What Do Our Patients Think of Longevita After Their Hair Transplant Results

What Do Our Patients Think of Longevita After Their Hair Transplant Results

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Stepping out into the wild unknown, we all aim to bring order to the chaos. For that, we have to begin with some goals in mind. The higher we aim, the better it is. Because at the end of the day, we all strive to do good in the world. Longevita aspires to do the same. We have been offering private yet affordable medical procedures since the beginning. To ensure high quality, we’ve handpicked expert surgeons who deliver nothing but the best. In this guide, we’ll give you information about hair transplant results of our patients. In this case, you can be at ease when making your patient journey to Turkey.

What are Longevita’s Values?

Our team of surgeons are experienced, internationally acclaimed, and experts in their field. They are up-to-date with all the scientific developments in their field so that your needs can be thoroughly addressed. It also helps them provide you with the best hair transplant results and ensure a seamless surgical procedure. Among our values, we hold innovation in high regards. We understand that offering outdated surgical techniques for performing cosmetic surgeries will do our patients more harm than good. For instance, the strip harvesting method of hair transplant has been largely replaced by the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. So, we make sure to follow all the latest developments and scientific innovations in it. A few years ago, robotic hair transplant attained FDA approval. We can especially benefit from this technology during these times to ensure the safety of our patients.

The Latest Technology for the Best Hair Transplant Results

To be able to implement the latest techniques in our surgical procedures, efficient infrastructure and availability of necessary tools and machines is important. That is why Longevita has chosen to welcome its patients in top-class facilities in Istanbul. They are Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited and follow all international standards to provide the best quality of care to you. Here’s what Phil Thomas, who received hair transplant surgery at Longevita, said, “Well worth the procedure, I was worried it hadn’t worked at first but upon research found its common to get the blues in the first couple of months. Just persevere it does thicken over time. More than happy with the coverage after 1st 7months and it will only thicken further over another 7months before I see the full result”

We are the UK’s #1 Choice

As Longevita’s rates are subsidised by the Turkish government, you’ll find affordable prices for medical treatments with us. By reducing the price barriers, we want more and more of you to be able to achieve your dreams. Our patients deserve excellence from us. We want you to able to have your desired look whether it is through a head full of hair, a straight, even set of teeth, enlarging, uplifting, or reducing your breasts, straightening your nose, or even by simply getting your eyebrows on fleek. We want to be able to help you in every way we can.

If you do feel confused about which surgical technique would best suit you or whether you need surgery for a certain problem, we offer a free consultation session. Those who’re getting a cosmetic dentistry treatment, plastic surgery or eye surgery for the first time, may feel extremely confused about the multitudes of options available. You might be clear on what you want to achieve, but the rest is a bit of a blur. We’ll make sure to guide you about everything that you need to know about your treatment. We are available for consultation five days a week. You can have it online or offline either through a video or audio call.

How Will You be Treated at Longevita? 

As we’re a medical travel company, the idea of travelling for getting a medical treatment might make things even scarier for you. We are here to tell you that it’s not true if you’ve booked your package with Longevita. You’ll have a consultation with us, and once you book the package, our reservations team will make sure to take care of the tiny details about your journey to Turkey. You only have to pack your bags.

At the airport, we’ll come to receive you and transport you to your hotel. From there, we’ll also make sure to take you to your clinic in time. You can expect the highest standards of professionalism from us. Bakri Albrek, one of Longevita’s patients will attest to that. He said, “Procedure date was 21/07/2020, coming to Turkey, Istanbul was really easy and everyone here wears a mask. The procedure was easy and the surgeons were amazing, I was taken care of, before during and after the procedure by the lovely Seyda, who made sure I had an easy time. I would definitely recommend coming. Looking forward to the results.”

Longevita’s staff will make sure that in Turkey you feel like home, while you’re away from your home. Even after you’ve returned to your home country, we’ll make sure to follow the progress of your surgery through our aftercare program, which lasts for a year. During this, we’ll able to provide you with any necessary aid that you require.

How Successful are Hair Transplant Surgeries at Longevita? 

Our patient testimonials will help you get an idea. When you do get a hair transplant surgery, you won’t be leaving the clinic with luscious, thick hair soon after. In fact, it will take more than a couple of months for you to clearly start seeing the results.

One of our patients, Joe Gilman who got her hair transplant at our Istanbul clinic said, “I went with Longevita because it had top reviews and it was amongst the cheapest if not the cheapest. Can honestly say the team were unreal, the surgeon was a really nice guy & girls in contact at the clinic. The people greet you at the airport were brilliant and proper friendly. Went to Istanbul on my own and they made me feel welcome. The last thing, I have a scar on the side of my face that I asked last minute if next time I could come back and pay for some extra surgery would they be able to do scar tissue. She called the surgeon in there and then they did it for free because my grafts were only 2,500 and I already paid a decent amount and can honestly say meant the world to me. 100% recommend this company thank you to all the Longevita team!..” 

How is the Aftercare Service at Longevita?

Many of our patients talk about how pleased they are with the results of the surgery in their reviews, such as, Jamie Lee who says, “Fantastic service from start to finish. Extremely happy with the results. Best decision I ever made and glad I picked the right company to do it.” To make sure that your surgery is successful, our aftercare specialist will consult you about your hair transplant results after a thorough assessment. As our lovely patient, Afzol Choudhury says “This company provides great hospitality and the aftercare is excellent they regularly check up on you to see how the hair transplant is progressing and are always ready to answer your questions. Excellent guys!”

Is the Istanbul Clinic Different from the Izmir One? 

The clinics in Istanbul and Izmir are of the highest standards. Both are dedicated to providing the best services to our patients. If you take a look at our customer reviews, you’ll find that there’s no difference in the treatment of our clients at both the sites. The costs for treatments, the procedure for receiving our patients and provision of aftercare, the standard of facilities and accommodation, everything is of equal value.

This is what Faisal Quddus had to say after receiving hair transplant surgery at our Izmir branch, “Longevita could not have been more welcoming when I arrived. The team had a high level of professionalism and expertise that helped me remain calm throughout the procedure. Very happy. and would recommend this service to all.”

And this is what Anthony Chapman had to say about his experience at the Istanbul branch, “From the accommodation to the facilities, every aspect of the hair transplant procedure was perfect. I could not be happier with the results and highly recommend them.”

From their hair transplant results, you can see that both are enjoying the results of their successful transplant surgery in Turkey.

Concluding Remarks

For Longevita, our patients will always be our first priority. We’ll make sure that once you’re in Turkey, your dedicated host will address all your concerns. This is all done to ensure a smooth, relaxing journey. From our reviews, we hope that you can get an idea of how your patient journey and experience would be like with Longevita.

You can follow our social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can book your online or face-to-face consultation with Longevita right now. We’ll make sure to take care of everything from beginning to end. Our friendly, supportive staff is here to answer any questions that you have. We will make sure that your journey is a breeze with us. 

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