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Our face-to-face consultations are free and include an assessment to ensure you’re the right candidate for the procedure, as well as a price quote & pricing plan.

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All patients can obtain a free online consultation via email, WhatsApp and phone prior to the face-to-face meet with our patient consultants in 10 locations across the UK.


Due to our rates being subsidised by the Turkish Government, we can guarantee that you will receive the very best treatments at the most affordable price, for all of the procedures we provide in Turkey.

Quality Treatments

Despite the affordability of our treatments, we ensure the highest quality at all times, with all procedures performed by best-in-class surgeons.

Pricing Plans

To help you afford the treatment you desire, we’re able to put together an affordable pricing plan to suit your budget and requirements.

Internationally-Acclaimed Surgeons

Our best in class hair transplant surgeons are some of the most sought after in the world.


Affordable Prices

We offer the very best rates for all of our hair transplant procedures, to match your budget.


Before & After

Take a look at some of the results we’ve achieved with our ‘Before & After’ gallery.


Extensive Aftercare

Up to 12 months of extensive aftercare provided by our expert team in the UK after your procedure.


Hair Transplant Turkey

Take a trip to Turkey to get the best rates for your hair transplant, performed by internationally-acclaimed surgeons. Accommodation and transfers are all included!


Hair Transplant UK

Are you suffering with the early stages of hair loss? Our hair transplant UK procedures performed in our London clinics can help to rejuvenate your scalp and slow the signs of hair loss.


Female Hair Transplant

With one in five women experiencing hair loss, female hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular. Find out more about our female hair transplant here.



At Longevita, we aim to make our services as accessible as possible to all, whether you’re working full-time or take on a lot of shift work. As such our opening hours at our Mayfair clinic are relatively flexible, and are as follows:

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Our expert surgeons and doctors are highly experienced in providing FUE and FUT hair transplants to a broad range of patients from numerous ethnicities. With the ability to cater for all hair types, and all stages of hair loss, our dedicated surgeons can provide you with the results you desire.

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Yasemin Turgut

Yasemin previously worked at EsteWorld, Dora Hospital and Anatomica where she led numerous hair transplant divisions.

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Sevgi Uzun

Sevgi has trained a significant number of hair transplant surgeons in the last 15 years, and was one of the first practitioners in Turkey.

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Sevil Kara

Sevil offers vast experience in Choi Implant Pens for DHI, the Percutaneous Technique & the Micromotor hair transplant technique.


Read our latest news from the company or general medical news. Feel free to ask questions in comments for any news you find interesting.

13th March 2019by Longevita

The impression you make at work or when seeking a potential new partner can play a considerable part in the rest of the relationship. Despite the fact that the world is actively encouraging us to look past appearance and focus on what’s important, many of us still take looks into consideration as a natural response. […]

25th February 2019by Longevita

One of the most common questions that our hair transplant surgeons face is whether a single procedure will be enough. In most cases, only one session is needed but some patients could benefit from a second hair transplant to improve density, definition and the overall look. Here, we’re answering this common question in more detail. […]

22nd January 2019by Longevita

Suffering from hair loss can be very frustrating and finding a solution to the problem can be tough – there are so many different natural remedies available to try out and, unfortunately, a lot of them don’t bring about the results that you dream of when you envision your new look. Whilst hair loss can […]


Longevita offer private, yet affordable medical procedures in A+ rated, JCI accredited facilities based in Turkey. As a medical travel group who are registered in both Turkey and the UK, Longevita’s rates are subsidised by the Turkish government, meaning best prices are guaranteed.

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