Hair is undoubtedly one of the most noticeable features in a man, especially if you are a public figure, such as an actor, influencer, or a football player. Looks are imperative for your career in any field. Attractive faces always draw more people. In today’s world, plastic surgeries and hair transplants are becoming increasingly common. A lot of celebrities undergo cosmetic surgeries to maintain their physical appearances. One famous example is Wayne Rooney hair transplant. However, it is a false conception that mainly women undergo these cosmetic procedures. Men equally require them, and it is high time that we normalize plastic surgeries and hair transplants for men.


What’s the first thing that you think about when you hear the word “waxing”? Can you hear a woman screaming in agony whenever you think about that sticky goo just ripping hair from the body? However, that’s just the stereotypical way of thinking about this. Mens waxing has been a thing for quite some time. But, for some reason, it is believed that waxing is something that only females do. This is a reason why some men hesitate to wax themselves. 


When celebrities choose not to disclose a cosmetic surgery they underwent, that’s fine. It’s their life, their choice. However, there are some celebrities who go to great lengths to deny any causation between their dramatic transformation and cosmetic surgery. That’s irksome. Why? Because it’s misleading and simply disinformation. If a star claims to “naturally” have started growing their hair after suffering from permanent hair loss, that’s a lie. There’s no miracle cure for androgenetic alopecia. Fortunately, Jimmy Carr isn’t one of them. In fact, he is very open about his hair transplant journey. His honesty about it is something that we can all appreciate. In this guide, we will explore the details of Jimmy Carr hair transplant. 


The current titleholder of the F1 World Drivers’ Champion, Lewis Hamilton, is no stranger to putting on a masterclass on the race tracks. Clinching the 94th victory of his career, the F1 Mercedes racer, recently won his seventh Formula One world championship title at the Turkish Grand Prix. He lives in the limelight. Everything he does is talked about, sometimes even those things that he doesn’t explicitly talk about. We’re talking about Lewis Hamilton hair transplant, of course! The British ace’s dramatic hairline transformation is not all about good shampoos and hair conditioners.


When talent and dedication come together, the result is Elon Musk. Never one to rest on his laurels, Elon Musk has managed to achieve a lot in a short period of time. The South African-born American entrepreneur is the founder of many successful tech startups. He is the founder of PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors. Over the years, Elon Musk has grown into a business magnate. He is famous for his controversial and futuristic ideas. He is also in the buzz for his witty sense of humour, and his celebrity girlfriends. Lately, there has been another controversy revolving around the billionaire – his hair. Rumour has it that Elon Musk got a hair transplant, and we think the humour might be correct. So, let’s find out if the story of Elon Musk hair transplant is true! 


David Beckham is one of England’s greatest footballers and one of the biggest heartthrobs on the planet. Over the years David Beckham has become a style icon for men’s fashion. And he still holds up the status even after saying goodbye to his football days. One thing that has always been in the news, however, is David Beckham’s hair – from long locks to cornrow braids – he had a great influence on the global style industry. This is why when the news of David Beckham hair transplant broke out on the Internet 2 years ago, in 2018, everybody was taken by storm!

As a stylish and well-groomed man, it’s no surprise that David Beckham appears to have had a hair transplant. Although David himself never confirmed the news, the difference between his before and after pictures is too obvious to ignore. 

As you grow older your hair starts thinning and falling out as the natural part of ageing – Yes, even if you are David Beckham! Many celebrities go for ways to increase hair growth and volume because it helps promote a more youthful appearance. 


When you’re a football wizard, the world is watching you. And more so than anymore, nothing passes unnoticed among the fans. They cheer on their favourite players, shower them with love, and provide support. However, they also keep an eye on the slightest changes that are happening in the player’s professional life. Hair transplant is something personal, though. But if you’re flaunting some beautiful locks at one moment, and choose to shave your entire head, later on, it will raise some suspicions. That’s why we’re here, trying to dig a little deeper into Merlin, the magician, David Silva hair transplant surgery.

Four Premier League titles, two FA Cups, five League Cups, twice named in the PFA Team of the Year, this left-footed wonder of a midfielder is a sight for sore eyes. However, a couple of years ago, at the beginning of Manchester City’s 2018-2019 season, the Spaniard completely shaved his head. Now, as Silva’s long, luscious hair quite nicely hid the receding hairline, not many could guess that the player had embarked on a hair transplant journey. There are, after all, many fields that one needs to conquer in life. 


