Your First Hair Wash After Your Hair Transplant

Your First Hair Wash After Your Hair Transplant

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In this blog, we will detail for you the specifics of your first hair wash and how to complete this very important aftercare step, inclusive of techniques and products. It is imperative that you follow the instructions as outlined below to the letter in order to get the very best out of your new hair! Washing the new hair and the scalp is a vital part of the aftercare process and has multiple functions and benefits. The first hair wash is the most important and will ensure that your hair grafts settle in without issue or complaint.

Your First Hair Wash

• You must not wash your hair until 48 hours have transpired since your hair transplant procedure. You can however take a shower or a bath, just make sure that you do not get your hair/head wet.

• To begin with your first hair wash, you will want to apply a lotion or a moisturiser to the specific area which you have had grafts transplanted to. This lotion or moisturiser will have been provided to you by your surgeon or physician as a part of your aftercare package or, you will be informed as to what moisturiser/lotion to purchase/provided with a prescription.

• Apply the lotion gently and make sure you apply enough to coat the specific area in a light layer. Massage in the product by using the tips of your fingers on both hands, utilising soft circular motions.

• You should let the product soak in for 20-25 minutes (the soak time can vary slightly depending on which product you are using/have been given, specific instructions will be provided by your doctor or on the label if the product itself). Once this time period has elapsed make sure to wash the lotion out of the hair and transplant site with lukewarm water, and if using a shower, keep the pressure slow and steady. A powerful shower, or “power-shower”, as well as hot water can damage your new hair, this will also be painful as the transplant site can still be sore 48 hours after your procedure and will remain delicate up to one week following your procedure.

• Once all of the lotion has been rinsed away from the hair it is now time to apply your shampoo. Again, this will either be provided for you, or your surgeon/physician will let you know which shampoo to purchase/provide you with a prescription.

• Take a small amount of your shampoo and work it into a lather before applying. You should then gently massage the area and take extra care not to be too vigorous as this can move or even remove the new hair grafts. As with the lotion, you must make sure to rinse the shampoo out of your hair with lukewarm water and at a low pressure, if a shower is being used. If bathing, we would recommend that you fill a cup or a jug with water in order to rinse your hair – do not fully submerge your head.

• Alternatively, a technique that we also suggest our patients use is to place a small amount of your shampoo into a clean mug or receptacle, add enough water so that the shampoo becomes foam and then proceed to rinsing the hair and the head with the shampoo solution. To achieve maximum results, you must complete this process 2-4 times for maximum coverage and to ensure that the head and the hair are clean. As with the previous method, once this has been completed you should rinse the hair with clean and lukewarm water so that no shampoo remains on the head or the hair.

• Once you have fully rinsed your hair and your head then you must not use a towel to dry yourself. Towels are abrasive and can cause a great deal of damage to your new grafts, they can dislodge them or even knock them out of place. Furthermore, we do not recommend that you use a hairdryer.

• The best and safest method to dry your hair after your first hair wash is to use paper towels. Toilet roll or soft paper towels are not recommended as they can come apart when wet and/or leave a residue. The best paper towels to use are thicker and more absorbent. To ensure that your hair is completely dry dap the area, remembering to be incredibly gentle.

As mentioned previously the first hair wash after a hair transplant is so important, and if you follow the steps as outlined above, then we are certain that your new hair will achieve its potential and be healthy and grow as desired. If you would like to talk to us about a hair transplant procedure, or if you have recently had a hair transplant with us and are wanting to discuss hair washing or your aftercare programme in general then please do not hesitate to contact us, or if you would rather you can send us an email on [email protected], alternatively, please call us on 020 3409 1947 and a member of our friendly and professional team will assist you. Whatsapp