How Will My Aftercare Process be Followed Up?

How Will My Aftercare Process be Followed Up?

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Hair transplant methods are a developing pattern in this day and age. A larger part of individuals either face the issue of a retreating hairline, hair diminishing or pattern baldness. These issues concern individuals a great deal, so they go to hair treatment choices. The best pattern baldness treatment alternative is a hair transplant. Numerous restorative strategies can resolve hair issues, yet a careful hair transplant is the best strategy.

A successful hair transplant doesn’t only depend on the procedure itself but the hair transplant aftercare is crucial as well. There are numerous purposes for this. The principal reason is the consequences of a hair transplant strategy are normal looking and common inclination. The transplanted hair can be treated as should be expected hair, it tends to be trimmed, coloured, or styled. If you are considering getting a hair transplant, a hair transplant in Turkey would be the best option as the procedure cost is low in Turkey as compared to other countries.

Aftercare with Longevita

At Longevita, all the latest cosmetic procedures ranging from cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery to hair transplants are available. We use the best and the last technology where you can meet with qualified professionals. Upon getting a hair transplant done with Longevita, clients are bound to get follow up and consultation for an entire year free of cost. The agile and cooperative aftercare team at Longevita firmly believes in providing the best assistance and serve the patients to the full.

Here at Longevita, we have aftercare nurses to follow your post-operative process carefully in London and Turkey.

Aftercare Nurse in London Office

After your hair transplant, you do not have to travel to Turkey again for aftercare services. You can visit the Longevita Office in London for interactive and face to face aftercare services completely free of cost. You can request a callback to arrange this.

Online Aftercare Nurse Support

In the event that the patient is unable to visit our London Office, online support and services are available as well. Every individual patient is sure to get a dedicated patient relations specialist to facilitate them with their needs and requirements. For aftercare services, whether face to face services or online support, the patient is required to register and book an appointment with Longevita.

A dedicated professional will get back to the patient within the day of booking the appointment. To add to it, along with aftercare services in London, a medical team is present to facilitate further. Like the hair transplant procedure, Longevita’s aftercare department will make them feel like they are in safe hands.

Importance of Post-op Care or Aftercare 

Every patient is unique, so there is a different set of guidelines for every patient. The patients should follow them strictly and carefully for the best results. No doubt, the hair transplant procedure is the most important part of the treatment but aftercare is equally important. The success and result of the hair transplant depend on post-op care.

Post-op care or aftercare is as crucial as the procedure itself. The reason for this is that expected results and effectiveness can only be witnessed when proper aftercare is done. The surgeon and the Longevita patient relation specialist provide aftercare instructions on the check-up day. The patient should follow strictly both before and after the procedure in order to get the best results that would also last for a long period.

According to Longevita, here are some do’s and don’ts to be mindful of when following post-op care:

1. Stay Hydrated 

Drinking enough water will help in keeping the body hydrated. And also, the necessary minerals required for better and fuller growth of the transplanted hair will be fulfilled. Water will help prevent the dryness of the skin and make it moist enough for maintaining a firm hold of the hair grafts. 

2. Follow Your Washing Instructions

The post-op instructions are to be strictly followed as hair wash instructions are mentioned in the post-op care guidelines. When and how to wash the hair is very important as the slightest mistake can ruin the effect of the treatment and cause negative effects. The patient should not use any additional hair products. Longevita patient relations specialist will give the required products on the check-up day.

3. Limit Your Gym for the First Month 

Engaging in heavy exercises or strenuous activities after the hair transplant is not good for the initial recovery stage. It is very important to be careful of the activities you perform, this is because your blood pressure and heart rate need to be at the resting rate until the risk of the swelling has subsided. It is better to avoid tiring activities or exercise for at least a week after the procedure. Slow walking or activities with minimum exertion might be executed.

4. No Swimming Pool or Sauna

As mentioned earlier, any kind of tiring activity is to be strictly ruled out and swimming is no different. Swimming involves an extensive level of stress to the body and the force of the body pushing against the water can be harmful to the newly transplanted hair and the scalp. The scalp is quite sensitive following the operation. Moreover, the water of a swimming pool has disinfectants in the form of chlorine that is harmful to the hair and the scalp. Talking about harm, a sauna bath is much similar to swimming in terms of the damage caused. The hot temperature in saunas can cause excessive sweating and is not good for the transplanted hair as well.

5. Be Patient

The key to a successful hair transplant is patience. Patience means not to worry about the transplanted hair and look for methods and ways to boost hair growth. The transplanted hair is like natural hair and will require time to grow. The best way to achieve the best and desirable results is to leave them on their own. There is a major difference between transplanted hair and natural hair. You need to take care of your transplanted hair like a baby for the first two weeks of the operation. You play a big role in your recovery process and we will be supporting you in every stage.

Are the PRP Injections Available in Longevita London Office?

Here at Longevita, we ensure our patients that they will be having their desired results. In our London office, we offer them PRP sessions. If the patient had the hair transplant with us, we provide additional discounts to them. PRP injections are great supplements to give more density and offer a quicker healing process.

Why Longevita?

Longevita is a UK based medical tourism company. We are the United Kingdom’s first and best choice for medical travel to Turkey. Amongst Longevita’s expertise in the wide range of cosmetic procedures available, their treatment and services in hair transplants are one of a kind and exceptional. Longevita aims at providing high-quality treatment procedures performed and examined by experienced and qualified doctors. We are the UK’s first choice for medical tourism for many years. Longevita, promises to assist and be with you through your patient journey. With Longevita, you will be the best version of yourself. Whatsapp