Why Turkish Hair Transplant is So Popular?

A discussion about hair transplants would be incomplete without the mention of Turkey. The popularity of Turkish hair transplants has exploded over the past few years. And there are more than a few reasons for that happening.

In the first half of 2022, about 550,000 people came to this country to restore their crowning glory. The industry is valued in billions. And right now, Turkey is on its way to grabbing the top spot as a tourist destination for hair transplants. So, let’s find out what exactly is responsible for that. 

Reasons Why Hair Transplant In Turkey Is So Popular 

It’s a combination of the following that drives so many people around the world to choose Turkish hair transplants

It Is About The Cost 

One of the main reasons why thousands are jumping on the “Turkish Hairlines” is the cost. According to the head of the Turkish Health Tourism Association (TÜSATDER), mainly people from “Europe; Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands and Germany” are coming to Turkey for hair restoration. 

Not just that, medical tourists are also pouring in from “Brazil, Argentina, Canada and even Australia, New Zealand and Israel.” So, Turkey isn’t just cheaper than one or two of its neighbouring countries; it stands true for even those in the far-flung areas. 

And it certainly makes sense when you find out that Turkish hair transplant can be as much as 20 times cheaper than in the UK. According to the NHS, a hair transplant will cost you anywhere between £1,000 and £30,000.

The lower end of the price sounds good enough, but once you start looking, soon enough, you’ll come to the realisation that a hair transplant in the UK would cost you about £6,000 on average. Compared to a £1,650 medical travel plan (treatment, hotel, transfers and medications included) in Turkey, you have a clear winner here. 

You Will Get Quality 

Turkish hair transplant has its sceptics. Not everyone is easily taken in by the idea of low cost. Because no matter where you live, low cost is equated with low quality. But that doesn’t hold true once you take other countries (which have entirely different economies) into account. 

That means that the cost of hair transplants in Turkey may seem low to you, but it might not seem so to the natives. The differences in the cost of living and the currency exchange rates will make things far cheaper for you (again, that may not be the case for those actually living in Turkey). 

According to Numbeo, rent is ~78% lower in Turkey than in the UK. You can own an apartment for about 80% less. Local transport and taxi are 70-80% more inexpensive; even the price of gasoline is slightly lower. On average, utility bills are 60% cheaper. Needless to say, the salaries are also much lower (when compared to those in the UK). 
That’s why Turkish hair transplants are cheaper. The quality will not suffer in any way. Clinics in Turkey need to be registered with the Ministry of Health. But many of them also have international accreditations from JCI and ISO.


It’s In A Sweet Spot 

Turkey straddles both Asia and Europe, which gives it a unique strategic advantage even when it comes to hair transplants. Because of its proximity to so many countries, the flight times are not that long. 

Turkish Airlines (also called the Turkish “Hairlines”) is among those airlines that fly to most destinations in the world. Citizens of many countries are able to get an on-arrival visa. So, not only is it close by, but it’s also quite easy to get into. 

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Keep in mind that Turkey is not just a hotspot for those seeking hair transplants. It’s also quite a popular tourist destination because of its historical heritage and natural attractions. So, many medical tourists end up vacationing there as well. Although if you’re in a bit of a hurry, you can fly back home the very next day. 

It Will Be A Glitzy Experience 

That may come as a bit of a surprise. But once you’re in Turkey for your hair transplant, your experience will be nothing short of 5-stars (the clinics put extra effort into ensuring that. And it will begin the moment you arrive at the airport. A luxurious private transfer will be waiting to whisk you to your hotel. 

hair transplant turkey transfer

And once you arrive at the hotel, you’ll feel even less like a medical tourist. Large swimming pools, minibars, health clubs, restaurants, and whatnot, you’ll find everything here. As for the rooms themselves, their cool tones and elegant interior with panoramic views of the city will make you want to stay in.

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Needless to say, you’ll have quite a glamorous experience while you’re in for your hair transplant. And the best part is that all of it will be a part of your plan, so the original price of the treatment will include these. You won’t have any bad surprises from hidden costs in your bill (just make sure to go through the receipt of payment). 


When it comes to hair transplants, Turkey has clearly done the works: low-cost, accredited facilities, qualified and experienced surgeons, 5-star hotels and transfers. No wonder so many people who come to Turkey end up recommending it to all those who’re seeking a hair transplant. 
You might’ve heard some cautionary tales about Turkish hair transplants, but the truth is no matter where you live, you need to do your due diligence. Once you do that, you’d have nothing to worry about. And you’ll have your answer to why hair transplants in Turkey are so popular.

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