Perkutan Hair Transplant

The causes of hair loss have eluded many of our ancestors. Salves and ointments made from animal body parts to even their excreta have once been the cure for baldness. From the Egyptians to Romans, many have tried to formulate the ultimate solution, no matter how bizarre it may be. Hair loss solutions have come a long way from snake-oils to FUT, FUE, and now the Perkutan hair transplant. There were some other things along the way, though.

The industrialization of the early 1900s brought with it some inventions for hair loss. One such device was known as “THERMOCAP.” It was a creation of Allied Mercke Institutes, Inc. The idea behind its working was simple; use the heat of the light bulb. All you had to do was wear this cylindrical cap on your head for fifteen minutes a day. Inside the cap, there was a light bulb. All you would do is plug it in the sockets and bathe in warm blue light. This would, as their advert depicted, stimulate the growth of hair. It didn’t work.

But the search for a cure did not end at that “marvel” of science. For someone who operates in the radio and automobile industry, getting into the healthcare industry might lead to something interesting. Crosley Corporation made a device that would use a vacuum for hair to grow back. The device named, Xervac, would use suction to get the dead hair going. It was a helmet that people could put on in their leisure time, sit back, and let the “science” do its magic. It came around in the 1930s. A stream of inventions came forth in the industrial revolution. This was just one of them. People weren’t completely aware of how effective something would turn out to be. There were also glass combs that could make your hair grow again.

Hair Transplant in Recent Years

Do you think times have radically changed and no one would even consider such treatments anymore? Well, before you do so, just do a quick search for hair loss devices on the major e-commerce platforms. It’ll remind you of a thing or two of the past. Obviously, in an atmosphere where one invention after another was failing to treat the problem of hair fall, something more effective came – a hair transplant. Before we come to discuss Perkutan hair transplant, let’s dive into the origins of hair transplant. 

The Development of Hair Transplant Technique 

Something akin to the modern techniques of hair transplantation was first developed in the early 1820s in Wiirzburg, Germany where Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach received his doctorate. His research dug deeper into the concept of autologous hair transplantation, among other things. It simply means the transplantation technique that involves taking hair from the same individual and transferring them to the recipient site.

It wasn’t until Japanese dermatologist Dr Okuda in 1939 that the modern techniques of hair transplantation came into being. His method took round autografts from the donor area, which were then put in balding areas. This meant that the scarring was much worse early on in the hair transplant procedures.

In 1952, Dr Norman Orentreich successfully did a hair transplant surgery, for the first time. The phrase “donor dominance” was his creation.  It is this “theory of donor dominance in androgenic alopecia” that hair transplantation technique is based on. According to this theory, grafts will be taken from the area of the head that has the potential for growing permanently. This area then acts as a donor for the balding one. It states that the growing hair will start to have the same characteristics as the donor one after a temporary period of hair loss.

Progress in Hair Transplantation Industry and Procedures 

According to the Global Market Insights, Inc., the hair transplant industry will reach USD 31 billion in 2025, worldwide. More and more people are looking for a permanent solution to hair loss which they find in hair transplant. As the demand for the procedure grows we’ve witnessed innovations in the form of Perkutan hair transplant, DHI, FUT, and FUE treatments. New procedures are making the results better and more effective. Let’s take a look at the history of procedures.

  • The FUT Method 

Follicular Unit Transplantation method involves the removal of a strip of tissue from the donor area. After being harvested, these follicular units are placed in the recipient area where small incisions are made for insertion. The problem with this method is that it leaves a scar. 

  • The FUE Method 

Follicular Unit Extraction method takes care of the problem of scarring. As the follicles are individually extracted, harvested and then inserted in the recipient area, it may take a bit longer than FUT. But it is the preferred option. FUE has also seen more developments with sapphire blades now a part of it. 

There’s also the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique that uses a Choi Implanter pen for hair transplant surgery. But, now, a new trend has been popularised in the world of hair transplants. It is the percutaneous or Perkutan hair transplant technique.  

What is the Perkutan Hair Transplant Technique? 

The Perkutan technique only slightly differs from FUE. As in FUE, hair follicles are taken individually from the donor area. Normally, the hair is extracted via a tool like a hair pincer and transplanted into the recipient area through lateral slits. In Perkutan hair transplant method, this part is different. Minute, round holes are opened in the balding area, and a fine needle is used to drop the hair follicles vertically into the transplanted area. This controls the angle of hair position and growth. Thus, you will have natural-looking results.

Shouldn’t Healing be faster in Perkutan Technique? 

The holes made in the transplanted area are quite tiny. Clinics, rightfully, claim the technique to be scarless. You’d naturally think that the healing process would be faster. The characteristics of the wound determine the healing time. This includes the shape of the wound.

Scars that are in a straight line are the ones that heal the fastest. However, circular wounds are the ones that take the most time to restore. This is why Perkutan hair transplant technique’s healing time is longer. For a scar to heal faster, the edges should be closer to each other. Therefore, a scar in the shape of a “hole” makes it harder to heal faster than a lateral incision.  

Will I have Thicker Hair If I Choose the Perkutan Hair Transplant Technique? 

You will find many hair transplant clinics, offering this procedure, saying that you can achieve greater hair density with this technique. It is due to the canal opening part. As it is performed with a very fine needle, they assert its effectiveness in getting a greater volume of hair on the head.

But that factor doesn’t depend solely on the technique used for hair transplant. In reality, it is all up to the skills of the medical team. The more proficient they are and greater expertise they have in their field, the better the results will be yielded. It takes years of experience to perfect a technique that requires such care and delicacy. It is quite difficult to take the grafts without breaking them when using this technique. Therefore, it is truly up to the surgeon who’s going to perform your surgery. He/she should not only be very professional but also skilful to carry out the operation successfully.

What’s Longevita’s Take on Perkutan Technique? 

At Longevita, we are, first and foremost, concerned with what’s best for the patient. It is, of course, inclusive of their desires. But we offer an initial consultation for the very purpose of making sure that the patient chooses the right procedure for their problem. Our experts will consult you on the procedure. They will discuss the pros and cons. Moreover, we also have a 12-month aftercare program for our patients.

We feel responsible for informing our patients about all the new techniques. We put a great emphasis on that. This also includes offering them the best treatment options. To provide our patients with premium healthcare, we make sure to follow every development in hair transplant surgery. So, we’ll choose what’s best for you.

Why Choose Turkey for Hair Transplant? 

Simple answer – low hair transplant cost in Turkey and quality healthcare services. People around the world suffer from the problem of pattern baldness. But it might be so that the countries that they are inhabiting have eye-watering hair transplant costs. Medical tourism has made things much easier in that regard. You can simply travel to another country and get different hair loss treatments depending on your needs. It’s possible due to the exchange rate and a country’s economy. 

For many, it is a big hurdle in their decision to get a transplant. But our clinic offers an affordable medical travel plan that includes costs of accommodation, transport services, and surgery altogether in one. Other than that, we make sure to adopt all the latest developments in the hair transplant industry. This guide is meant for our readers to get aware of the latest surgery technique – Perkutan hair transplant. 

Concluding Remarks 

If you’ve made up your mind or are still considering a hair transplant surgery, then do get in touch with us. Through our consultation session, we’d help you along your journey of hair restoration. The skilful surgeons will make your hair restoration experience seamless. Through affordable hair transplant cost, excellent infrastructure, technology, and facilities, and expert surgeons, you’ll get nothing but the best. You can request a free callback anytime.

Reviewed and Approved by Trichologist Yaprak Yazan

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