The coronavirus has wreaked global havoc. It has changed things for us like never before. No one was prepared to see this coming, especially the soaring economic projections. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), the tourism sector raked in $34.5 billion in 2019. However, in the first quarter of 2020, the sector saw a decline of 11.4%, with only $4.1 billion in revenues. Turkey has started to ease lockdown restrictions, which entails the resumption of travelling. This guide will answer your burning questions about medical travel for hair transplant during COVID-19.

Tourism accounts for 12% of Turkey’s GDP. The country is one of the biggest tourist destinations. The government has developed a “Safe Tourism” certification program, which will ensure that hotels, airports, transport facilities, restaurants, and resorts follow certain hygiene standards. Based on 150 control points, this certificate is required for reopening of facilities. It can be obtained through the website of the tourism ministry. People travelling from other countries can also get health insurance, introduced by the government.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all non-essential travel except for countries that are a part of its exemption list, which includes Turkey. The government of the United Kingdom has decided to remove the quarantine requirements for these countries and territories after 10th July as they pose a low risk. Therefore, you can do medical travel during COVID-19 with your mind at ease. It applies if a transit stop hasn’t been made.

Can I Have Hair Transplant if I Had Covid-19?

Hair transplantation is a low level of surgical procedure, however, it cannot be performed in case of a certain disease.

Our priority is your health. We hope that this nightmare will end without hurting more people. In the case of tested as negative after the proper treatment, the patient can travel to Turkey and get hair transplant surgery done. If you are currently infected and on the treatment, please take care of yourself and keep us updated about your health conditions. At Longevita, we ensure you to do our best to meet with your expectations after this unfortunate circumstance.

Let’s be healthy first. Then, just give us a call!

What You Can Do Now If You’re Worried About Hair Loss During The Pandemic

It is time to book your free consultation with our experienced patient consultants. Longevita offers a free consultation service and provides a free treatment plan and quote. After that, all you need to do is booking your flight tickets with our travel coordinators and make your dreams come true!

Are Hotels Safe for Staying in Before and After Hair Transplant Surgery? 

Hotels in Turkey are taking numerous measures to ensure a safe trip for their guests. This time around your holiday in Turkey won’t be the same as before. Many medical tourists feel comfortable exploring the city before getting a hair transplant surgery. It can help them relax and take their mind off from the impending surgery for a while. However, we can’t just go about “touching things” without thinking about it anymore. Rather than thinking that this will be a hindrance, you’ll have to learn to live with this new normal.

The Turkish Tourism and Culture Ministry has made sure that the travellers can come and go in safety. When you enter your hotel, there’ll be a thermal scan to check your body temperature. It is unlikely that you’ll make it to this point of your journey if you do have a fever. Airports in Turkey will screen you through thermal scanners. Other than that, a room from which the guest has checked out will not be used for one whole day. Every small item in the room will be cleaned. It is so that the fomites, surfaces carrying the infection, do not pose a risk. 

If you’re thinking of dining out in the hotel restaurant, then you most likely can. But there’ll be a social distance of at least 1 metre between the tables to ensure your safety. This will also hold for other recreational spots. As far as the hotel swimming pool is concerned, the problem is not so much with the water itself, but the people close by. There are chemicals in it, such as chlorine and bromine. They reduce the possibility of catching the virus. But you should still avoid the area.


  • What You Should Do?


As with any travelling, medical travel during COVID-19 will require you to stay in a hotel. You need to maintain good health before and after the hair transplant surgery. It is important for a successful recovery. Hotels will do everything they can to keep their guests safe. Having hair transplant surgery is totally safe during the COVID-19, as Longevita has started to welcome patients from the UK.

You should try to stay away from crowded areas, which includes the hotel lobby. After the hair transplant surgery, you should not perform any strenuous activity as it can put a strain on the surgical wound and dislodge the grafts. This means you won’t be going swimming anyway.

What Has been Longevita’s Initiative to Make Transport Cars Safe? 

Rather integral to medical travel during COVID-19 is the transfer of patients from airport to hotel, hotel to clinic and vice versa. It is impossible to avoid travelling by car when you’re in Turkey for a hair transplant. We have taken numerous safety measures so you can travel in absolute comfort and ease.

