Shock Loss After A Hair Transplant: Can You Prevent It?

shock loss hair transplant

Shock loss is one of the complications of hair transplantation that typically causes alarm. Though uncommon, it is experienced by both males and females who have undergone FUT or FUE surgery. Fortunately, shock loss after a hair transplant is nothing that you need to worry about. 

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Hair Transplant Aftercare: The Complete Guide

Hair Transplant Aftercare

Post-op care or aftercare is as crucial as the procedure itself. It may be tempting to feel like you no longer need to think or worry about your hair. But for patients who want their procedure to last and have excellent results long-term, the early effort you put into maintaining and providing aftercare to your scalp can make all the difference. 

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Pre and Post Operative Instructions

You may download the below instructions to follow prior to and after your hair transplant. Please note that adherence to these instructions are vital to the success of your surgery. …

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