Will Statins Cause Hair Loss?

statins hair loss

Many factors can trigger hair loss. In some cases, despite knowing the reason for the hair loss, there’s not much that you can do except watch your hair fall. Taking medication for an illness for a short period of time may result in you losing your hair. However, the hair loss stops once you stop taking the medicines.

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Can Steroids Cause Hair Loss?

steroids hair loss

You may be unknowingly losing your hair without even understanding why it’s happening. There are a lot of things that need to go smoothly for the body to continue growing hair normally.

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Chemo Hair Loss: Why It Happens & What’s the Solution

chemotherapy hair loss

While suffering from an illness, many people experience hair loss. Sometimes, hair loss occurs as a result of the stress and anxiety due to the ailment. However, at other times, it can occur as a result of the illness itself or even its treatment. Chemo hair loss is an example of the latter case.

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Can Weight Loss Cause Hair Loss?

weight loss hair loss

There’s something soul-fulfilling about a weight loss journey. It fills one with the spirit of “can do” that they can conquer it all because of their sheer will and determination. To achieve this goal, you have to literally shed your blood, sweat and tears, and, sometimes, hair too.

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Can Lupus Cause Hair Loss?

lupus hair loss

There are many illnesses that can cause a person to lose their hair. However, people who’re suffering from long-term chronic illnesses have to constantly deal with the symptoms of the disease. Lupus is one such chronic disease whose symptoms come and go away.

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