We’ll outline some of the measures taken by us to ensure a safe trip. The car you’ll be travelling in has a partition to create distance between you and the driver. You can easily place your luggage in the back of the car, which our driver will show you. If not, our driver will take care of placing your belongings in the car. You’ll be required to dispose of your old mask and gloves and replace them with the ones we’ll provide. 

Our drivers undergo a routine medical checkup/test to make sure they’re in good health. 

What Will be the Procedure On my Arrival at the Airport? 

To ensure a safe journey, there are certain conditions that you need to fulfil. At the airport, thermal cameras will check your body temperature. Those who are running a fever can be subject to checkups and testing at the testing centres at the hospital. Those who test positive will need to self isolate at their place of accommodation. We recommend you to check out COVID-19 Tourist Protection Heath Insurance, which is a government-backed scheme.

Wearing a mask at the airport and during flight is compulsory. Also, on arrival in Turkey, all passengers must complete a passenger information form at the airport. All these steps will ensure not only your health and safety but that of others too.

Will the Terminal Area of Airports be Clean and Safe in Turkey?

Medical travel during COVID-19 can add to your anxieties, but once you know the rigorous measures put into place, you can move about comfortably and responsibly.

Specifically, if we look at the terminal area regulations, passengers and visitors not wearing a mask will be denied access to the terminal and boarding facilities to protect public health. As mentioned above, there’ll be thermal camera screenings at the airports’ terminal entrance.

Only essential accompaniment can enter the terminal area, such as in the case of handicap or disability. UV lights are being used at the airport facilities for disinfecting the buildings, walkways, along with passenger luggage and their e-passports. An iGA Hygiene Team will ensure that all passengers are following social distancing rules. These rules have been put into place for your safety so you have to make sure that you’re following all the given instructions by the relevant airport or airline. You’ll be travelling a little different this time. It might feel full of hassles, but with a system, in place, things have been made easier for you. Once you know everything that’ll come in your way, you can be better prepared for the next step.

All the sanitary supplies such as sanitizers and PPE can be found at the airport.

Concluding Remarks 

Your medical travel during COVID-19 will be safe and successful with Longevita. Turkey is a “low-risk” country so, you can keep your stress at bay. Both the UK and Turkey also offer free testing. Moreover, you don’t have to self-isolate anymore. This will take care of any unnecessary delays in your journey.

It can be safely said that the past few months have been quite challenging. Both physically and mentally. Things are gaining normalcy now, and you can restart achieving your life goals. Hair fall is more than bothersome. It’s time you take action about it. Within a matter of days, your hair transplant will be over. The results won’t be instant. However, you can relax knowing that in a few months you’ll have normal hair growth. If any problem arises, we’ll always be there for you. Our aftercare program lasts for one whole year. Till then you’ll be able to see complete results of your surgery. 

All our hair transplants, plastic surgery, and cosmetic dentistry surgeons will be welcoming international patients for new procedures from July onwards. We require all our patients to book a Travel Advice call before purchasing their flight tickets.

We’ll advise you on available surgery dates. It will also include a discussion on COVID-19 related measures that you need to be aware of prior to your flight bookings.

We look forward to speaking with you. Just start planning your patient journey to Turkey soon!


The global coronavirus pandemic has been creating chaos for quite a few months. Our economy has suffered, and so have we. The world has been holding its breath for reaching the light at the end of this tunnel. However bleak the future looks, there might be a silver lining to this dark cloud. Many of us were looking forward to having a hair transplant surgery. But medical tourism wasn’t an option one could avail in the past few months. But, now, it’s time when consumers can benefit as the hair transplant cost in Turkey has gotten quite low.

There has always been a certain stigma associated with this surgery, which is why some people keep on delaying this life-transformative change. There’s also the nervousness about the results. You might’ve had some thoughts like, “Will my hair look unnatural?” or “Will the surgery be able to produce any results at all?” As the cost of this procedure is so high in some countries, many end up wondering whether it’ll all be just money down the drain. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, sales are down in almost every other industrial sector.

