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Often associated with masculinity, the ability to grow and maintain body hair can be a key part of a person’s identity. For this reason, an inability to grow bodily hair or the loss of body hair through trauma, illness, genetics or other means can lead to a loss of confidence for men of all ages. For this reason, we are proud to offer a body hair transplant Turkey for patients looking to regain control over their hair loss, their masculinity and ultimately, their confidence.

Through the utilisation of hair transplant methods traditionally used on the scalp, it is possible to provide a solution for those who may be unable to grow body hair in one or more areas. Through the use of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants, hairs can be individually extracted from a donor site, often on the scalp, and implanted at the recipient site. This method ensures reduced scarring across both the donor and receiving areas, as well as minimal downtime and fast recovery.

Due to the nature of the procedure, a body hair transplant Turkey can see the introduction of hair into a number of areas, including the chest and abdomen, as well as the pubic area, armpits and more. It can provide hair growth in areas that may have always had limited growth, or that may never have had hair growth at all – for this reason, body hair transplants can benefit patients with genetic conditions or who underwent trauma through surgeries, accidents or similar.

Body hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular amongst patients, with the ability to replicate real hair growth in numerous areas of the body. With the minimally-invasive procedure helping to ensure that recovery time is short, the process of having a body hair transplant Turkey is easier than ever before. The expert team offered by Longevita can provide you with the entire package for a highly affordable cost. Not only do you benefit from a body hair transplant in Turkey, but we will also arrange 4* or 5* accommodation during your stay as well as private airport transfers, a dedicated host and excellent aftercare plan for up to one year post-treatment, ensuring that you remain safe and cared for throughout your time with us.

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Am I Eligible For A Body Hair Transplant Turkey?

When determining eligibility for a body hair transplant in Turkey, it’s important to consider the reasons for your hair loss and the results you’re seeking from the procedure. Loss of hair from the body, whether the entire body or from a more localised area, can be caused by a number of reasons. These include:

  • Trauma – Some traumas, including road accidents, burns and the results of surgical procedures, can lead to hair loss in a specific area of the body. This can either be temporary through telogen effluvium, in which the hair is lost quickly but grows back or through damage to the hair follicles, after which the growth cannot return without treatment.
  • Your Genes – If you are genetically predisposed to hair loss, this can affect any part of your body, from your scalp to your facial hair, chest and more.
  • Stress – Stress can often lead our bodies to go through unbalanced hormones, which can speed up the ‘loss’ stages of the hair growth cycle. Changes in diet, illness, weight and hormones each hold the potential to affect the quality of our hair.
  • Medication – Some medications are known for causing hair loss though in most cases, this is temporary.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies – If you are deficient in certain nutrients – namely vitamins A, B-12, C & D, iron and zinc, you may experience accelerated hair loss or brittle, breakable hair.

After determining the cause of your hair loss, you can better decide whether a hair transplant for your body hair is the right choice for you. Typically, those who have seen hair loss due to trauma or by genetics are the best candidates for hair loss, though some patients with patterned loss of their body hair may also benefit from a transplant.

It’s important to note that a body hair transplant may not be permanent, however, experienced, fully-trained surgeons in Turkey are well-versed, helping to improve the longevity of each implanted graft. Our patients can rest assured that each of our surgeons is highly skilled and sought-after in the industry, meaning they are truly in the best hands.

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The Body Hair Transplant Journey

Each of our patients, whether for a traditional scalp transplant or a body hair transplant, are treated to our extensive packages. These packages are offered as standard, included within the cost of hair transplants and consist of the following:

  • Your surgery
  • Any medication, shampoos and lotions you may need
  • Accommodation for 2 nights in Istanbul
  • Private airport transfers to and from the airport
  • Translation and interpreter services
  • 12-month aftercare programme

You will also be assigned a dedicated patient host for your stay in Istanbul, who will be on hand to not only act as your central point of call for, but will be there to attend your appointments with you and will stay by your side while you recover from the surgery in the clinic or hospital.

The downtime required for a body hair transplant is minimal thanks to the minimally-invasive nature of an FUE transplant. You will be able to explore Turkey as you desire, though you will need to attend a post-op check-up before you can return home. Throughout this check-in, your surgeon will be able to provide you with any additional aftercare instructions, take a look at how the grafts are taking to your skin and answer any final questions.

If you’d like to find out more about our body hair transplant Turkey procedures or book your initial consultation at our UK office, you can get in touch with a member of our team on 0845 5198 948.

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