Can You Have Hair Surgery and Plastic Surgery on the Same Trip?

Can You Have Hair Surgery and Plastic Surgery on the Same Trip?

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Many patients want to come to Turkey for having more than one cosmetic procedure. They usually end up wondering if they can have hair surgery with other plastic surgeries. It’s obviously more cost effective and time-saving if you can have them all on the same trip. But is it something that your body can handle? That’s what many people end up wondering. Will having hair surgery and plastic surgery together increase the downtime? Of course, it’s a troubling aspect, especially if you’ve taken time off work to get the surgeries. 

Depending on the medical history of the patient, their age, the complexity of the surgery, the answer to this question can vary. It is also true that the natures of hair surgery and plastic surgeries are quite different. Commonly patients come to Turkey to have a hair transplant. It is a popular procedure among both men and women. However, once they’re in Turkey, they feel like completely renewing their look by adding other surgeries to their treatment plan. In this guide, we hope you can find the answers to your questions. 

Can I Get Hair Transplant Surgery with Other Plastic Surgeries? 

Yes, you can combine hair surgery with other plastic surgeries together on the same trip to Turkey. People who’re suffering from hair loss, usually, want to get a hair transplant surgery. However, if they’re struggling with other problems, it can lower their self-esteem and confidence even after they’ve gotten hair transplant. That one flaw could bother them so much that it overshadows the result of the hair transplant surgery. They’re unable to completely enjoy it. 

What Surgeries Can Men Combine with Hair Surgery?

Hair transplant surgery isn’t the only surgery that can help enhance your appearance. Sometimes a flabby stomach can make you feel bad about yourself. No matter how hard you try to get rid of the fat, you cannot. If an important event in your life is coming up for which you need to transform your look, you can seek surgical intervention to get rid of excess fat around your stomach. This means that you can have hair transplant surgery with liposuction. 

The good news is that you can have more than one plastic surgery with a hair transplant. Sometimes, due to high levels of oestrogen in the body, males can have large breast tissue. This is gynecomastia. In this case, a breast reduction surgery can help restore the confidence of the patient in his body. Many other conditions can cause enlarged or swollen breast tissue in males, such as obesity. 

You do not have to restrict yourself to one plastic surgery with a hair transplant. You can have hair transplant with liposuction and breast reduction surgery. These are the ones that people usually get together. If you want to get any other treatment, you can always ask us or your dedicated Patient Consultant. 

What Surgeries Can Women Combine with Hair Surgery? 

Many women also come to Turkey for having female hair transplant surgery. Complete baldness is rare among them, but diffuse hair loss can happen. This is also androgenetic alopecia. Hair transplant provides a permanent solution to their hair loss. However, other than getting hair surgery, a woman can also choose to get liposuction if she desires.

Despite exercising and eating right, you might find it difficult to lose weight. And sometimes, in order to speed things up, surgery can help. Other than that, women can also have breast implants while they’re in Turkey for hair surgery. They can also get them all together i.e., liposuction, hair transplant, and breast implants. 

When you complete the recovery process for these surgeries, you will have transformed yourself and started a new life. If you want to get any other treatment than this, such as cosmetic dentistry, you can reach out to us. We’ll make sure to inform you if we can adjust it to your treatment package. Also, we do offer discounts if you get multiple surgeries together. 

What Are the Benefits of Combining Hair Surgery and Plastic Surgeries? 

Following are the benefits you can get from combining your hair surgery with other plastic surgeries: 

You’ll Save Quite Some Time 

Before getting any surgery, our patients ask us how much time will the recovery take. Of course, it’s quite difficult to take some time out and get surgery. The hard part isn’t over then. You have to wait a year, sometimes even more to see the final results of the surgery. And if you’re thinking of getting more than one surgery, but decide to get them all separately, it is going to take years before you see the final results of your complete transformation. 

However, by getting surgeries together, you’ll take years off your face and body in just one visit to Turkey. You’ll only travel once and take time off work only one time. You might stay in Turkey for more than a week after the surgery because of the follow-up appointments. Initially, you might need some more time than you would with one surgery, to go back to work. But once you get back home and start feeling better, there’s no going back from there. 

After the procedures, your body will enter the recovery cycle, and all the surgical areas will start healing simultaneously. You’ll travel once, stay a little longer, might take a little longer to recover, but when the ordeal is over, you’ll find a drastic change in the way you look. 

You’ll Save Quite Some Money 

Other than us offering a discount on multiple surgeries, you’ll also save money through other means. Whenever you revisit Turkey for getting your next surgery, you’ll have to spend money on hotel, transfers, and food, etc. However, when you get all the surgeries on the same visit, you’ll spend money on hotel, transfers, and food just for once. You’ll also have to consider the costs of the flight tickets that you’ll have to buy each time. If arranged separately, these trips can become quite expensive, which is why you should get the surgeries together.

You’ll Recover from All Surgeries Simultaneously 

That’s one of the biggest advantages of getting all the surgeries together. And since you’ll recover from them altogether, you’ll see the results altogether. It will produce a wholesome and transformative effect. 

Fortunately, the recovery process for both hair transplant and plastic surgery is similar. We will provide you with separate aftercare instructions for each. You won’t have much difficulty following them. Both surgeries need around a year to year and a half to show the final results to the patient. After having a hair transplant, your hair will start to grow after the 3rd month. After plastic surgery, the swelling on the surgical site will take around a year to completely go away. Of course, how soon you recover is also determined by your health, age, diet, and lifestyle, etc.

You Don’t Need to Mentally Prepare Yourself for a Surgery Again and Again 

Having surgery can take its toll on a person. It can stress you out even before it takes place. The fear of all the things that could go wrong is hard enough to deal with. But to deal with it over and over again is just as bad. Each time you get surgery, you’ll feel dread. Preparing yourself mentally for surgery isn’t easy. However, sometimes, we have to do it for the sake of our happiness. If you’ve made up your mind once about getting surgery, it is easier to get all the procedures that you want to be done together. 

But before that, you should be absolutely sure that you would like to undergo the procedure and are ready to go through the whole process. These procedures are going to change the way you look, so you should carefully consider your decision before making this journey. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. Having to make the same trip twice or thrice will stress you out every time. Sometimes, it doesn’t get easier the second time around, especially with surgeries.

If you’ve decided to combine hair surgery with another cosmetic surgery, you can always seek advice from your Patient Consultant. They can help guide you with your decision if you’re unsure. Moreover, depending on your goals and desires, they can let you know if you’re taking a step in the right direction. Since the Patient Consultant is in charge of your case, she/he can tell you all you need to know about the surgeries.

In Conclusion 

Although there are many advantages of combining hair surgery and plastic surgery, you should make sure to keep the aftercare process in mind. Combining two surgeries at once needs special attention during recovery. You need to take care of yourself and follow the different instructions. 

Since every patient’s health condition and case are different, we will get in touch with our experienced plastic surgeons to get an assessment and prepare your treatment plan accordingly. Book your surgeries with us right away or even seek a free consultation through our contact page from our team. Whatsapp