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Celebrity lifestyle has for long been associated with glamour and high-end fashion. They have to be prepared to face the eye of the camera almost any time of the day. Paparazzi follow them as they walk down the streets. Every moment of their life goes through minute scrutiny. So, for someone browsing through their life on the internet, even the smallest changes can be seen. This can explain the popularity of celebrity hair transplant.

Why Some Celebs Are Going Bald? 

Understandably, celebs are conscious about the way they look. Although many lead a luxurious lifestyle, they are not far away from being plagued by the problems of us common folks. Hair loss can affect almost anyone and for several reasons. Sometimes it’s iron, vitamin, or protein deficiency. At other, it could be hair damage due to bleaching and excessive dying.

K-pop idols are most famous for this. You might’ve seen them frequently change their hair colour. While their hair may seem silky smooth, many have reported hair loss. This includes IU, HyeRin, and Mino. Harsh chemicals can peel away the scalp of the skin. With dying being quite popular among celebrities, these problems are quite common. 

Another reason for hair loss among celebrities is traction alopecia. Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Tyra Banks are just a few names. Tight hairstyles can put the hair under a lot of duress which explains the loss of hair. On the other hand, it is a demand of their professions to change hairstyles and colours. But this definitely comes at a cost. North London rapper, Paigey Cakey, got her hair transplant from Longevita after tight hairstyles such as cornrows and deadlocks damaged her scalp. Love Island’s 2017 contestant and model, Simon Searles also found a solution for his hair loss.

Hair Loss due to Pattern Baldness

The above-mentioned hair loss problems occur mostly because of the celebrity lifestyle. But pattern baldness is hereditary, and there’s no escaping it. It can be commonly observed in male actors. Many lead a simply stressful life. This can further exacerbate and even accelerate hair loss. However, androgenetic alopecia finds no cure in oils, serums, expensive hair creams or lotions.

Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Jude Law, Daniel Craig and Nicolas Cage, among many others, have been seen with a receding hairline. And to stay in the showbiz, celebrities’ hair transplant is common knowledge.

Still, many try to keep it under the wraps. Gordon Ramsay reportedly had a £30,000 hair transplant. However, he did sue his (once) publicist Phil Hall for leaking information about his hair transplant from hacked emails. For a condition that is as common as pattern baldness, spending tens of thousands of pounds may sound atrocious. It can be way too much to spend on a simple procedure. This is why many celebs end up in Turkey, where prices are almost five times cheaper.

Celebrity Hair Transplant List

Celebrity hair transplant surgery is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, being the trendsetters, they’ve made many others comfortable about choosing this solution. There was once a time when many male and female actors accepted hair loss as their fate and moved farther and farther away from the limelight. But why should anyone do this now? There is a surgical option out there for everyone that can give them back a full head of hair.

Even the issue of scarring has gone with the introduction of FUE hair transplant. Those pinpoint scars barely stand out so you can choose any styling option without fear. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of celebrities who’ve gotten hair transplant surgery.

  • Wayne Rooney 

We love a celebrity who knows what they want and doesn’t feel reluctant about opening up. That does not mean that people should start prying into their personal lives. Getting hair transplant surgery is a personal choice, after all. Some make their choice public while others don’t. Unfortunately, anything can become a piece of news in media these days.

However, this Manchester United star took to the Twitter platform to announce his transplant surgery. With a picture of his scalp, he told the world that he’d been going bald since the age of 25. After getting this surgery, he felt “delighted.” Everyone wants to look their best self. So, why not him?

  • Louis Walsh 

It was back in 2011, at the age of 59 that this X Factor judge and music manager got a hair transplant surgery. It began with some friendly jabs from his co-judge Simon Cowell. He said to Walsh, “You know, you’re starting to lose your hair, dear.” Although he dismissed it in the beginning, he started to notice the veracity of Cowell’s statement.

This led him to spend a whopping £30,000 on hair transplant surgery. Needless to say, this makes it seem as if only celebrities are capable of getting such procedures. After all, who spends that much money on their hair only? Some do, and others find better ways, such as medical tourism. We wish he knew about it, considering how much he could’ve saved.

Being on the TV can have its perks, but the constant public scrutiny can make anyone feel insecure or uncomfortable with themselves. Not just that, but it is for their own happiness too. So, hair transplant surgery all the way!

  • Elton John 

Now, we all know that hair transplant surgeries of the past were more than traumatising. Sir Elton John had a somewhat similar experience. With him already losing his hair, a bad hair-dye job did all the damage it could to him. In his memoirs, he writes how he ended up in a clinic in Paris.

The surgery was simply painful. The technique of the surgery was “strip harvesting.” And from what it sounds, the surgeon probably didn’t know about the use of local anaesthesia either. This was back in the mid-70s. After going through everything, Elton ended up wearing wigs even to this date.

If you look at his photos from the past, his hairline had significantly decreased. It troubled him, and naturally, he searched for a solution. However, he did not get the desired results because of a sham of a clinic that didn’t deliver any results at all. This highlights how important it is that you find the right clinic. They should at least know that the patient should not be in pain!

  • Ben Affleck 

Hollywood hunk, Ben Affleck’s hairline has also gone quite some changes over time. It seems to be the job of hair transplant surgery. You can find photos of him on the internet with a receding hairline and bald spots. However, if you look at him now, there seems to be no trace of any of those things. That’s a bit weird, right? Because from what we understand, hair loss seems to get worse with ageing. However, he has chosen not to openly share any such news. But we have our suspicions.

  • David Beckham 

Although quite common, there is still some sort of embarrassment felt by those who admit to hair transplant surgeries. As mentioned earlier, celebs make things easier for common folks. They normalise such trends. However, it remains their personal choice to reveal such details.

The English footballer, David Beckham, has shown clear signs of male pattern baldness in some of his photos. But then in 2018, he had quite a thick set of hair all of a sudden. Rumours are that he has had a hair transplant surgery.

  • Jamie Foxx 

The fans of this Academy Award-winning actor have certainly noticed a change in the hairline of the star since 2007. Many photos of him showed that his hairline was clearly receding. But soon, the opposite began to take place. This seems like a sign in the direction of nothing but transplant surgery. However, the actor/singer hasn’t said anything about it. Many believe the tattoo on his head to be a camouflage for hair transplant scars. 

  • Lewis Hamilton 

This Formula One champion’s hairline has changed massively over the years. Although he claims that it is only because of good hair care, it seems quite unlikely. According to him, it was using “hotel soaps” that was causing his hair’s downfall. Now that he has stopped, things have come back to normal. However, we do believe that he has gotten hair transplant surgery. 

Concluding Remarks

Celebrity hair transplant has become quite mainstream. Many openly discuss it. This encourages others to get a hair transplant. Getting this surgery shouldn’t be about what others think. You will look good and feel happier. The celebs who have come clean about their transplant surgeries have done many others a favour. The procedure is not only popular but also life-changing. Our hair is a huge part of our identity and losing it is more than saddening. So, if you are looking to restore your hair, you shouldn’t wait anymore.

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