Does HGH Help Hair Growth?

HGH hair growth

Human growth hormone (HGH), as the name suggests, stimulates the growth of the human body. While it’s naturally produced by a pea-sized gland, its synthetic form is also available for …

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Can Fibroids Cause Hair Loss?

can fibroids cause hair loss

Uterine fibroids – muscle and fibrous tissue growths in the uterus – have been associated with hair loss. However, this association may not exactly be direct.  For instance, heavy menstrual …

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Does Estrogen Cause Hair Loss?

estrogen and hair loss

When it comes to hair loss in women, quite often, you’ll hear estrogen come up. Whether it’s too low or too high, this hormone can trigger different types of hair …

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Is Miscarriage Linked To Hair Loss?

hair loss after miscarriage

Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion is the loss of pregnancy before the 20th week. The experience is painful enough, both emotionally and physically, however, many women experience the added worry of …

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Your Menstrual Cycle And Hair Loss

period hair loss

Period hair loss is something that many people complain about, whether it is before, during, or after the period. More or less, it’s understood that it has something to do …

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Hair Loss In Teenagers: Why & What To Do

hair loss

While hair loss is often associated with adults, even teenagers can experience it. Although, it’s not something that’s very common or even considered normal.  Teenage hair loss can happen due …

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