methods Of Hair Transplant Or Replacement

The different methods used for a hair transplant or replacement will depend a lot on which area of your head is thinning or balding and the look you want to achieve. All of these methods entail the removal of hair follicles from an area of your body and these types of hair follicles will be transferred or grafted into the balding or thinning location.

Your surgeon may use methods like strip harvesting, flap surgery or follicular unit extraction to remove hair and this will depend on the types of hair follicles available.

How Your Natural Hair Type Can Impact On The Success Of A Hair Transplant

The type of natural hair you possess and its different characteristics will impact greatly any hair transplant. Your hair colour and type combined with its overall texture will all affect the results achieved. The way your existing hair colour impacts the tone of the underlying skin is also an important factor to be considered. You will need to demonstrate good, healthy hair growth at the side and back of the head in order to qualify for a hair transplant, as these areas will be used to provide the essential hair grafts.

If you’re considering a hair transplant, the expert consultants at Longevita can provide you with a detailed assessment and analysis of your existing hair and advise you whether this type of treatment will work well for you.

You can find out more about the different hair transplant procedures used by Longevita on our website. We offer affordable hair transplant solutions for men and women at our internationally accredited hospitals in Turkey. UK consultations are quick and easy to arrange at a variety of locations, including London

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