According to Global Market Insights, Inc., the global hair transplant market is expected to surpass GBP 24 million by 2025. As the availability of disposable income increases, more and more people can get themselves this procedure. Moreover, the technological advancements in hair transplant surgery are also contributing to the growth in demand. Many people today suffer from hair loss, as did our ancestors. Medication, hormonal imbalance, genetics, environment, poor nutrition and stress can all cause hair loss to occur. Today, we have the means to prevent and even reverse hair loss from happening. As we step into the online world, physical appearances gain huge importance. They can even impact your career prospects as many people associate attractive looks with kindness and trustworthiness. Rather than suffering every day from depression of hair loss, you can choose a way out through hair transplant surgery.

In order to restart the economies, the governments of many countries are offering numerous incentives to tourists. You can book hotel rooms at lower costs, flight tickets may be cheaper for some countries, and medical treatments are being offered at discounted prices. This is how the coronavirus has impacted the hair transplant cost in Turkey. However, it would be completely wrong to think that this situation is going to last a long time.

The purpose of discounts is, of course, to lure customers. Clinics, restaurants, hotels and airports are reopening with strict measures in place that will protect the travellers against COVID-19. However, many are still fearful about entering public spaces. Attractive prices might help bring in the first wave of customers to re-establish trust. Those who’re not a part of it will lose all the benefits that the companies will initially offer, which includes discounts. So, you should start thinking about transplant surgery now.

How Are Hair Transplant Surgeries Working During the Pandemic? 

Wherever you go, you’ll find constant reminders of this prevailing infection through bottles of hand sanitizers, mask and glove boxes, and, social distancing rules. There’s no way to escape it anymore. But we do know about the preventive measures that can be taken against it.

You have to clean your hands with alcohol-based sanitizers, not touch your mouth, nose or eyes, maintain a distance of at least 1 metre, wear a mask at all times, and stay at home if you have any symptoms of the infection. If you are up-to-date about everything you need to know, then you don’t have to worry. As they say, it’s little knowledge that’s dangerous. The general personal hygiene guidelines regarding the coronavirus are not quite different in places. Still, before travelling, make sure to research the local and national health guidelines of the country you’ll be going to as it is essential that you follow the rules put in place.

Many people still want to have a hair transplant. These stressful times might’ve made things worse for you. It is true that a lot of us have been snacking a bit too much lately. An unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits can also make you lose your hair. The demand for hair transplant surgery is still there and increasing. Currently, the American region is the largest global market, followed by the Asia Pacific and Europe. Stress, social pressures, diet, and lifestyle are just a few factors why many people are experiencing hair loss. 

However, no need to fret. Longevita’s clinics have restarted their operations. The sales for hair transplant surgery have been down in Turkey overall for the past few months. But we are hoping for things to get better soon. Turkey took swift and early action against the virus, owing to which the situation is getting better here quite rapidly. These days, in order to make the patients feel safer, many clinics have introduced online and face-to-face consultations. Longevita already offers both to its patients so that they can talk with ease not matter in which corner of the world they are. Other than that, we’ve been making sure that those patients who just had a transplant with Longevita, have their aftercare made available to them online. We’ve been providing at-home haircare guidelines too to our patients.

Our transport facilities are cleaned and disinfected. The hotel you’ll be staying in has a “clean and safe” certificate. At our facilities, you’ll find the utmost cleanliness. We’ve put a strict hygiene policy in place for your safety. Social distancing will be maintained, and surfaces will be constantly sanitized to avoid the risk posed by fomites. We’ll obtain patient information, and are also making sure that our employees are healthy through check-ups. These are just a few things among many there we’re doing to ensure your safety. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

The country was looking forward to welcoming a million medical tourists in 2020 as almost 890,000 visited Turkey for treatments last year. We’re still looking forward to realizing our national goals as soon as things normalize.

Is this Truly the Best Time to Have a Hair Transplant Surgery? 

Yes, we believe this is the best time to have a hair transplant surgery, especially in terms of the cost. A second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is expected to occur in September or later than that. In Turkey, all health service providers have been taking extremely strict safety and hygiene measures, and Turkey is one of the safest countries to travel in the times of a global pandemic.

After witnessing a huge economic stagnation from April to July, many clinics in Turkey have decreased their hair transplant costs. You can save up to 70% by visiting Turkey in July and August. These prices are not going to last for more than two months, though. The low prices will help put the medical tourism sector back on track, which has suffered immensely during the lockdown. Fortunately, Turkey was able to make out of it.

