Could The Eyebrow Transplant Be The Next Big Trend For 2019?

Could The Eyebrow Transplant Be The Next Big Trend For 2019?

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The short answer: yes, eyebrow transplants could indeed be the next big trend for 2019. Thick, full and voluptuous eyebrows are ever-present in high fashion and in Hollywood, with this having been the case for quite some time now the eyebrow transplant itself has never been more popular.

A natural looking eyebrow is making a strong resurgence in beauty magazines, in advertising, with Instagram influencers and indeed even in everyday life with women now embracing their natural look or aspiring to have a thicker looking eyebrow. We here at Longevita believe strongly that this trend is here to stay.

The thinner looking sharp style of eyebrow, that was the beauty standard for a great many years is now a thing of the past with women ditching the tweezers and learning to love the eyebrows they were born with. The voluminous eyebrow is now the most fashionable and the most desirable look for women and there are, as a result, countless beauty and eyebrow-specific products that claim to create a thicker and fuller eyebrow, however these all too often fall short of the mark as they fail to emulate the eyebrows of those who are lucky enough to have them grow in naturally thick and shapely. Many individuals, therefore, both men and women, are choosing to undergo an eyebrow transplant procedure in order to create the perfect natural eyebrow.

Is An Eyebrow Transplant Right For You?

Having eyebrows that grow in a way that is not symmetrical, that grow in a colour that is different to the rest of the hair or in a way that would appear “out of control” can cause a great deal of stress and unhappiness. Furthermore, asymmetrical eyebrows or overly bushy eyebrows can make an individual’s face look out of proportion, whilst having eyebrow hairs out of place or thinner in some areas can prematurely age a person.

The influence of Hollywood celebrities and popular culture has had a tremendous effect on how people view their eyebrows, however, there are a great many other reasons why a person may want or in fact need an eyebrow transplant, including but not limited to:

  • Excessive plucking or shaping of the eyebrows, especially from a young age as this can have a dramatic effect on the growth of the eyebrows themselves in later life
  • Behaviours and disorders that cause an individual to remove the hairs themselves by way of nervous ticks or compulsive behaviours
  • Treatments that cause the hairs to fall out immediately or over a period of time, such as chemotherapy
  • Piercings of the brow area, once removed these can cause the hair to grow in an incorrect fashion, especially if the brow piercing in question had been in place for a number of years and/or located directly where the eyebrow hairs grow
  • Having the eyebrow skin or the hairs themselves removed due to an accident, a trauma or localised scarring

Making the decision to have an eyebrow transplant is something that should not be taken lightly. It is important to know the procedure, and what to expect. Thankfully, you are able to ask your surgeon exactly how you want your brows to look, where you want your new hairs to grow and the overall thickness and look of the brow. Whatsapp