How Long Does a Hair Transplants Last?

how long do hair transplants last

If you’re deciding to get a hair transplant, you might’ve wondered, “how long does a hair transplant last?” Since the surgery is going to be quite significant, it’s only natural that you’d end up thinking if hair transplants are permanent.

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Hair Transplant Aftercare: The Complete Guide

Hair Transplant Aftercare

Post-op care or aftercare is as crucial as the procedure itself. It may be tempting to feel like you no longer need to think or worry about your hair. But for patients who want their procedure to last and have excellent results long-term, the early effort you put into maintaining and providing aftercare to your scalp can make all the difference. 

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FUE Hair Transplant Results Timeline

FUE hair transplant results timeline

The FUE results timeline will be one of the things you are most interested in if you are considering a hair transplant. FUE is also known as Follicular Unit Extraction and refers to a type of hair transplant process. FUE has received a lot of media attention, which has only increased since ex-Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney had this procedure. FUE is the preferred choice of celebs for a reason, though, and that’s because it promises the best rate of success. Here at Longevita, we have vast experience in this procedure, providing safe and successful results. Below, we will explain the FUE recovery process, as well as giving you an understanding regarding the results you can expect, and when you can expect them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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