Many clinics are also looking to upgrade their equipment, such as there’s a possibility that you might be able to avail a robotic hair transplant. It is costlier than a traditional manual FUE or FUT, but because of its practicality, it looks like the future of hair transplant. This is true not just for Turkey, but also Italy, Germany, and the USA.

Should I Get Hair Transplant Surgery in My Own Country? 

For hair transplant surgery, people lean more towards travelling to Turkey than any other country. Most of our patients, especially from the UK, prefer to come to Turkey because of the high-quality that comes at affordable hair transplant cost. They usually think of spending their summer vacation here along with getting treatment. It’s true that we’ve all stayed at our homes for far too long than the usual. Unfortunately, a second wave may bring everything to a standstill again. This adversity is, unfortunately, unpredictable. So, you should avail of this opportunity.

Turkey has a strong grip over the situation and is getting better by the day. You can come to Turkey without having to worry about anything. Still, it is mandatory to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and keep good personal hygiene in public spaces. Also, the 14 days quarantine rule has been removed between the UK and Turkey so you can now easily travel to Turkey for your hair transplant surgery.

Concluding Remarks 

Longevita is closely following all the developments in regards to the coronavirus. We are taking all necessary precautions as described by the Ministry of Health. Here, we have a duty to ensure minimal risk to our patients and staff members, so we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe.

We know a lot of you are looking forward to getting a hair transplant surgery. It’ll be our honour to welcome you as a guest to Turkey. It’s time for you to benefit from the affordable hair transplant cost in Turkey. Book your call with us here. 

With Longevita, be the best version of yourself!


These days we are all like sheep who are in dire need of a good shearing. With all the beauty salons and barbershops being closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s only fair that we try to become hairdressers at home. Turns out, most of us don’t know anything more than a bowl cut and that too with jagged edges. Suffice to say, cutting your hair in isolation is turning out to be an unmitigated disaster. Soon after this is all over, we might emerge as the “hair bears” from our home caves. This is why Longevita has come to the rescue of all those stuck at home with some hair care tips. 

This is because many of us are not willing to join the “cut your hair at home” bandwagon. An alternative to that conundrum is making your hair more manageable by taking care of them at home. It is understandable that in order to combat the spread of this virus, all possible measures are being taken. As getting a haircut violates the idea of social distancing, governments have ordered them to shut down. Close proximity and physical contact are a part of hairdressing. Our hair is a part of our identity and representative of our health and well-being. Therefore, there’s no shame in looking up “how to cut your hair.” If you’re up to getting inventive with your hair, then go for it.  However, if you feel reluctant, then these hair care tips at home might just work out for you.

You don’t have to worry, most of these hair care tips will make your hair quite healthy while you’re in self-isolation.

What you Should be Eating Depending on your Hair Type 

The problem with dieting is that you restrict a bunch of nutrients from entering your body. It is completely true that too much fat is bad for your body, but the opposite of it is just as true. Similarly, you need adequate amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. The problem arises when you take too much or too little of these. All you need is a balanced diet, and this is the hardest thing to achieve for most people. If your diet is composed of all the nutrients that your body needs to grow healthily, then you don’t need to skip out on anything. You also need to make sure that an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals are entering your body as they are just as important. With a balanced diet in hand, you have nothing to fear about. 

That being said, some foods can suit certain hair types more than others. However, no matter your hair type, you should eat them all. But if you’re really struggling with the type of your hair, these foods can help you. Whether they are dry, oily, or normal depends on the production of sebum by sebaceous glands. Too much of it can make your hair greasy and oily, while too little makes it dry and prone to breakage.

Those who have normal hair can take care of their hair better (although they’re already pretty perfect) by eating foods such as chicken, fish, sprouts, and dals. Dry hair can benefit from various vegetables and fruits such as bananas, along with brown rice and nuts. For oily hair, there’s nothing better than some leafy greens, fresh fruits, salads, and yoghurts. 

A key root vegetable that anyone should eat or make a juice of for applying on their hair is an onion. Although it might leave you with bad breath or tears in your eyes, the sulfur in its juice is actually perfect for hair growth and preventing hair loss. Moreover, those who have dry hair and keep losing them at the slightest touch, onion can greatly help you. Through increasing blood circulation in the scalp, it helps with hair growth. 

