5 Factors That Contribute To A Failed Hair Transplant

5 Factors That Contribute To A Failed Hair Transplant

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We understand that hair transplants are an investment and many researching the procedures might be worried about the risk of a hair transplant failure. If you are looking for the best hair transplant procedure or clinic, it is imperative you read this guide and understand why hair transplants fail. This will ensure you know what to look for.

If you are already booked in for a hair transplant or a consultation with Longevita, this guide will give you a better understanding of your suitability and why it is vital to choose a reputable, licensed clinic! Keep reading to find out the real hair transplant failure reasons:

Inexperienced Surgeons

Experienced surgeons are well-trained and highly skilled professionals. This means they deliver quality results as they are equipped to ensure a procedure is successful for every patient. It is important to choose a reputable surgeon who has experience in the hair transplant field. Experienced technicians and surgeons will be able to make a hair transplant appear natural, inserting hairs at the correct angle and at a density that suits your existing hair.

Amateur surgeons or unqualified doctors are likely to overharvest. Overharvesting exhausts the donor area and can make the healthy hair appear patchy. Knowing how much hair can be taken from the donor area is something that an experienced doctor will already know, ensuring FUE hair transplant is successful and all patients are satisfied with the outcome.

More importantly, if something was to go wrong in any procedure, an experienced surgeon is more likely to be able to recover the situation so a patient can still walk away with the results they deserve. Amateur surgeons or those who are unfamiliar with the procedures are one of the major causes of why hair transplant fails. Unqualified doctors are known to perform hair transplants at cheap and non-reputable clinics without the knowledge of the procedure and an in-depth understanding of how to identify healthy follicles and then yield them.

Here at Longevita, our highly skilled and experienced surgeons perform the latest and best hair transplant techniques to ensure we deliver the results you want.


Hair transplant can transform patient’s lives. Professional, reputable clinics with experienced doctors will always be able to advise on a patient’s suitability. Some hair types are more suitable for hair transplant than others, which means even FUE hair transplant can fail on an unsuitable patient.

How Can FUE Hair Transplant Fail?

FUE takes follicles from a donor area and re-places them to cover baldness. If hair in the donor area is too thin, an FUE hair transplant can fail or look unnatural and patchy because there is not enough hair to cover the area.

Thinning but dense (curly) hair might be unsuitable for transplant as there is not enough space for the follicles to be inserted. In this case, a patient can be more suitable for PRP Injections to rejuvenate the thinning areas.

Unsuitable Hair Loss

It is also important to consider the cause of your hair loss or baldness. Hair transplant fails and is unsuitable for those with conditions of the scalp. This includes existing hair conditions such as alopecia because the condition will continue to attack the transplanted hair and make it fall out. Alopecia and other diffuse hair loss can be causes by existing medical conditions and strong medication, making a patient unsuitable for transplant.

Here at Longevita, we will work to understand your desired results and help every patient decide on the best route forwards. As we offer a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, there is a solution for everyone.


Many patients feel their transplant has failed because they did not understand the process or were not made aware of the risks and potential results. When the process is not explained fully by experienced professionals, patients are not able to follow the post-operative instructions or understand the results. This will impact the healing process and the overall success of the procedure.

As a dedicated team of qualified professionals, the experts in their field at Longevita are always able to advise patients on their desired procedure. We are committed to understanding what each patient would like to achieve and their desired results. Patients will then know when to expect to see re-growth and won’t write off their procedure as a failure or start to ignore the aftercare advice.

Procedures at Longevita are always preceded by an in-depth consultation. Our team will take this opportunity to discuss the shape of a new hairline, potential risks and results. It is best to make decisions between the patient and doctor to avoid dissatisfaction and hair transplant failure.

Mistakes In Post Operative Care

The after-care process is as important as the surgery itself as successful hair transplant depends on re-growth which is a longer process than some might expect. A patient that ignores or does not understand the aftercare process is one of the reasons why a hair transplant fails.

It is imperative to avoid certain foods and drinks throughout the immediate healing process. This includes alcohol, caffeine and overly fatty and salty foods. The process for haircare and hair-styling will change depending on the type of transplant.

Patients who do not adhere to the post-operative instructions are more susceptible to infections and scarring. Longevita are committed to explaining the aftercare process simply and easily. As we get to know our patients, we are also able to individually tailor the aftercare do’s and don’ts. It is not a one-size-fits-all process and we prescribe different instructions for different procedures.

Unreliable, Unlicensed Hair Transplant Clinics

There are unreputable and unprofessional clinics that offer procedures to anyone, without considering a patient’s suitability or overall health. This means they can perform surgeries in high-volumes and turn a high profit but will not necessarily deliver the results patients are looking for. In fact, this is one of the major reasons’ hair transplants fail.

An untrustworthy clinic is more likely to use inexperienced doctors as they are cheaper to employ, and they are able to maximise their turnover. Many clinics will also claim they require a higher number of grafts than is actually necessary. This means they can quote a higher price to their patients.

Longevita operate out of some of the best facilities in the world. Our procedures are performed in state of the art clinics, with all the necessary equipment to manage any risks or complications. We also offer e-consults to get to know our patients and to ensure they feel comfortable moving forwards with their desired procedure.

To book an initial consultation for your desired hair transplant, contact Longevita, today!

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