5 Things That Slow Down Your Recovery Process

5 Things That Slow Down Your Recovery Process

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Getting a hair transplant procedure is the best choice for a person suffering from hair problems can make. A hair transplant procedure is an answer to many hair problems amongst males and females, the problems being hair thinning, male or female pattern baldness, hair fall or hair loss due to accidents or infections. Hair transplant procedures are known because of their high success rate and natural results. Almost all people can achieve the desired natural looking and authentic-feeling results, given the fact that the post-op guidelines are followed strictly and proper care is taken. It is very important to take care of the transplanted hair for some time after the surgery has commenced. Proper care routine and instructions by the performing surgeon have to be followed to make the hair transplant successful and make the most out of the treatment process. Whether consciously or sub-consciously, every activity you perform will have an effect on the success of the surgery and the final results.

What to do after a hair transplant procedure?

After a hair transplant, whether that be an eyebrow transplant, facial hair transplant or a full scalpal transplant, there are some activities and environments that should be avoided, as it could be harmful to recovery. These are not special activities but could be carried out during the daily routine.

We have summed up 5 activities that slow down or disturb the recovery process after a hair transplant:

Strenuous Activities

Engaging in heavy exercises or strenuous activities after the hair transplant is not good for the initial recovery stage. It is very important to be careful of the activities you perform, this is because your blood pressure and heart rate need to be at the resting rate until the risk of the swelling has subsided. It is advised to avoid tiring activities or exercise for at least a month after the procedure. Slow walking or activities with minimum exertion might be the better choice.

Tobacco Consumption

Good blood flow is very important for the growth of hair; this will play a major role in the success of the hair transplant. Consumption of tobacco, mainly smoking, negatively impairs the blood flow within the human body. Quitting smoking and other means of consuming tobacco is a wise choice that will not only help you with the hair transplant but will help you lead a healthy life moving forward, perhaps helping with the transformation you were looking for with a hair transplant. Nicotine and other chemicals that are produced when a person smokes tobacco and often leads to the reduction of the elasticity of blood vessels, hindering the blood supply required for the hair transplants to show results. This can lead to hair transplant failure.

Alcohol Consumption 

Alcohol is similar to tobacco, it can interfere with the blood supply in the body. Alcohol is also as harmful as smoking because alcohol sits in the blood and prevents the necessary nutrients from being delivered to the body part that needs those nutrients for hair growth. Patients should refrain from consuming alcohol for a few weeks to achieve great results.

Not Cleaning the Treated Area

Great care has to be taken with the cleanliness of the treated area. If the treated area isn’t washed properly, getting rid of the scabs is not possible. Scabs block the path of the newly growing hair, thus resulting in improper growth.  Here at Longevita, we provide our patients with the necessary hair products to be used after the procedure for better recovery and results. Although the frequency differs from patient to patient, surgeons usually advise that the hair should be washed at least once a day for two weeks. While washing, you may touch the hair grafts gently only using the fingertips. Avoid catching the grafts with your fingernails. You should wash your transplanted area only by tapping slowly and gently, vigorous rubbing will harm the transplanted grafts. The blood clots or scabbing around the area begin to separate from the skin within a week and fall off completely after two weeks from the treatment.

Skipping Massage

After a week from the treatment, start massaging the transplanted area. Massaging will help to get rid of the scabs. If this is not the result, please let the care specialist know about it and continue to massage gently until the clots are gone. This may differ depending on the procedure, such as FUT hair transplants.

Every patient is unique, so there might be a different set of guidelines for all individuals and they must be followed strictly and carefully for the best results. No doubt, the hair transplant procedure is a very important part of the treatment but aftercare is equally important. The success and result of the hair transplant depends on post-op care.

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