Does a Hair Loss Shampoo Really Stop Hair Loss?

When you’re experiencing hair loss, it’s hard not to fall for the marketing claims of different shampoos to completely rid you of your problem. Only there are countless shampoos available in the market, making the same assertion. And you might’ve noticed that even after trying multitudes of hair loss shampoo from different companies, you continue to lose your hair. 

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Hair Transplant Pictures: Why You Need To Send Them & Best Way To Take Them

The hard part is over. You’ve had hair transplant surgery. But what many people forget about the hair transplant journey is its aftercare process. It plays a very crucial role in determining the overall success of your surgery. 

Once you’ve had the surgery, you can’t expect things to quickly go back to normal. It’ll take some time and patience. And to make sure that everything’s going smoothly, you need to send us your hair transplant pictures. 

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Diabetes And Hair Loss

Is Hair Transplant Safe For Diabetics

Hair loss is a symptom of diabetes, and it can occur due to various reasons.  The causes of diabetes hair loss can be anything from hormonal imbalances, high blood sugar …

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How to Get a Smaller Forehead with Hair Transplant?

smaller forehead

Many people desire a smaller forehead. Just google “how to get a smaller forehead”, and you’ll find countless blogs and videos on it. Some may recommend you to try new hairstyles, grow your hair out or use makeup. These tips only work temporarily.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then you should consider surgery. While people may think that they can get a smaller forehead through a forehead reduction surgery, there’s another way. You can have a hair transplant for this purpose.

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Can You Use Someone Else’s Hair For Transplant?

can you use someone elses hair

Sometimes the poor health of the donor area of the patient’s scalp makes it impossible for them to undergo a hair transplant surgery. The prospect is disheartening and causes hopelessness in the patient.

Affecting millions of men and women, many androgenetic alopecia patients seek this surgery. However, finding out that it isn’t possible can make one feel extremely sad and even depressed. Naturally, it makes one wonder, if organ transplant has become possible in the medical world, why not hair follicle transplant?

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All You Need To Know About Menopause Hair Loss

hair loss during menopasue

There are many different reasons why women experience hair loss during their lifetime. Female hair loss might also be more complicated than men’s hair loss.

Pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal imbalances, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can cause it. Additionally, female hair loss due to menopause can also occur, before, during and after the fact. 

Sometimes the hair can fall out in tufts. Your hair might continue to fall even if you eat healthily and take supplements with vitamins or iron. In this guide, we will discuss menopause hair loss and what you can do to deal with it.

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Can You Have Hair Transplant on Burnt Skin?

hair transplant on burnt skin

Patients who’ve suffered from a burn injury on their scalp can permanently or temporarily lose their hair. The physical and psychological trauma of the incident can become quite overwhelming. Depending on the severity and size of the burn, the hair might or might not ever grow back. 

Home remedies can help if the hair loss is temporary. However, if hair loss is permanent, surgical intervention may help. Hair transplant surgery is not only opted by sufferers of androgenetic alopecia but also by patients who have burnt skin and are unable to grow their hair consequently. 

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Why Shaved Hair Is the Best for a Hair Transplant?

shaved hair 1

Many people want to get their hair transplant surgery discreetly. Hair shaving, which is a part of some transplant procedures, is a dead giveaway, though.

This is why people try to opt for a procedure in which hair is not shaved. Before you go looking for that option, you should understand the reasons why a shaved head for a hair transplant might be the better (and in some cases the only) option for you.

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