Is It Possible to Change Your Treatment Plan to Unshaven Fue Hair Transplant?

Is It Possible to Change Your Treatment Plan to Unshaven Fue Hair Transplant?

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The revolutionary Follicular Unit Extraction has brought unfathomable changes to the hair transplantation landscape. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the total market size for hair restoration surgery has increased by 10% since 2016. The industry stood at £3.1 billion in 2016 while £3.4 billion in 2019. Furthermore, 66% of total hair restoration surgeries were performed using FUE harvesting method. However, the popularity of the surgery is not without its criticism. Although it doesn’t leave the patient with scars, the shaving of the donor area before the surgery can be quite off-putting. In order to deal with those concerns, unshaven FUE hair transplant or U-FUE was introduced.

Shaving of the donor area has been a common reason why many people choose not to undergo hair restoration surgery. Unnecessary scrutiny can make them feel uncomfortable. A shaven head among sufferers of pattern baldness is an instant give away that the person is going to have a hair transplant. Even you might be waiting for the right place and the right time so that you can get a hair transplant without having anyone notice it. If you’re someone whose profession demands staying in constant limelight, this might be an even bigger concern. Many celebrities choose to undergo hair transplant surgery without telling anyone about it. They can take brief holidays for it too. However, if you’re someone who cannot have that happen for you, unshaven FUE hair transplant might be the best choice. 

Therefore, yes, it is possible to change your treatment plan to unshaven hair transplant in Turkey. But there are a few conditions that need to be fulfilled for that to happen. The purpose of this guide is to inform you about that so that you can benefit from this procedure. 

Is Unshaven Hair Transplant the Only Way to Hide Hair Transplant Surgery? 

No, in fact, there are many other ways by which you can hide your hair transplant. However, it is possible that they might not work. That’s why sometimes our patients change their minds when they come for hair transplant in Turkey and choose the unshaven method. 

Other than having U-FUE in Turkey, patients can undergo FUT hair transplant. The strip method involves minimal shaving in the donor area. Partial shaving is another solution. But the latter technique only works for those who have longer hair. The shaved area can be covered through that. This technique is also not suitable if the area of baldness is large. Greater coverage will require more grafts. 

  • Benefits of Having Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

Unshaven FUE hair transplant technique does not leave the patients with scars and unbearable pain to deal with. This is why it is a good option to consider when looking at different hair restoration surgery techniques. 

If you’ve been delaying your hair transplant surgery because you don’t want your donor area shaved, then you don’t have to do this anymore. You can get back to work within a matter of days, and no one will know that you had a hair transplant. 

Are There Different Types of Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant Techniques in Turkey? 

Yes. There are two different techniques when it comes to unshaven FUE hair transplant. The direct method uses a rotating punching tip for cutting and punching hair together at the same time. In pre trimming method, hair to be used for transplantation is trimmed before the surgery while punching takes place afterwards. Both the techniques require a high level of expertise from the surgeon. Otherwise, you might end up with results that do not look natural. With Longevita, you will get nothing but the best. 

At Longevita, for unshaven FUE hair transplant, strongest hair follicles are harvested and grafted. For successfully embedding the grafts, small hair strands are cut off from the extracted hair. Many people feel sceptical about choosing a hair transplant technique that hasn’t gained much traction yet. 

While it’s understandable to feel anxious, everything boils down to the surgeon’s experience. For instance, if you’re getting a traditional FUE hair transplant and the surgeon is a novice, you might not end up with desirable results. Longevita’s medical staff has completed countless successful surgeries with phenomenal results. So, stay comfortable and relaxed.  

Addressing Some Patient Concerns About Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant 

Here’s a list of some frequently asked questions about this hair restoration surgery. If it doesn’t answer the questions that you have in mind, make sure to book a call with us today. 

  • Will My Head Be Shaven in Traditional FUE Hair Transplant? 

Yes, in fact, all hair transplant techniques involve shaving your hair. As mentioned above, the donor area will be minimally shaved in FUT hair transplant too. That’s because grafts are taken from the donor area. 

But with an unshaven hair transplant, there’s the possibility that no one will even know about your surgery until they see the final results. Only the donor area hair follicles that are going to be transplanted will be trimmed. The length of the hair on the rest of your head will remain the same. Therefore, if an important event has come up in the way of your surgery schedule, you can look into this option. 

  • Will Unshaven Hair Transplant Be as Successful as Traditional FUE? 

As far as the success rate is concerned, it is the same as for FUE hair transplant. Being relatively new, it is not that common knowledge yet. However, you can go for this procedure with your mind completely at ease. 

  • Who Is Eligible for Getting Unshaven Hair Transplant in Turkey? 

Both males and females who do not want to have their whole head shaved can benefit from this procedure. It is especially suitable for people whose careers demand constant, face-to-face interaction with other people such as TV personalities, bank officials, sales and customer service professionals, etc. They won’t have their surgery noticed. 

Also, if you’re someone who doesn’t have enough time to wait until complete recovery (which can take a year), then you can also consider unshaven FUE hair transplant in Turkey.

  • Can I Change My Treatment Plan to Unshaven Hair Transplant on the Day of Surgery? 

Yes. It is possible, but you have to fall on a certain criterion to qualify. The suitability of a patient to have unshaven hair transplant depends on the following things, and the surgery can only happen: 

If You Don’t Have a Large Recipient Area

The most suitable candidates for unshaven FUE hair transplant are the ones who are not suffering from extensive hair loss. Those who have a large recipient area cannot have this procedure. This also goes if you have patchy areas on your head.

If You’ve Long Hair 

You should have long hair to cover the shaven area to have this procedure done. This mostly goes for female patients who have patchy areas on the front. 

If You’re Careful During the Recovery Period 

This is of utmost importance. You have to promise to be careful during the recovery time. Certain hobbies or professional careers make it impossible for this to happen. The aftercare recovery process for unshaven hair transplant is more difficult than for normal FUE hair transplant. 

Patients need to wash their hair very carefully. It is easier to follow washing instructions with traditional FUE. It is easy to wash the whole head without hair. But with the unshaven hair transplant, there is a risk of getting infection relatively easily. Make sure to carefully wash your hair. The shaved area must be gently dried after washing. 

If You’re Willing to Pay a Little More 

Unshaven FUE hair transplant costs a little more than a normal hair transplant. So, you’ll have to pay the extra charges on the day of the surgery. Please, make sure that you come ready. You’ll have to bring your credit card and IDs for that. It is also possible to make a bank transfer if your account is in the UK.

The reason why unshaven hair transplant is more expensive is that it takes more time and can be quite a labour-intensive task for the surgeon and the medical staff. The success of this surgery primarily depends on the skill and capability of the surgeon. Without a proper understanding of all the procedural technicalities, it cannot be performed. As the procedure demands more overall, it’s slightly costlier than normal FUE hair transplant.

Concluding Remarks 

If you’ve chosen Longevita for your unshaven FUE hair transplant in Turkey, then you’ve guaranteed yourself a comfortable, smooth, and successful hair transplant journey. Delaying your hair transplant surgery shouldn’t be your choice anymore. With the pre-trimmed method of unshaven hair transplant, you can make yourself happy without drawing any undue attention. 

Get in touch with us as soon as possible to book your phone consultation online. We’ll make sure that you look your best in no time. You can also give us a call at 020 3409 1947 Whatsapp