Not Happy With Hair Transplant Results? Understand Your Options

Not Happy With Hair Transplant Results? Understand Your Options

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Here at Longevita, we know how hair loss can affect an individual’s identity and self-confidence. Hair loss, whether gradual or all at once, can be extremely upsetting, especially as it becomes harder to recognise the person you see in the mirror. As hair transplant specialists, we believe in taking every care and consideration to providing high-quality hair loss solutions. Longevita focus on maximising hair transplant results and providing detailed patient care throughout the duration of the aftercare and full term of re-growth.

Many people believe they have experienced a ‘bad hair transplant’ because they are simply not happy with the results. To achieve the best hair transplant results possible, Longevita employ leading experts for surgical procedures. It is important for our surgical and medical teams to be thoroughly experienced in their field to combat any obstacles that may crop up during the procedure. This is perfectly normal but only experienced, professional surgeons using the best equipment can minimise the risk of anything impacting the implanted follicles. Dissatisfaction with hair transplant results often revolve around the hairline. The medical team works with all patients in a consultation prior to surgery to establish a new and achievable hairline. This will be agreed between both parties. We use tools such as the Choi implanter pen for precision implantation to ensure we stick to the new hair transplant.

We also ensure to tell patients how many grafts their donor area can support in a single transplant to manage expectations. We know that quality hair transplant results can have a fantastic impact on one’s appearance, and at Longevita, we wish to deliver these results to every patient. Sometimes this is simply not possible as the donor area (the existing hair on the head or elsewhere) cannot cover the bald area. This can depend on hair type, including the density of the follicles, as well as the stage of hair loss. Therefore, Longevita strongly recommend attending an initial consultation wherever possible as we can evaluate the hair to manage expectations.


It’s Okay Not To Like Your Hair Transplant Results

As we endeavour to work with patients to achieve the best hair transplant results, we are confident everyone will be pleased with the final growth. However, it is crucial to wait for the full term of re-growth to see the final result. Re-growth for FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant is 12 months.

It is important that patients do not panic and think they have had a bad hair transplant, just because their results are not in line with the timeline they have been shown. Hair growth cycles are all as individual as fingerprints, and although they follow a natural cycle, with expected time periods for each phase, hair can change after it’s been through the notable stress of a transplant.

It is completely natural for re-growth to appear patchy to an extent, before the complete re-growth period. This is because the transplanted hairs may be concentrated in a certain area to minimise the appearance of any bald areas.

Longevita provide dedicated aftercare and follow up on all cases throughout the full re-growth period. This helps us to keep track of hair transplant results on an individual basis. The after-care team includes surgical and medical experts who are able to advise and help all patients. We also provide a helpline and encourage patients to speak to a member of our team if they are not happy with their progress or have any concerns about their hair transplant results.


Bad Hair Transplant Or Just Shock Loss

Shock loss is a temporary stage of shedding, not hair loss, that occurs after a hair transplant surgery. This is completely natural and is more likely to occur with those who have opted for FUT hair transplant, which is just another reason FUE or alternate methods are more popular. Please note, shock loss can still occur after other methods of hair transplant, but this is nothing to worry about.

Shock loss occurs as hairs go into a kind of hibernation as a response to the procedure. It is vital to understand that this does not mean the new follicles are being rejected. In fact, shock hair loss can impact the donor area as well as the newly implanted hairs. It most commonly occurs between 1 and 8 weeks after transplant.

After the third month, the hair will grow back as soft, baby hair. As natural growth continues, this hair will thicken and appear denser which is just another reason to be patient before judging the result of a hair transplant. The final result will not be affected by any shock loss.


One Year Recovery!

After the full-term recovery period, patients are able to see their full result. Patient satisfaction is absolutely key at Longevita, and those who are genuinely not satisfied with their hair transplant results, are eligible for our free revision session. Although we are confident and proud of all our works, all our procedures come with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. This means it is impossible to have a dissatisfactory or ‘bad’ hair transplant result.

For more information or to book a consultation that can give you realistic expectations for your hair transplant results, get in touch with Longevita today! Whatsapp