A quintessential hair mask that has been used for centuries is that of egg yolk or whites, depending on the type of your hair. Yolks for those who have dry hair and egg whites for those who have oily hair. Together, the egg is rich in fats, proteins, and vitamins, which can help moisturise your hair, nourish and give them a shinier look, prevent hair loss, and even promote their growth. However, egg masks are usually conventional wisdom as a research of their benefits has not been conducted. 

Another “food” that is good for your hair is green tea, which can also prevent shedding while helping your hair grow longer and healthier. It is also quite helpful with split ends. 

Some Other Hair Care Tips at Home 

Eating healthy would tremendously help your hair while you’re stuck at home, but there are some other things that you can do. 


  • A Nice Scalp Massage


Undoubtedly, scalp massages are one of the most soothing things that you can do to your scalp. The gentle circular motions can help release all the stress in your body. However, not only are they good at making us feel relaxed, but they can also improve the health of our hair. They help increase the circulation of blood to our scalp, therefore, helping with the growth of hair and even hair loss. It is especially helpful for those who struggle with dandruff as it can help remove dead skin. 


  • Reduce Your Stress Levels 


These are very uncertain times, and almost everyone is afraid of the coronavirus pandemic. However, we all need caution and not widespread alarm. This will only cause unnecessary stress. And that will mean hair loss. Of the three stages of our growth cycle, anagen, catagen, and telogen, less than 10% of our hair are in the last stage. That is the one which causes our hair to fall. When our body is under stress or goes through shock, most of our hair enters the telogen phase. Just saying that “don’t stress out” doesn’t actually do anything, which is why you can try out some things such as yoga or painting to reduce your stress levels. 


  • You Should Sleep Well 


That means at least 7 to 8 hours. The hormone melatonin not only regulates the sleep-wake cycle but is also important for the growth of our hair. This might not be that much of a problem these days, as most of us are doing exactly that. Some others might try to pull all-nighters watching movies or trying to catch up with their work. It is definitely not the best idea, and you should refrain from it unless you want your hair to look dull and lifeless. 


  • Some Washing Precautions


If you want your hair to break instantly, then try brushing them wet. It is easily one of the most common mistakes that people make. With all the moisture soaked in, wet hair is quite fragile and likely to break on the slightest tug. So, to begin with, do not brush your hair when it is wet. Secondly, you can apply tons of essential oils in your hair and lather moisturizers on it, all you need is hot water to throw your efforts down the drain. It will leave your hair dry and rough. Some of us like to take a bath with very hot water. This can be damaging. Therefore, try to wash your hair with cold water. 

Also, try avoiding teasing your hair. 

Hair Masks that you Can Try at Home 

Haircare tips aren’t complete without discussing some good ol’ hair masks. There’s no way you can have healthy hair without them. Moreover, self-pampering can actually feel quite good and rewarding. Therefore, always go for it. As far as what you should put on your hair, oils will forever be everyone’s number one choice. Among them, coconut oil has countless benefits, along with castor oil and argan oil. Make sure that whichever bottle you buy is 100% natural. They work at their best when pure.  

A hair care tip for those who’re suffering from an itchy scalp is the application of apple cider vinegar. However, be very careful about diluting it with water otherwise, it can burn your skin. It can help make your hair shinier, tangle-free, and leave them strengthened. You can also use some other items for your hair such as tea tree oil (good for dandruff), coconut milk, honey and banana combo as a conditioner, and fenugreek seeds in combination with yoghurt or lemon juice. While you’re going to use any hair mask, you should know exactly what your hair type is. Otherwise, some masks work better for dry hair than others. Some might over-dry your hair, which is why you’d need to find out what ingredients will best suit you.

Concluding Remarks 

At Longevita, we understand that these hair care tips at home might not work out for everybody. Those who’re suffering from androgenetic alopecia cannot find their cure in the above measures. It might help them in some ways. But, so far, as lockdowns are only allowing us this. We can try to make the best out of it. If you want to book yourself a hair transplant surgery, then you can book an online consultation with us today. 


Longevita offer private, yet affordable medical procedures in top rated accredited facilities based in Turkey. As a medical travel group who are registered in both Turkey and the UK, Longevita’s rates are subsidised by the Turkish government, meaning best prices are guaranteed.

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