Washing Instructions After Your Hair Transplant

Washing Instructions After Your Hair Transplant

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Many patients may not really understand why it is important to wash your hair after your hair transplant, but this is an essential activity. 

Washing your hair after your transplant can help to remove scabs as well as support the healing process. You should start your post-transplant hair washing 3 days after your hair transplant procedure and follow through with this for 14 days.

After your hair transplant in Turkey, we will provide you with several hair wash products to use. These hair wash products come with instructions for use to ensure that you will achieve maximum results. But it is not merely about washing your hair. There are certain habits you need to avoid during this period and others you need to practice to get the desired results. Here are some things you need to keep in mind about washing your hair post-op:

Use the products that we have given you for 2 weeks

We will provide you with a special shampoo and lotion as well as for instructions on how to use them. You must follow these instructions step by step to ensure the recovery is optimal. The hair wash products provided need to be used for 2 weeks straight to aid the healing process.

Allow the lotion to sit for 30-40 mins before washing your head

First of all, note that you should use the lotion we give you only on your transplanted area. Leave the lotion on your head for about 30-40 minutes before washing. This will help to soften the scabs and quicken the healing process. 

Use lukewarm water when washing your head

Use water that is not too cold and not hot to wash your hair after your transplant. Too-hot water could scald your scalp and cause more complications, and too-cold water may not be able to achieve the desired results. Lukewarm water can also assist with the removal of scabs. 

Massage the shampoo into the donor area in the first week

During the first week after your hair transplant, use the shampoo to massage your donor area. Leave out your transplanted area at this time. Massaging your donor area will help to improve the circulation of blood and fasten the growth of your hair. You should start massaging your transplanted area after a week. This will help you to get rid of scabs in 2 weeks completely, so your head looks thoroughly shaven. 

Do not use a hairdryer for one month 

After you have washed your hair, ensure that it dries naturally without any excess heat. Using a hairdryer has the potential to cause scalp irritation or loss of implanted follicles. It is recommended to avoid the use of a hairdryer for at least one month after the hair transplant. 

Do not use a towel for one month

Avoid using a towel to dry your hair for one month post-op and opt for paper towels instead. It is important to ensure that you do not rub or scrub the hair or scalp and instead, pat gently. In the absence of paper towels, air dry the hair only. 

Do not use a razor or trimmer to shave your head

After your hair transplant procedure, avoid using clippers, razors, or trimmers in the donor and recipient areas until the areas have healed completely. It is important that you wait until the scabs in your hair transplant areas have healed and fallen off. Using razors or trimmers may irritate the scalp and affect the implanted hair follicles. However, you can begin to use scissors after about 6 months and razors after about a year. 

Wash your hair every day, once a day, for 14 days

Washing your hair every day after your hair transplant procedure is important to help you get rid of the scabs from your scalp. It will also help the hair follicles to breathe. This, in turn, helps to shorten the recovery time as well as reduce the risk of getting an infection. Also, this helps to clean the dried blood and crusts in the transplanted areas of the scalp. After 14 days have passed, you can follow your own washing frequency.

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