Should You Trust Reviews on Hair Transplant Forum?

In the digital age, online reviews are the new word of mouth. Industries in almost every other sector have taken their businesses online for making their products and services more accessible to customers around the globe.

Health tourism is also a part of the trend. If you’re looking to get hair transplant surgery, no doubt, you’re looking for a clinic that offers the best quality services on a hair transplant forum.

Searching for a clinic abroad makes things a little harder. Many people come to Turkey for its unbeatable prices. However, when you do start looking up, you’ll find hundreds of clinics that claim to be the best. So, who do you trust? Someone like you, who has had a similar experience. That’s why online reviews on the hair transplant forum are important. There, different people leave their experiences all in one place for you to benefit.

Through reviews on a hair transplant forum, many companies have built a brand reputation that helps both the companies and patients. Before making a booking, you need to read customer testimonials available online. Find out what the patients have to say about the surgeon who will perform your surgery. That way, you’ll get an idea of whether you’ll have satisfactory results from your surgery.

Online reviews are how many people decide whether they are confident in a purchase. If you see a hair transplant clinic in Turkey that has hundreds of positive reviews, you’ll feel more comfortable choosing it. However, the question remains, should you trust a hair transplant forum to provide you with reliable, genuine reviews that are not paid for? Let’s look into that.

Hair Transplant Forum: Is It Trustworthy?

At Longevita, many new patients come to us because of the positive reviews from satisfied patients. Review sites provide additional platforms where people share their experiences and can get their opinion out there to a larger audience. This would be rather difficult through word of mouth.

Moreover, you can find out a lot about a clinic from these sites. Therefore, it makes it easier for potential patients to decide on hair transplant surgery. The hair transplant forum may also provide a company’s information, which includes their contacts, location, team members, etc. 

Trustpilot is one such review site. They have developed guidelines to fight fake reviews, which is a big concern regarding online reviews. If reviews are harmful or illegal, which they further elaborate, advertising or promotional with CTAs and promo codes, ingenuine i.e. they are written by employees, competitors, or have personal information, people can flag them. 

Further steps are taken by the website’s Content Integrity Team (who are not a bunch of robots). Flagged reviews are taken down if they violate the guidelines. The review’s author, who has violated guidelines, can make changes to it. If not, the review doesn’t remain online anymore. Thus, it helps create a system where neither companies nor their competitors can sway the direction of reviews in their favour. 

It’s not perfect, but it’s a big resource for the customers to find out if they should or shouldn’t trust a clinic. Not all reviews are indeed trustworthy. Sometimes competitors do not hesitate to leave a very bad comment/review. Their purpose here is clear enough. But a hair transplant forum is a good way to start. 

How to Find Reliable Hair Transplant Reviews 

By following these steps, you can be at ease to find the safest clinics for your desired procedure. 

Check Several Platforms 

Internet is a vast vat of resources. There’s almost nothing that you can’t find on there. So, when you are looking for reviews of a particular company, don’t just go to one platform. When researching a clinic, remember to explore not just one but as many credible review platforms as you can find. 

Social media platforms can be highly beneficial in your research. Go to the Instagram page for testimonials, look at the Google reviews, and find out their ratings on Facebook etc. Many websites themselves support reviews from their patients.

You can find Longevita on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and ProvenExpert. Sometimes, people feel sceptical about customer reviews that are available on a company’s website. Here, a hair transplant forum can provide you with further proof. 

Other than a hair transplant forum, we also advise you to check out the social media pages of Longevita (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram). An online presence on popular social platforms is important to find out if a clinic is reliable. On their pages, you should scroll through the images of the facilities and doctors to get a better idea of everything. Also, note that Longevita is verified by Instagram.

Depending on the location where you’re getting your hair transplant, you also should specifically check out a hair transplant Istanbul forum or a hair transplant UK forum for your research. 

Ask the Company Representative for Hair Transplant Reviews 

Another important step that you should take is to contact the company itself. Although, it is quite suspicious and a rather bad sign if you’re unable to find any online presence of the institute. Anyway, in case you can’t, the next step naturally is to make a call or establish contact through any other means. 

You can tell the company representative that you are curious about the results and hair transplant reviews of the previous patients of the company. They ought to have records and some sort of testimonials with them. However, if they refuse, use different excuses or delaying tactics, and you aren’t shown any hair transplant reviews, then it is quite risky to go on with them.

Find How Company Responds to Negative Reviews 

If you find that there is a bad review on the platform of a company, don’t make hasty conclusions. In fact, you should read how and what the company has replied to it. There are two sides to every story. Sometimes a competitor may be trying to bring the company down through fake, spammy reviews. 

A responsible company always answers to the reviews because they realize their significance. Apologies are also made if a mistake has been made on their part.

To find out whether a bad review is fake or not, you can always take a look at the profile of the person. For instance, a fake Facebook profile will probably have no friends, and no photos or posts. Basically, the account activity in every other way is zero, which means that the account was solely made to malign the name of the company.

Evaluate Reviews for Consistency 

Usually, when someone is making up a fake botched operation story, there might be gaps in it. It could also belong to a patient who did not complete the recovery process and is simply anxious to see the results. 

In this case, check if they have completed their first year. Sometimes patients experience a phenomenon called shock loss and lose their hair temporarily. This can drive them to make hasty decisions. It is wiser not to take reviews from patients who haven’t completed their 12-months recovery process into consideration.

You shouldn’t rely on one customer review alone to make a decision. People do a lot of research and check the hair transplant reviews of a company to determine if it is going to be a safe investment. 

It is definitely helpful, though, since the feedback and tips from another person who has experienced the same process can provide valuable insights to potential patients. It might just be that they can help you get better prepared for what to expect during the treatment. 

Benefits of Hair Transplant Clinics’ Online Reviews

A survey conducted by One Poll showed that 95% of respondents found online ratings and reviews to be “somewhat” to “very” reliable. Moreover, online ratings and review sites influenced the decision of 70% of Americans when they were selecting a physician. 41% checked online ratings and reviews even after a referral from another doctor. 

For patients seeking hair transplant surgery, it is important to find out if the communication, facilities, surgeons, staff, and results are satisfactory so they too can feel confident about choosing the clinic. They help guide others to make the right choice for themselves.  

These online reviews are not only there for your benefit, but they also help us. Constructive feedback allows us to provide better services. We want patients to leave the facility satisfied and happy.  

Concluding Remarks 

Checking a company’s online reviews is essential these days. Patients can easily find out the level of patient satisfaction through them. Hair transplant is a very competitive industry. Online reviews help companies stand out. That is why you should check out a hair transplant forum. 

Of course, some use this reviewing system just to malign others. Sometimes, companies self-promote themselves by putting in fake reviews. That’s why although you should check them, it’s not a good idea to only rely on them. Remember to do your research. Online reviews are just a good way to start that.

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