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Since its inception, Longevita has committed itself to serve its patients. To us, there’s nothing more important than your health and wellness. This idea is central to what we do and how we do it. With Longevita, you’ll only get the best of the best hair transplantation clinic. Certifications from national and international healthcare boards ensure the highest standards of patient care. Expert surgeons operate in state-of-the-art facilities where you experience safety and comfort.

When it comes to choosing a clinic for your surgery, you need to have concrete assurances. If a clinic claims that it will provide you with the best facilities, you should have evidence. For that, you should ask the clinic about its accreditations and certifications. In medical tourism, national and international recognition is even more important. It will make you feel safe. Moreover, it stands as proof that the clinic holds your health and well-being in the highest regard.

About Longevita’s Hair Transplant Clinics

Longevita’s hair transplantation clinics follow the standards set by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health and Social Care in Turkey and the UK. They perform regular inspections to ensure that we are upholding their standards. Moreover, they require us to continuously improve and upgrade our healthcare infrastructure. Their certifications also mean that we have international hygiene and quality standards.

When going to another country, even a city, for having surgery, many patients face transportation woes. At Longevita, both our hair transplantation clinics in London and Istanbul are in city centres. This makes transportation easy for the patients. They can even choose public transportation for going to the clinic or coming back to the hotel. Our hair transplantation clinics operate in the beating hearts of the cities. You don’t have to worry about getting lost trying to find them in remote corners.

Other than that, our facilities come with separate waiting and consultation rooms. A dedicated operating theatre for each patient provides them with safety, comfort, and privacy. This is a necessity that’s often overlooked. However, we understand our patients’ needs and provide what’s best for them. All rooms are well-equipped with the latest surgical equipment. These are deftly used by expert surgeons. Having accreditations is a testament to the promise of the highest standard of quality of service made by Longevita.

Clinic & Hospital Care and Management During COVID-19

While we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, in no way can we let our guard down. Longevita’s team is constantly monitoring the health situation concerning COVID-19. All possible precautions are being taken. This will give you peace of mind during your journey to Turkey and the UK and back.

After a patient’s procedure, we follow the standard protocol for sterilization of the room. Our clinics follow the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health and Social Care in this regard. Wearing a facemask while maintaining social distance is, of course, a must. The schedule of the operation of our clinics is according to the health ministries’ guidelines. It is every patient’s right to feel safe and stress-free. They need not worry about the cleanliness and hygiene of the facility in which they’re going to have their procedure done. We know that and make sure that this is a reality for each and every one of our patients.

What Is Longevita’s Selection Criteria for a Hair Transplant Clinic?

Longevita’s surgeons may perform the hair transplantation surgery in their private clinic or hospital. No matter what the location, Longevita has a strict selection criterion for every surgical facility. Your procedure will only take place in those spaces which pass the selection criteria. Longevita cares about the needs of its patients. Everything’s designed and developed with our patients in mind. In order to provide our patients with the best service, we’ve selected the best hair transplant clinics in London and Istanbul.

Longevita has adopted the core values of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). We use them in selecting the clinics and hospitals for our patients. Mentioned on the website of ISHRS, these include:

  • Ethical conduct
  • Free exchange of knowledge
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Diversity

These core values are also accepted by the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS). It is important that when selecting a clinic, we first make sure that it follows a strict code of ethical conduct. All the members of the clinic need to follow the highest standards of ethical conduct. This guarantees exemplary patient care. Open communication should take place with the patient. They should know about everything in regards to their surgery. Moreover, the surgeons need to answer all their questions about the surgery before and/or after it.

Our surgeons will not misguide or provide disinformation to any patient. Honesty is central to safe and effective service. The hospital or clinic also makes sure that the provided treatment gets customized to the patient’s needs and preferences. The surgeon needs to guide the patient about the surgery’s need and necessity. We do not tolerate discriminatory practices in any facility. Quality of service should not change by a patient’s gender, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity/race, and religion.

Longevita London Hair Transplant Clinic Accreditation

Learning about Longevita’s London hair transplantation clinic accreditations will help you in deciding on a clinic before surgery. When you arrive at a clinic, you’d know what to expect.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

According to the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS), all locations/facilities in England used for performing hair transplant surgery need registration with the CQC. Longevita’s London hair transplants facilities have CQC registration. CQC independently regulates the health and social care in England to ensure the provision of “safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care.”

CQC registered clinics and hospitals follow all the local and national laws of the area. Therefore, you can trust them. On receiving applications for registration, the CQC evaluates them on the basis of their suitability, skills, experience, qualification, policies, and executive operations, among other things. Moreover, the CQC also checks the facility itself, including its design and structure.

The process doesn’t end at registration. The CQC will continuously check the facilities. Through this, they ensure if the facilities are upholding their defined standards. The inspection team sent by the CQC may consist of clinicians, pharmacists or “Experts by Experience.” The latter includes those who have experience with the healthcare service or know someone who has received that service.

The questions asked during inspection revolve around safety, effectiveness, care, responsiveness, and the efficacy of the leading management of the facility. Before the inspection, the CQC team collects information from different sources. These include the hospital staff, local or national organizations, direct phone calls, emails, or letters sent to them, and the healthcare provider itself. On arrival, the team will also look at the records and documentation at the clinic/facility.

Each facility is vigorously vetted. Of course, the clinic should help the CQC team with their investigations. That’s because, eventually, the health and safety of the patient is the goal. With Longevita’s CQC registered facilities, you can rest assured. Your every need will be well taken care of.

Longevita Istanbul Hair Transplant Clinic Accreditation

Longevita has facilities in both London UK and Istanbul Turkey since we offer medical tourism. Travelling abroad for surgery can cause some concern among the patients that they might not be well looked after. They might also feel unsure about the legitimacy of the whole operation. That is where knowing about the accreditations of the clinic can help. You can even look up our facilities on the websites of these healthcare boards.

Joint Commission International (JCI)

Recognised as a global leader in healthcare accreditations, JCI defines the standard of quality and patient safety that is necessary where and when a surgery takes place. JCI accreditation is proof of quality itself. Moreover, JCI recognized facilities make continuous efforts to sustain their accreditation. They do so by keeping up with their latest standards.

International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)

ISO is an international body with representatives from different national standards-setting organizations. It “develops and publishes” international standards for others to follow. Achieving the ISO certification means that a clinic is following the international standards that are set by the ISO. Longevita’s Turkey hair transplant clinics are proud to have this certification.

For More Information

For any further information about our certification and accreditation or the facility itself, you can contact us on our UK freephone number: 0845 5198 948. If you’ve booked your treatment and are wondering about your clinic, we can help you know more about it. Longevita’s staff is always here to help you with all your queries. So, go ahead and let us know!

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Longevita offer private, yet affordable medical procedures in top rated accredited facilities based in Turkey. As a medical travel group who are registered in both Turkey and the UK, Longevita’s rates are subsidised by the Turkish government, meaning best prices are guaranteed.

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