Hair Transplant Aftercare: Getting Back to Work

Hair Transplant Aftercare: Getting Back to Work

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Hair transplantation is not a complex procedure like Botox, liposuction or other plastic surgeries. It is a very smooth procedure that can yield great results if post-op guidelines and instructions are followed carefully. Other cosmetic procedures require great care, timely maintenance, and precautions against daily habits that lead to unwanted alterations of the lifestyle. With the procedures used in hair transplants, the transplanted hair is just like natural hair as it will be growing from a person’s scalp. It can be washed, cut and dyed just like natural hair, given the fact that good care is taken and all the guidelines prescribed by the doctor are followed strictly. A lot of people are concerned with doubts like when can they get back to work or can they do the same kind of work they used to do. Some other people are not comfortable with disclosing the fact that they have undergone a hair transplant procedure. The best and most affordable option for a hair transplant is to get a hair transplant in Turkey.

How To Deal With Work After A Hair Transplant?

Many people feel shy about disclosing the fact that they have had some kind of cosmetic procedure. This might be because of the fear of getting mocked, made fun of, or any other personal reason. The best thing to do is to embrace the new look and think about the procedure as a treatment and also be glad that you had an opportunity to get a treatment like this. It is better to completely ignore the reality that you did have a hair transplant procedure for a couple of months and if all goes well, you will have such luscious hair that the people judging you earlier will envy you later.

What Does Medical Advice Suggest:

Each person’s profession might vary a lot, but the typical amount of time needed away from work to manage hair transplant aftercare is about one to three days. The patients are usually suggested that they get back to work as soon as they start feeling well enough. If they are an office worker or their job profile requires them to wear a hat, that is fine. They will be able to wear a hat a week after the procedure.

Keep in mind that resting immediately after the surgery will assist in the healing process, but assuming that a person has a job that isn’t that physically demanding there is no reason for them to not return to work. Whereas, if the job is strenuous and requires heavy lifting or manual labor then it is better on behalf of the patient to stay off work for a period of at least two weeks and rest, avoiding any kind of activity that leads to overexertion. This rest will be helpful as it will allow the transplanted hair strands to take a firm hold on the scalp as hair transplant aftercare is just as important as the surgery itself. 

How To Conceal the Fact that You Have Had The Hair Transplant:

There are a few things a person that has gone through a hair transplant can do to prevent co-workers from knowing about the hair transplant procedure. As soon as the procedure is complete, there will be visible red spots, scabbing and a little swelling. If it is possible to wear a hat at work then returning to work can potentially happen much quicker. This may require a discreet conversation with the manager, supervisor or boss whereby you let them know about the procedure and request permission to wear a hat at work for the next few days.

Alternatively, you can opt for taking a week or two off from work until your head is looking better. The healing process depends on an individual’s skin type. Any visible sign of surgery should heal in around a week into hair transplant aftercare. In the hair transplant procedures, generally, the donor area is shaved very close to the head. This means that you might have to carry a short-cropped hairstyle for some time.

Moreover, if you still wish to minimize the chances of colleagues or friends commenting on the length of your hair when you return, an intelligent choice would be to start carrying a shorter hairstyle a while before the procedure is scheduled. However, if you are happy with the procedure and are cool to be open about your treatment, as many people are, you might end up helping a friend, a colleague or maybe just a stranger. After all, not everyone gets a chance to help others!

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